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Sun,Moon,Venus,Mars signs of the musicians
The following tables include most bands of the last 40 years with the proviso that the band were significant in their impact or of popular appeal. In the rare cases where individual sunsigns were not available to me,I have been unable,therefore to include those particular artists concerned. In the cases of some bands,I have included more than one artist in each category.
Lead Guitarists By Sunsigns   in some cases,we may be stretching the limits of how far an artist can be considered a "lead" guitarist ,in comparison with some of the guitar legends listed here.Consequently,there may be a few here, whose inclusion is borderline but i am satisfied that most,if not all of them ,have earned that right at some stage of their career in different bands.

ARIES              eric clapton     steve howe        nigel pulsford           angus young
ritchie blackmore    will sergeant      richard thompson       stuart adamson
simon cowe    lowell george     mick mars     justin sullivan   adam mole
mark yates   al nichol      dave hill       mick ralphs       brinsley schwarz
brian pendleton      peter haycock         tony mcphee      mick abrahams
michael vickers  [23]
TAURUS          pete townshend        steve katz    michael karoli
peter frampton     brian nash    robert fripp     simon friend     phil campbell
mike oldfield    david byrne    russell senior   richard furay    don danneman
rick westwood        wayne kramer   gene cornish  [16]
GEMINI                  ron wood       barry melton    neil finn     roy harper
paul weller     dave navarro       noel gallagher      joey santiago
paddy mcaloon    mick box       rich robinson       john fogerty    francis rossi    
barry melton    peppy castro     jorge sanatana       mick box    [17]
CANCER         robbie robertson      jeff beck     richie sambora    roger mcguinn
charlie whitney       graham lambert      johnny thunders    peter distefano
brian may     tom robinson    carlos santana   ron asheton     steve jones      slash
wilko johnson     allen collins      nick mccabe      todd rundgren     mick jones  
ivan julian    terry garthwaite  [21]
LEO                  daniel ash        kevin ayers        mark colins     jerry garcia
steve hillage     tim fariss      eric braunn     larry gott     steve cradock
john renbourne   the edge     mark knopfler    andy bell    mike bloomfield
frank marino  [15]
VIRGO              joe perry    adam devlin    paul kossof    alex lifeson   steve jones
jon stewart   bruce springstein    hugh cornwell   hugh bunford   brian robertson
liam tyson    vivian campbell     dave gregory     sean o'neil   gary duncan
john cippolina      sterling morrison     freddie weller     pal waaktaar  [19]
LIBRA              steve cropper      thomas mcclary    lindsay buckingham
steve miller    justin hayward      johnny ramone    gary richraff   richard oakes
marc bolan    leslie west    ron elliot     michael rutherford     randy bachman
charlotte caffey       george bellamy  [15]
SCORPIO           duanne allman          ad-rock    neil young      buck dharma
jerry de borg     martin barre      roy wood     bert jansch   james honeyman-scott
hank marvin    bruce welch     johnny marr    ally mcerlaine        tom fogerty
porl thompson    joe walsh     kk downing     glen tipton    kirk hammett
jonny greenwood    bonnie raitt     jim messina   peter green    glenn buxton
vince martell   johnny ramone    denny laine   gary green     doug sahm  [29]
SAGGITARIUS       peter buck    ben watt     jimi hendrix     geordie    chris hayes
tom mcguiness      steve rothery     david o'list    ted nugent   charlie burchill
john squire    tom verlaine    alvin lee   billy gibbons      martin carr
keith richards      phil collen     gary rossington       donna mathews    dan hicks
zal yanovsky       ted nugent        albert lee     sam andrews   j mascis  [25]
CAPRICORN          jorma kaukonen     jimmy page     syd barrett     robbie krieger
scott rosenfeld       john lees     paul wagstaffe    blixa bargeld
noel hogan      brad roberts       mick jones     mark day    dave murray
bernard dicken     krispian mills   andy summers     tim hart   stephen stills
eric stewart     vicki peterson    henry vestine   luther grosvenor        john lees  
robert quine     john mclaughlin   [25]
AQUARIUS               terry kath    chris wilkie    steve hackett     brian james
janick gers     dave davies   dick taylor   phil manzanera   steve marriot  
ed van halen   tony iommi     mike campbell     tim wheeler [13]
PISCES                  kurt cobain     dave gilmour    george harrison      brian jones
jerry cantrell     ricky wilson     tom scholz    ry cooder    rory gallagher
jerome geils     george kooymans    jim cregan     robyn hitchcock    neal schon     arthur lee     james bradfield    rusty young    robin trower       bruce watson
john frusciante    lou reed   gareth coombes   scott gorham    mike allsup
paul atkinson     graham coxon     billy corgan    randy california  [ 28]


