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Western Astrology-The Doors and Cream

The Doors
Ray              John                                                         Jim       Robbie
Girl  we  couldn't  get  much  higher
Jim Morrison        vocals                   8/12/43                saggitarius sun    taurus moon
sheep year/water year/rat month     ~~>         elements = fire/water/water     
Robbie Krieger     guitar                   8/1/46                  capricorn sun       pisces moon
rooster year/wood year/ox month        ~~>     elements = metal/wood/water
Ray Manzarek      organ                   12/2/39                aquarius sun      gemini moon
tigeryear/earth yeartiger month           ~~>     elements = wood/earth/wood
John Densmore    drums                  1/12/44                 saggitarius sun  scorp moon
monkey year/wood year/rat month     ~~>      elements = metal/wood/water

There was a certain maturity about the Doors which showed in their sun signs all being in the more evolved signs.It also meant their mercury and venus placements were in the same group of signs.Earth was the one element they were lacking in,suggesting that material and day to day,mundane affairs were of less consequence than the wider,spiritual or political issues.The mind before the body one might say.Particularly so in the case of the saggitarians,jim and john,with rob too having a saggitarian energy for his mercury.
There is a slight generation gap with this band due to ray manzarek's age.Where the others are of the pluto in leo generation,positive and single-minded,Ray is a cancerian pluto (just) where issues become a matter of much consideration and intense feeling and need sorting out into a constructive perspective.Ray might just be the one to take the initiative in a less subjective way than the others would tend to.His uranus[our sense of inventiveness and change] is in taurus,whereas the other doors are of the uranus in gemini period.What taurus uranus lacks in the creativity and sparkle department, which gemini has patented, it makes up for in its respect for traditional values and the art of learning from experience and reality.Uranus itself is more at ease in the fluidity of gemini,so its message of change is better expressed through the other 3 doors.Ray's neptune is in fall in virgo because virgo's normal qualities of logic and proportion can be offset by neptune's imagination and cloudiness.Neptune much prefers the opposite sign  of pisces where it doesnt feel restricted.The other Doors would see life as idealistic and find it hard to be objective about it[libra says think but neptune says feel]This neptunian generation is often seen as the true flower power one and the drugs option was often taken.

Jim morrison had an unusual pattern to his chart,in that five of his major aspects were all squares,the most challenging of all aspects.His moon,exalted in taurus ,was at the heart of these with the pluto square perhaps the most striking.Emotional blockage ,impulsiveness and unrest would have made it hard to keep things under control.With such a tight orb,even the normally placid taurus moon would have felt the strong , transformational urges of a leo pluto and compromise was never one of jim's virtues, whether with men or women....a look at his mother's chart or at least his upbringing would not go amiss here.With moon seeking new ideas and horizons in the 3rd and pluto focusing on work and service in the 6th , there would have considerable restlessness and soul-searching.The cancer cusp here would cause intense emotional involvement with his music and the impressions it made.He would be tuned in to his fans on a very emotional level,wishing to break new grounds,politically as well as musically.His moon was ruling this 6th house thru the cancer cusp yet squaring it from the 3rd,mercury's house.With mercury being the natural ruler of the 6th but in capricorn[polarity of cancer]a complex picture emerges of great tension,not helped by pluto being in retrograde mode.Positive new happenings ending in dead ends and disappointment.A constant re-evaluation of ideals with control and trust issues always nagging away inside.Jim would have been unable to trust those in power but worse still he would have found it hard to ultimately believe in himself.

I  am  the  Lizard  King . . . I  can  do  anything
His north node ,there in conjunction with pluto,would give him the need to be in the public eye and to use his influence on others,he would have felt a compelling urge to do so as if his destiny . However the square from his moon would eat away at this destiny,the eternal family/past problems haunting him.Adapting to and forging relationships with one's "musical" family is very difficult when one is at loggerheads with one's own family and roots.
To cap it all,his aquarius ascendent is also in square with his moon !Quite apart from the recurring domestic issues involved, it would add to his general intensity of feelings and moodiness.Withdrawal and changeability are symptons of this difficult aspect.With an aquarius ascendent,his chart ruler would be uranus or if we take the traditional viewpoint,it would be saturn.Rebel that he was would suggest that uranus held the day but saturn would also have wanted to impose its stability on the situation.Neither make significant aspects in terms of orb and in gemini,their placements are fairly neutral.Jim had the architypal aquarius asc. attributes of intellectuality and self-containment but with a belief in the brotherhood of man.He was in his element fronting a rock band.His taurus moon would have been seeking the security of a stable,domestic background something that his ascendent and sun energies [ amongst others] couldnt provide.A constant source of tension for him.


