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Table 1  Chinese Year Signs and Corresponding Western Zodiac Signs
The Narcissus Factor    for more information go to lakeside

Aries             = Dragon
Taurus          = Snake / Serpent
Gemini          =  Horse
Cancer          = Sheep / Goat
Leo                = Monkey
Virgo             = Rooster / Chicken / Cockerel
Libra              = Dog
Scorpio         = Pig
Saggitarius  = Rat / Mouse
Capricorn     = Ox /Buffalo
Aquarius       = Tiger
Pisces            = Rabbit /Hare / Cat


Table 2    The cycles of the 5 elements in chinese astrology

The generating/conducive cycle

Earth   ~~~~~>metal  ~~~~~>water  ~~~~>wood  ~~~~> fire  ~~~~>earth                                 .            secretes          canalises           grows             feeds       generates

The controlling/opposition cycle

earth  ~~~~> water  ~~~~>fire~~~~~>metal  ~~~~~> wood ~~~~~>earth
           drinks            puts out        melts             cuts                  wears out    

It will be observed here that the generating cycle follows the seasonal order of the elements while the controlling cycle is the same sequence but every other element.It should be noted that in the generating cycle,water is more disposed towards metal than vice-versa:for metal it is earth who is its great friend,from whence it came.

Table 3     The Elements of the 12 animals Traditionally
+ is masculine YANG    - is feminine YIN

WOOD ( SPRING/ EAST)             Tiger +  Rabbit  -  Dragon +
FIRE     ( SUMMER/ SOUTH)      Snake -  Horse +  Sheep -
EARTH ( CENTRAL )                     Ox    Dragon  Sheep  Dog
METAL ( AUTUMN/ WEST)          Monkey +   Rooster - Dog +
WATER ( WINTER/NORTH)         Pig -   Rat +   Ox-

You will note that the EARTH element "borrows" an animal from each of the other 4 Elements.Most chinese astrologers do not follow this practice but only ascribe EARTH element to the actual year.Consequently,in my work,I also give it only to the year.The major exception to this rule is the Tzi Wei Dou Shu which I study too but I dont as yet use it in this site,only in charts for friends.In the future,who knows.