Well,just for fun, let's make these statistics talk.I have to admit the piscean guitarists are doing more than just talking,what a line-up ! It helps to know that scorpio is also known as both the eagle and the phoenix when you browse through the 29 guitarists listed.From out of the Shadows came two mighty phoenix birds,Bruce and Hank.What spiritual depths dave gilmour and randy california took us to. What new frontiers jimi hendrix opened and what commitment robbie krieger gave to the Doors. jimmy page the ideal session man early in his carrear with the guidance of saturn.What emotion-charged performances neil young gave with fellow scorpions, denny laine and peter green searching as deep inside themselves as its possible to go. The single-minded determination of arian eric clapton to the self-assured mick bloomfield and his amiable fellow lion,jerry garcia.

But where does it all lead?On the modal front nowhere.On the element front,a little further,with water providing 78 members as opposed to air's 45. A significant difference,even given that only 246 guitarists have been included.Perhaps more significant are the names in the water signs as compared to those in the air signs.Maybe there IS something in the sunsign theory after all.Lead guitarists,or at least,the guitar virtuosos,would seem to be a highly sensitive,emotionally-charged group rather than the co-operative,detached,tolerant air signs.But there is a place for the structured determined capricornians too who are at home in the public eye.The adventurous,explorative saggitarians hold the fire-banner high. Cancer, which you'll see later scores high in the drummers section,here is about average.Scorpio's high score can be seen in the light of scorpio's desire to be successful and transform situations in the plutonian way. Charisma, resourcefulness,motivation are useful attributes in a lead guitarist. Its polarity sign,Taurus features much lower in this section and is more suited to the vocals than the strings.

Lead Guitarists by Moon Sign

Not enough available data here but interesting at least to see each person's moon sign and perhaps compare it later with their sun or other signs.The moon represents our feelings and instincts. It's how we respond, perhaps to another's vitality as expressed through their sun sign.It can be seen as the feminine side of us,the yin to the sun's yang. It's placement in our chart may show a completely different side of our personality.I speak from first-hand experience.

ARIES                bruce welch     martin carr    rory gallagher     noel hogan
denny laine    alex lifeson     ben watts     charlotte caffey      nick mccabe
steve katz       brian nash     john renbourne      sterling morrison  13
TAURUS            ritchie blackmore      ted nugent     lowell george   steve marriot
tom mcguiness     ted nugent       david o'list       henry vestine    leslie west
mick abrahams      richard oakes     johnny thunders       richie blackmore
ted nugent       slash  15
GEMINI             tony iommi      billy corgan     jonny greenwood   mike rutherford
gareth coombes    justin hayward      donna mathews     bonnie raitt
hugh cornwell     larry gott     mike oldfield     adam mole     richard thompson
lou reed  14
CANCER           jimmy page    dave davies     jimi hendrix     kurt cobain
vivian campbell     scott gorham    j.mascis    crispian mills        eric braunn
russell senior       roger mcguinn      the edge       12
LEO                 nigel pulsford     dave gilmour   brian jones     brian may    jeff beck
randy california    kirk hammett     dan hicks      arthur lee    robbie robertson
charlie whitney      jeff beck     dave hill       nigel pulsford    14
VIRGO             lou reed      pete townsend   kk downing    neil finn   joe strummer
 steven stills      martin barre      gary richrath     dave murray    9
LIBRA              andy summers      bruce springstein  mike allsup   paul atkinson
glenn buxton    jerome geils     robyn hitchcock    john lees     andy summers
albert lee     duane allman     daniel ash      charlie burchill      paul kossoff    14
SCORPIO        eric clapton      george harrison     jerry garcia      billy gibbons
steve howe     phil manzanero      steve cropper   mike bloomfield
paul wagstaffe    9
SAGGITARIUS     peter green      gary duncan     steve miller     brian robertson
peter di stefano      ron asheton      richard furay    7
CAPRICORN           terry kath      graham coxon    ry cooder   jay ferguson  
chris hayes      brian james      michael karoli     robin trower    bruce watson
bert  jansch    johnny ramone      mick mars       simon cowe     13
AQUARIUS      peter buck     syd barrett   hank marvin    neil young   jerry cantrell
john frusciante     alvin lee     huw bunford       mick box     phil campbell
will sergeant        11
PISCES             robbie krieger    duane eddy     james iha      mark collins
steve jones       al nichol        justin sullivan         7