His sun[highest planet in his chart and carrying the weight of it] has a close square to chiron which could be seen as even more influential than his moon/pluto one.Chiron in virgo,the sign of service and perfection,may seek to help others or to put right wrongs. There is debate as to whether it rules or in fact falls in virgo ! In its yearning for spiritual evolution,pisces would be a logical sign for it to "rule"[making virgo its fall] but its desire to be of service would bring us back to virgo being a fitting home,where chiron's healing/teaching qualities would have a methodical base.In the 7th house,chiron would be focusing on relationships and quite possibly have suffered from previous negative experiences .Jim may have been demanding of others in relationships ,in order to establish his own needs in relation to the needs of his partners.Detachment from others at times might have been his way of expressing the tensions he felt.The square to his sun therefore would be a major challenge to him,self-doubts,the worry that destiny and reality are not matching.A saggitarius sun has a mission,to explore,to go out there boldly and break new frontiers but is being challenged by chiron's own needs to heal relationship and emotional scars,to put one's ego and self into perspective.

With his sun being in the 10th house of career and public status,this relationship issue from the 7th would have seriously undermined Jim's progress and well-being.His sun would have a vested interest in the 7th because of the leo cusp there and jupiter being in the 7th[as well as in leo] too complicates the picture further because the sun and jupiter are therefore in mutual reception.[saturn in gemini and mercury in capricorn have this too] The sun and jupiter ae therefore linked but not through aspect ot by being particularly strong.Jupiter however is squaring  Jim's scorpio midheaven and with an exact orb.Such a midheaven gives him an intense desire to make his mark in the world and a leo jupiter should be able to help achieve this with its leadership,inspiring qualities and partnership attributes from the 7th.However jupiter/midheaven squares indicate anti-social tendencies and ego problems.With the signs involved being leo and scorpio, exaggeration and intensity could make this an explosive aspect.Such challenging aspects as this one are there to be overcome but in Jim's case it would seem,with the other squares,it all became too much for him.


His sun opposing mars is yet another challenge to him.Once again,self-centredness and difficult relations with others are part of this aspect ,with extremes of behaviour and impulsiveness likely.In gemini,mars is at its intellectual best,a lively debater but not fond of criticism,a  restless,impatient energy which can lose its way if not controlled. When retrograde,mars can bottle up its frustrations and anger is an issue here.It is often released suddenly and without reason,arising from a deep,inner sense of guilt.The square to the sun would have contributed to the problems he had with authority and the establishment.In the 4th house,mars,desires roots and a sense of security in home life but thus afflicted,would add to  domestic turbulence and the feeling of tension within himself.His 10th house expansive sun is in opposition to these wishes.Jim wants that public recognition but still yearns for some sort of domestic bliss and inner peace.Another difficult aspect resulting in emotional tension and extreme demands on himself and others.His mars trine to his aquarius ascendent increases his ambition and drive towards his objectives and is one of his few harmonious aspects.
His saturn and uranus are also in retrograde motion[along with the already mentioned pluto and mars]In retrograde Saturn can be even more of a taskmaster than usual and conflict with authority commonplace.In the 5th house,Saturn makes heavy demands in the areas of creativity ,romance and joy[can make a very strict parent !]With a gemini cusp,intellectuality is the focus here and it is no wonder that Jim should be ,not only a song-writer but a poet and thinker.But Saturn here would set strict boundaries and demand the right sort of values.Projects seemingly complete ,suddenly seem not to be and the nature of the retrograde planet causes one to endlessly re-evaluate and patience is sorely tested.The issue of power and how one uses it[or is used by it] would often have been on Jim's mind.

With Retrograde Uranus ,Jim would be prone to reviewing the past,which might suddenly confront him again,and personality explosions resulting from a feeling of intense unrest.At times he may have indeed felt like,in his own words the "wild child"....."screamin' wild".In particular the words "not your mother's or your father's child"  tell us alot about him.The ultimate rebel spirit, fighting for a cause that Saturn for one, would surely disapprove of.Compromise not for the anarchist within and other aspects of his life suffered accordingly.If he was to be the "saviour of the human race",first he needed to set his own boundaries and limitations.But this uranus ,being in his 4th house ,was embedded into his soul.