Though the full list of   moon signs might shed a different light, it's still interesting to note a few patterns from what we have here. Mutable signs are the lowest count, with cardinals and fixed signs rather higher.Pisces moon tends to seek the kind of peace and seclusion unbefitting a band guitarist and saggitarius moon unlikely to stick to the demands and routine of the public eye,though both would enjoy music as a pastime.Only the more interactive gemini moon has a high count amongst the mutable moons.We would need a larger database to make anything of water's slightly lower count amongst the elements but Cancer,the cardinal water sign,does feature more prominently than the other two.I must add as a footnote that in the cases of the guitarists where the moon sign could not be definetly ascertained,there was a fairly equal spread amongst the signs.The statistics here would have changed very little.
Lead guitarists by Mars sign
If venus represents what we want or hold dear,then mars is the means we employ to achieve those goals.It is our drive,initiative,action area,best illustrated by the energy of aries,which it rules.First into the fire ! The more subtle side of mars can be seen in scorpio,its other ruling sign. Scorpio,too,asserts its will and is direct and penetrating.It's keyphrase " I desire" is as much about its subconscious searching and transformation needs.The realms of sex and death are explored to their conclusions and in some ways,scorpio presents the more introspective, though no less energetic,side of mars.

ARIES             hank marvin       richard thompson       steve cropper     mark ford
robbie robertson          janick gers        dave murray      steve katz   jerry cantrell
jay ferguson       john frusciante       scott gorham      dan hicks     robyn hitchcock
james iha       brian james      tom mcguiness       ed van halen        ricky wilson
pete townshend       peter buck      21
TAURUS         blixa bargeld      barry melton          mick box      francis rossi
mark yates       brian jones      ron wood    7
GEMINI           bert jansch       brian may       albert lee        forrest betts
   john cippolina        steve miller     wilko johnson      tony mcphee    arthur lee
graham lambert     mike oldfield      gareth coombes       duane eddy
carlos santana        dave gilmour     keith richard      jimmy page       lou reed   18
CANCER         steve hillage        viv campbell       leslie west      mark knopfler
mick jones         richard furay       al nichol       paul atkinson     jim cregan
jerome geils       mick jones       terry kath       bruce watson        rusty young
syd barrett        robbie krieger     16
LEO                 jeff beck           tony iommi         simon cowe       gary richrath
larry gott         daniel ash      russell senior      richie sambora    roger mcguinn
charlie whitney        brian nash        robert fripp      phil campbell     glen buxton
lonnie donegan       kirk hammett       michael karoli    george kooymans
alex lifeson      john squire      joe walsh       ben watt        neil young    andy bell
VIRGO            john renbourne          peter frampton         nigel pulsford    the edge
   charlotte caffey       johnny ramone      mike bloomfield     steve jones
paul wagstaffe        tim hart         kevin ayers      joey santiago     kk downing
bonnie raitt      tom verlaine       sterling morrison     billy gibbons      17
LIBRA            gary duncan      pal waaktaar        hugh cornwell     mark collins
simon friend        peter di stefano       ron asheton       dave navarro      slash
noel gallagher    mike campbell      martin carr      gary rossington    13
SCORPIO        paul kossof        peter green       richard oakes        joe perry
eric braunn      johnny thunders        charlie burchill     dave hill    billy corgan
peter green      chris hayes      justin hayward     denny laine      steve rothery
joe strummer      frank zappa        james bradfield     jorma kaukonen
jimi hendrix       kurt cobain       20
SAGGITARIUS        mike rutherford         roy wood       andy summers    
    martin barre         duane allman        liam tyson       huw bunford
  steve craddock      graham coxon      alvin lee     crispian mills    vikki peterson
neal schon        andy summers     henry vestine      chris wilkie     steven stills
jonny greenwood         18
CAPRICORN            ted nugent      justin sullivan     mick mars    mark day
john lees     j,mascis       david o'list     tim wheeler      george harrison      9
AQUARIUS            dave davies          will sergeant      mick abrahams       8
nick mccabe      michael vickers       dave davies     steve marriott    robin trower
PISCES           james honeyman-scott       steve howe        richie blackmore     18
     brian robertson      adam mole      roy harper    paul weller      mike allsup
randy california      ry cooder       neil finn      rory gallagher      lowell george
noel hogon        phil manzanera    donna mathews      tom scholz     eric clapton


The first thing that strikes me is the strong preponderence of fire signs, with only water approaching this count.Scorpio,in this context can be seen as a "fiery" water sign with the sexual-energy high in many guitarists.Just study the list here.Passion,initiative,inspiration,dynamite,impulsion are hallmarks of the fire element. Emotions,sensitivity,drama,mood-swings, indulgence are relevant water traits here. These are indeed guitar players The particularly low count of mars in taurus is to be expected - mars must assert itself and cannot stand around when there are audiences to inspire, generations to awaken.Also,noticeable how the 1st 6 zodiac signs - the more direct,personal signs feature much more than the more interpersonal later signs.Mars through aries says " I am",this is how i do it ! The exceptions being the polarised signs of taurus and scorpio,for reasons already seen.

Lead guitarists by Venus signs

Although venus is about love and attraction,it is also about creativity, relationships and values.The sign it's in, tells us how we express ourselves in relationships and indicates our sense of aesthetics and values.Venus is what we are looking for in life and the signs it rules,taurus and venus,illustrate the diversity of this planet.Taurus takes pleasure in the material side of life,the luxuries and is true to its values and opinions. There is a permanence,even stubborness about this face of venus. Libra loves people and relationships with co-operation high on the social agenda and confrontation avoided.Harmony and balance are its objectives Taurus has venus holding the firm earth,Libra has venus circulating the air above.
So the following venus signs may have a strong bearing on what each guitarists holds dear in both his playing and his life as a whole.

ARIES            tony iommi      nigel pulsford     richie blackmore  richard thompson
russell senior       michael vickers       phil campbell       mike oldfield
paul weller         al nichol       steve katz        paul atkinson       james bradfield
billy corgan        graham coxon        lonnie donegan       jay ferguson     neil finn
lowell george        scott gorham      robyn hitchcock       robin trower
bruce watson  23
TAURUS         mick box       richard furay      simon cowe      mick abrahams
mick jones       adam mole       brian nash       mick mars        duane eddy
ron wood     george kooymans   11
GEMINI           graham lambert        ron asheton      barry melton    roger mcguinn
francis rossi        justin sullivan      robert fripp     michael karoli    lou reed    9       
CANCER        joey santiago        the edge      simon friend      johnny thunders
brian may     jeff beck     hugh cornwell       steve craddock      eric braunn
nick mccabe      wilko johnson     charlie whitney        roy harper       alex lifeson
noel gallagher        robbie krieger     carlos santana    17
LEO             peter distefano     john renbourne       pal waaktaar      liam tyson
brian robertson     huw bunford     larry gott      mike bloomfield    slash
robbie robertson      dave navarro       sterling morrison    12    
VIRGO           kevin ayers        paul kossof      steve hillage    mike rutherford
john cippolina       johnny ramone        steve miller       joe perry    mark knopfler
mark collins       daniel ash        steve jones      richie sambora      bert jansch
kk downing      joe stummer     16
LIBRA             charlie burchill      viv campbell    leslie west     gary duncan
james honeyman-scott      andy bell      gary rossington       steve rothery   8
SCORPIO       roy wood     ted nugent      albert lee      martin barre   forrest betts
duane allman     charlotte caffey        richard oakes        kirk hammett
justin hayward       john squire       david o'list      ted nugent      keith richard
neil young       ben watt   16
SAGGITARIUS     dave murray      paul wagstaffe    hank marvin     peter green
dave davies        gary richrath         steve cropper     glen buxton    dave davies
peter green        jorma kaukonen      vikki peterson     john lees        denny laine
steve marriot       ed van halen      joe walsh     frank zappa   18
CAPRICORN        janick gers      andy summers       martin carr      mark day
chris hayes      brian james       bonnie raitt      andy summers      syd barrett
 robbie krieger    crispian mills    tom mcguiness      donna mathews
chris wilkie   14
AQUARIUS           tim hart       blixa bargeld      mike allsup        mike campbell
jerry cantrell        ry cooder     gareth coombes      billy gibbons       dan hicks
noel hogan       terry kath    tom schulz      j.mascis      phil manzanera
alvin lee       arthur lee     tom verlaine        henry vestine       tim wheeler   19
PISCES             tony mcphee     steve howe     peter frampton     will sergeant
mark ford      mark yates       dave hill       randy california       jim cregan
john frusciante       rory gallagher         jerome geils        george harrison
james iha        neal schon      rusty young  16