In looking at Ray Manzarek's chart,we face the problems of not knowing the hour of birth because clearly Ray's main aspects involve,to use a Doors term,"what is not known".We must therefore only use what "is known" for sure and understand unlike in Jim's case ,we are only looking at part of Ray.However there is still much to be found and considerably more than just knowing that Ray is Aquarius by sun-sign.
I will therefore start with a little used planetery body,vesta,to compensate for the lack of major aspects[in close orb] His aquarius sun is very conjunct this major asteroid . Vesta is considered to be a sacred part of us,where we guard our passions and our actions take on a very special meaning.We look at situations long-term and energies if necessary are held back until the right time to release them and act.In aquarius here,Ray's vesta is exalted and will gain considerable strength from the sun.But with the sun being in fall in aquarius and vesta being strong here,it is the sun that benefits considerably from this alliance.With mercury ,too,in conjunction,we have a strong mind as well as a strong personality.In Aquarius,humanitarian concerns would surface rather than the subjectivity which this aspect can give.Ray might even show touches of genius and see things others miss.New technologies,experiences would be the menu with a very intellectual approach to friendships. The freedom-seeking and rebel tendencies of the doors would fit in admirably.The strong vesta urge in him would know that life held an important vocation for him and that there were fires to be tended,much to give to others and to do with others.Vesta-wise,perhaps Ray might be seen as the high priest of the doors,while Jim was the jupiterian god or king.

The other major aspect[known] is the square between his saggitarius mars and his piscean jupiter which rules both pisces AND saggitarius.Mars is active here,a crusading energy,philosophical,versatile and at times,over-restless with so much to be done.Jupiter in pisces has a spiritual ,mystical yearning and is capable of personal sacrifice to fulfill its needs.The challenge with a mars/jupiter square is to avoid extremism and over-confidence or optimism.But in Ray's case, Jupiter is well placed and mars benign,so i wouldn't foresee a major problem,with both finding common ground.


A word about his 2 planets in retrograde,touched upon earlier in the generational sense.Neptune is in fall because virgo's methodology and analytical concerns are not it's ways.Feelings and emotions rule over logic and method.When retrograde, neptune is more introspective and intuitive than usual with the dreamworld never far away.What form of escapism is taken varies with each individual.Jupiter in pisces would help Ray to realise the tremendous spiritual potential of neptune and to use it to help others.Virgo like pisces is a sign associated with service.
Pluto is the higher octave of mars just as neptune is the higher octave of venus.Here we have an emotional ,possessive pluto,concerned with the deeper relationships. Ray was born during the last few months of pluto's 24 year stay in cancer,so the pull of pluto's voyage into leo might have been felt ,with Ray not being as typical of a cancerian pluto as some[see earlier notes] However pluto in retrograde is pause for thought.An issue of power and how one uses it[or is used by it] is common here and a more subtle,private approach to self-advancement and achievement of goals is pluto's way when in this introspective mode.The other doors all had pluto retrograde but in the more forceful sign of leo.
Saturn in aries would make Ray especially self-reliant,having had to overcome the obstacles of a fiery energy[aries] hosting the most restrictive of all planets. Saturn is considered weak in aries but can ultimately strengthen the resolve because the person concerned has had to go it alone to achieve the breakthrough in life.
Venus in capricorn produces a quiet dignity and the best way to express oneself is often at work.Capricorn urges venus to go for tangible achievements rather than idealistic love.Loyalty and dependability rather than passion are the qualities of this venus.
Finally and most notably,Ray has a saggitarius moon which has soulmate attractions not only to Jim's sun but also John's saggitarius sun.This compelling bond between sun and moon is true to friendships as well as to love-based relationships. Most likely with Jim[as well as John] having the sun half ,it would be they who would propel the situation.What we cant know,however,is how strong Ray's moon is.It is the original, wandering,restless moon who knows who it is and where it's going in life.Like the arian saturn,it is self-reliant.Adventure and change are the neccessities of life for this open,good-natured moon with all the optimism of its benign ruler,Jupiter.It is more than happy to merge with the saggitarian sun people.Ray would certainly have been a pivotal figure in the band by way of this moon.
Another "finally",Ray's aquarius sun matches jim's aquarius ascendent to form another soulmate bond.One begins to wonder,following this pattern,if Ray's unknown ascendent is saggitarius ! Then their interwoven destinies would be complete.