An equal proportion of the modalities here with a slight element favouring towards water and fire, as opposed to earth and air.Venus's ruling signs both have a low count with aries' fire ( traditionally the sign where venus is in fall) leading the way.Boldness and extravagance are key words here,as well as passion,impulsiveness and an extrovert nature.Those guitarists here who dont have aries as their sun may find this venus imput influences their identity and expression a great deal.Venus can have a substantial pulling power on the sun in terms of what the person wants. Billy Corgan's pisces sun will certainly feel the effect of his aries venus and Mike Oldfield's solid taurean sun will feel the impulsion of aries, causing consternation in taurus' account department amongst other places.
Lead guitarists by chinese elements - year/animal/month
wood x 3      
fire x 3           simon friend     noel gallagher    dave navarro
metal x 3       andy bell
water x 3        crispian mills
wood x 2      nigel pulsford[Wd/F/Wd]   tony mcphee[Wd/M/Wd] brian nash[Wd/Wd/F]
graham lambert[Wd/Wd/F]    richie blackmore[Wd/M/Wd] randy california[M/Wd/Wd]
mike campbell[M/Wd/Wd]  gareth coombes[F/Wd/Wd]  lowell george[M/Wd/Wd]
scott gorham[M/Wd/Wd]  brian james[Wd/F/Wd]  arthur lee[Wd/M/Wd]
lou reed[Wd/M/Wd]  phil manzanero[M/Wd/Wd]  neal schon[Wd/F/Wd]
robin trower[Wd/M/Wd]  ed van halen[Wd/F/Wd]17adam mole[Wa/Wd/Wd/
dave hill[Wa/Wd/Wd] 19
fire x 2         brian may[F/Wa/F]   peter di stefano[Wd/F/F]    joey santiago[Wd/F/F]
mick box[F/Wa/F]   roy harper[M/F/F]  james honeyman-scott[F/F/Wa]  
jerry cantrell[F/F/Wd] billy corgan[F/F/Wd] lonnie donegan[F/M/F] mick jones[Wa/F/F
jay ferguson[F/Wa/F]  mick jones[Wa/F/F] ron wood[F/Wa/F] carlos santana[F/Wa/F]
tim wheeler[F/F/Wa]15robert fripp[F/M/F] mike oldfield[W/F/F] wilko johnson[F/Wa/F]
roger mcguinn[F/F/Wa]robbie robertson[F/F/Wa]mark ford[F/F/Wd]
barry melton[F/Wa/F]  huw bunford[F/F/M] 23
metal x 2    gary duncan[F/M/M]   mike rutherford[M/Wd/M]    john renbourne[Wd/M/M]
steve hillage[M/Wd/M]  paul kossof[M/Wd/M] the edge[M/Wa/M] kevin ayers[Wa/M/M
leslie west[Wd/M/M]  john frusciante[M/M/Wd] justin hayward[F/M/M] 10
mike bloomfield[Wd/M/M]  daniel ash[F/M/M]  eric braunn[M/Wd/M]larry gott[F/M/M]
steve craddock[E/M/M] Joe perry[M/Wd/M]brian robertson[F/M/M]loam tyson[E/M/M]
pal waaktaar[M/Wa/M]  steve cropper[M/Wd/M] johnny ramone[M/Wd/M] 21
water x 2     forrest betts[Wa/F/Wa]   ted nugent[E/Wa/Wa]  andy summers[Wa/M/Wa]
paul wagstaffe[Wa/Wd/Wa]   charlie burchill[E/Wa/Wa]    albert lee[Wa/F/Wa]
bert jansch[Wa/F/Wa]glen buxton[F/Wa/Wa] mark day[M/Wa/Wa] john lees[F/Wa/Wa
billy gibbons[E/Wa/Wa]  kirk hammett[Wa/Wd/Wa]  noel hogan[M/Wa/Wa]
keith richard[Wa/F/Wa]  donna mathews[M/Wa/Wa]   ted nugent[E/Wa/Wa/]
david o'list[E/Wa/Wa] vikki peterson[E/Wa/Wa]  bonnie raitt[E/Wa/Wa]
steve rothery[E/Wa/Wa]  john squire[Wa/Wd/Wa]   andy summers[Wa/F/Wa]
tom verlaine[E/Wa/Wa]  joe walsh[F/Wa/Wa]  ben watt[Wa/Wd/Wa]
chris wilkie[Wa/Wa/Wd]  tim hart[F/Wa/Wa] 27
3 DIFFERENT ELEMENTS          gary richrath[E/Wa/M]    richard oakes[F/Wd/M]
john cippolina[Wa/F/M]     charlotte coffey[Wa/F/M]   duane allman[F/M/Wa]
martin barre[F/M/Wa]    mick abrahams[Wa/F/Wd]   charlie whitney[M/F/Wd]
peter green[F/M/Wa]   roy wood[F/M/Wa]   viv campbell[Wa/Wd/M]   jeff beck[Wd/M/F]  
peter frampton[M/Wd/F] steve howe[F/Wa/Wd] hank marvin[M/F/Wa] neil finn[E/M/F]
johnny thunders[Wa/Wd/F] ron asheton[E/Wa/F] dave murray[F/M/Wa]j.geils[F/M/Wd
richard furay[Wd/M/F]  will sergeant[E/M/Wd]   richard thompson[E/Wa/Wd]
simon cowe[E/Wa/Wd]   paul weller[E/M/F]   mick mars[F/M/Wd]    al nichol[F/M/Wd]
steve katz[Wa/M/F] mike allsup[F/Wa/Wd] paul atkinson[F/M/Wd]martin carr[E/M/Wa
james bradfield[E/M/Wd]  ry cooder[F/Wa/Wd]  graham coxon[E/M/Wd]
jim cregan[F/M/Wd]dave davies[F/Wa/Wd] kk downing[M/Wd/Wa]peter green[F/M/Wa
duane eddy[E/Wd/F]  rory gallagher[E/Wa/Wd]  george harrison[Wa/F/Wd]
chris hayes[F/M/Wa]dan hicks[M/F/Wa]robyn hitchcock[Wa/F/Wd]james iha[E/M/Wd
jorma kaukonen[M/Wd/Wa]mike karoli[E/Wa/F] terry kath[F/M/Wd]alvin lee[Wd/M/Wa
george kooymans[E/Wa/Wd]  denny laine[Wd/M/Wa] alex lifeson[Wa/F/M]
steve marriot[F/Wa/Wd]  j.mascis[Wd/F/Wa]  tom mcguiness[M/F/Wa] slash[Wd/F/M
neil young[Wd/M/Wa]  robbie krieger[Wd/M/Wa]   gary rossington[M/Wd/Wa]
tom scholz[F/Wa/Wd]  sterling morrison[Wa/F/M]  joe strummer[Wa/Wd/M]
syd barrett[Wd/M/Wa] henry vestine[Wd/M/Wa]  bruce watson[M/Wa/Wd]
rusty young[F/M/Wd]  frank zappa[M/Wd/Wa] 67phil campbell[M/Wa/F]
nick mccabe[M/Wa/F]francis rossi[E/Wa/F]richie sambora[E/Wa/F]
russell senior[M/Wa/F] justin sullivan[F/M/Wd] mark yates[E/M/Wd]
michael vickers[M/F/Wd]  steve jones[Wd/F/M]  mark collins[Wd/F/M]
mark knopfler[E/Wa/M] hugh cornwell[E/Wa/M] blixa bargeld[E/M/Wa]
steve miller[Wa/F/M]  tony iommi[E/Wa/Wd]  janick gers[F/M/Wd]  83 v 95

Drummers by Sunsign     easier criteria than the lead guitarists.

ARIES                 tony brock     everett morton    bill sommers      skip spence
spencer dryden     bruce gary       graham edge   mike kellie    david robinson
pick withers    mathew priest     billkreutzmann    tony connor   derrick mckenzie
paul ferguson     oscar harrison         reni      jeff porcaro     john barbata
lee kerslake     robert johnson  [21]
TAURUS               philip rudd        jerry mercer     robert henrit     bill ward
doug clifford     roger taylor       prairie prince      billy cobham       ed cassidy
linda mcintyre     chris frantz      ronnie bond     bill bruford     claud trucks
dave rountree    jan kincaid        boris williams     patti schemel      terry nolan
gen    jimmy osmond     stan lynch    sly dunbar    richard cable   david narcizo
warren cann      simon smith  [27]
GEMINI                 joey kramer        levon helm     michael clarke   gary peterson
tony mansfield      ray laidlaw       blinky davison       tiki fulwood    charlie watts
norman kuhlke          sean kinney    mark brzezicki      albert bouchard
jaki liebezeit       bun e carlos     nicky headon       nicko mcbrain    ian mosley
alan white   scott rockenfield    phil selway    mel gaynor    mark richardson
jimmy chamberlin    mike joyce     jeff rich       eric kretz      steve white
simon gilbert   richard hynde     alex van halen    alan white    frank beard [33]
CANCER               jaimoe        ringo starr        tom boggs     ian paice     don  henly
rob townsend       mick fleetwood     stephen jo bladd    cesar zuiderwijk  
barry whitham     rich spremich      stuart copeland       bobby harrison  
dino danelli        gilson lavis    mick tucker     jaimoe johanson      rick mcmurray
kevin haskins      ged lynch     aled richards     mark decloedt       roy boulter
william calhoun     artimus pyle     robert heaton    jack irons    lawrence colbert
mike shrieve     paul cook    andy mclure        steve shelley      john keeble
mick tucker    tom cunningham     nick menza  [36]
LEO                       simon kirke        ginger baker    sib hashian     george newsome
peter york       jay david        ricky coonce    gary lewis     mike hugg         fuzz
roger meadows-taylor       jim mccarty     john seiter       keith moon     viv prince
debbie peterson    steve gorman    rob chieka     rat scabies      pete de freitas
andy henderson     dennis elliot     john fariss      steve smith       sean moore
rickie rockett       nick banks      bill berry    budgie      scott asheton
al macaulay    paul geary    heinz  [33]
VIRGO                  danny seraphine       neal smith     kenney jones    bennie dwyer
pete gavin      jerry allison       ann lantree         ron bushy        greg elmore
chris curtis    don powell      greg errico    john coughlan     clem cattini
gary leeds     robin goodridge      jon brookes       jon moss   michael hossack
gina schock      mickey hart     jerry fehily     dave hemingway   stephen perkins
paul winterhart     chris acland    andy rathbourne    adrian young      jet black
martin chambers      neil peart   igor cavalera     jerry agustyniak   jim capaldi [34]
LIBRA                   jody stephens      fritz kasten    john bonham      don stevenson
ric lee     joe bauer     dave stead   tico torres     dewey martin     thomas wydler
mitch dorge      doug vipond    blair cunninham    jim sonefeld   daniel woodgate      tommy lee     siggy baldursson       peter salisbury  [18]
SCORPIO          lee graziano       barry brandt    keith strickland     dale griffin
george grantham     alan gratzer   joe correro     johnny perez    jerry edmonton
floyd sneed     donald ray murray      alphonse mouzon    terry lee miall
rasa don     ed chester         tony thompson       rick allen     the big figure   
stephen morris    bill gibson   mikkey dee    terence dale griffin   colm o'ciosoig
andrew ranken   chad smith    calum mcdonald    herman rarebell    floyd sneed
jim brown    larry mullen jr    [30]
SAGGITARIUS    dennis wilson     bobby colomby   geoff daking    al jackson
dan hicks       dave clark       john densmore        bev bevin         val fuentes
clive bunker     jimmy ayoub   jim bonfanti       owen selfridge      dave munden
carmen appice      charlie benante    clem burke      mike botts       stephen irvine
clyde orange    murph      maurice white       justin welch    mike bordin
tre cool     bobby elliott     craig gill      rick buckler       steve jansen    peter criss
patrick murphy      david lovering      matt cameron   graham hopkins  [35]
CAPRICORN       melvin pritchard      john peterson    larry smith     george brown
joe butler    thom mooney    kenny pentifallo     paul hester      ron bushy
george brown    lars ulrich    dave grohl     grant young   brendan o'hare
ian hill  [15]
AQUARIUS         john steel        roy dyke       robbie bachman    fito de la parra
phil collins           jerry shirley         curley smith         mick avory       corky laing
nick mason        paul wheatbread         keith o'neill    ben mize   steven adler
gary whelan          dave baynton-power   charlie heather   neil conti
tommy ramone    brian bennett     dave lombardo     robert wyatt    damon reece
danny goffen      brian downey    nick van der linden  [26]
PISCES              karen carpenter      ric rothwell    jay osmond     adam clayton
harold brown     hugh grundy   merrick       feargal lawlor    john hartman
peter gill     grant hart    phil gould    mickey dolenz    vinnie paul    bj wilson
rob affuso    stephen nisbett   daffyd ieuan         shutty     carl palmer    owen if
slim jim phantom  [22]


What one makes of all this is a matter for individuals to decide for themselves.Given that we're only dealing with Sunsigns here,the following should be taken with a strong pinch of salt but nevertheless I will proceed with my observations. :o)
Firstly,with the interesting exception of pisces,MUTABLE signs are well represented amongst the drummers,each rating at least 33 in "members". We can take 27 as being a mean average,either side of which we find all 4 FIXED signs.The CARDINALS all fall well short with the notable exception of cancer at 36. I took 330 drummers into account but of course 3000 would have been better.However it wasn't my original purpose to analyse these statistics in this way.It just happened.
So what does this tell us about the nature of drummers? Well,to begin with, cardinal signs are about initiating,pioneering,leading,forceful,impatience. Hardly the attributes associated with the drums where patience is a virtue and the background rather than the foreground is the arena. Cancer as a sign is less typical of the attributes listed above and consequently is an energy more suited to the drums.As the keeper of the base of our natal chart,the 4th house and engine room,where better to express itself than at the heart of the band itself,nestling nicely in the background,nurturing and holding together its colleagues.Hardly the place for capricorn,our lowest scorer and cancer's polarity.
The mutable signs,rather like cancer,have no love of or need for the limelight.They are concerned with adaptability,versatility,sympathy, modesty and subtlety,the kind of qualities becoming to a drummer within a band. They are impressionable,willing to serve like virgo or dexterous and communicative like gemini or benevolent like the jupiter-led saggitarius. Their restlessness and changeability might present problems at times but better this than the fixed signs' rigidity or the cardinals' need to take the lead when the drummer's role,by and large is to support the band. The notable exception,here, pisces is the one mutable sign most likely to break away into its other world and disassociate itself from proceedings.Hardly what a band needs from its drummer!
I also notice that both exceptions to the modal rule are water signs,where intuition and sensitivity play their part. It should also be noted that this pattern we see amongst the modalities is not present with the elements. I conclude that it is your modality that MAY affect your desire or aptitude to be a drummer,not your element.It is also interesting how the cancer [36] / capricorn[15] axis features prominently in this survey.The only other axis to show a marked difference between signs is the virgo[34] and pisces[22] one where service and work ethics meet the spiritual and impractical.
Skip Spence is an interesting case.Marty Balin of Jefferson Airplane met him in a club and immediately asked him to be the drummer of his band,even though Skip had never previously drummed.After the 1st album, Skip left to form Moby Grape in true aries fashion.You'll note that cardinal signs do not score high amongst drummers but feature more prominently in the guitar section.Skip wanted to blaze new trails,on his own initiative and despite Marty's intuition,Skip was a singer/guitarist at heart.Ironically,Skip's replacement,Spencer Dryden was also aries but being sheep year,it can be argued that cancer was strong in his psyche...sheep correlating to cancer.

So if you have a capricorn child who is passionate about becoming a drummer......give them every encouragement because statistics are there to be proved wrong. A cancer prodigee ? suggest the bass guitar instead because we have enough cancerian drummers already !