Putting Ray's planets in Jim's chart we see the sun,mercury,vesta conjunction in Jim's 1st house indicating that Ray should have a major impact on Jim's personality.Sun there could mean their aims in life are similar,the occasional conflict perhaps but a nice trine to Jim's saturn gives stability to the relationship.Both should work together responsibly.Mercury would help them to interact well mentally with excellent exchange of ideas.Vesta would give Jim the sense of something sacred to be achieved.This would appeal to his aquarius ascendent's idealism and vesta,particularly,would inspire self-confidence in him.In a house where Jim,natally has no planets,this is certainly an entourage of Ray's here,likely to have some impact.
Finally,there is Ray's nice Jupiter visiting too,forming a sextile to Jim's taurus moon.This is a particularly nice harmony,with jupiter stimulating moon's imagination in a most inspiring way.On the debit side, jupiter is in square with Jim's mars.Interesting because Ray's jupiter carries its own natal square with mars into this house.In this situation,the square is more dischordant , with jim's gemini mars being in retrograde and a more difficult mars to deal with in gemini[see jim's natal analysis] Rivalry and differences of opinion are possible and with jim's mars in trine to his own ascendent,jupiter's presence in jim's 1st house may not be as welcome as the sun stellium.Nevertheless,this compassionate jupiter here would be attempting to influence jim's outlook on life and if necessary to make personal sacrifices to support jim.
By comparison,the other houses contacted are far less impactful.
The main aspects between them are led by Ray's sun trining saturn from that 1st house which would enable them both to establish balance and agreement when sorting out problems.Jim would feel he could trust and rely upon Ray's aquarian virtues here,despite the retrograde nature of his saturn.This trine is beautifully reciprocated by jim's own sun which trines Ray's saturn ! True symmetry and an excellent arrangement between them.
Ray's sun squares Jim's scorpio midheaven,suggesting that he believes jim is too intense in his public image and self-projection.From Ray's aquarian viewpoint,social awareness and acceptability are important. Something that they would have to agree to differ on.
A less amicable challenge between them is uranus  squaring jim's aquarius ascendent.Uranus is the ruler of aquarius and therefore co-ruler of his natal chart. Here is Ray's taurean uranus asking questions of his ascendent.In normal circumstances,ascendent would regard uranus as eccentric and radical but here we have an ascendent empathetic to the nature of uranus ,being rather uranian itself. The problem arises from uranus in taurus being fixed in its own methods of change and doing things,rather than learning from others ideas.Not uranus at its most innovative at all and jim's ascendent knows it,being uranus at its purest.
Uranus ,therefore,is also squaring jim's descendent indicating that Ray might like Jim to change his leo way of conducting relationships.
The list of further close or powerful aspects is too long to continue in the space we have here and we can't even include Ray's moon aspects which rival the sun's own in importance.

Robbie's mars/saturn conjunction in jim's 6th doesnt make any major aspects but this conjunction is one where,on robbie's part,mars urge for action sits uncomfortably with saturn's restrictive tendencies.But it can also mean that robbie would conserve his energy,to use constructively when needed.It gives an inner strength and courage as well as the capacity for hard work and leadership qualities.However both planets are in cancer where neither function in their usual way,mars being less assertive and more sensitive and caring,saturn having to come to terms with the emotions[not its forte !]and consequently emotions may become restricted.Like jim,robbie has both these planets in retrograde too,so mars' "look before you leap"characteric and saturn's conflict with authority tendency may be present,though the cancer influence would make robbie more sensitive as opposed to jim's more intellectual approach .

They are both in the 4th house which is cancer's natural house,so if one is to have these placements in cancer,there is no better house than the 4th.A taurus cusp here adds to the feeling of roots and domesticity at heart for robbie.With his sun opposing the conjunction,there are potential stresses but it can also be dynamic and success still achievable.The effect upon jim of having robbie's mars/saturn in his 6th house is to accentuate the work-based side of the relationship with robbie[particularly thru his mars] encouraging jim who,with this cancer setting,would be particularly sensitive to his music.With his leo pluto there too,robbie would have a transforming  impact on jim in his work and music.
His sun is in jim's 12th house in a capricorn setting.With saturn ruling this area of jim's life,he may have felt subconsciously restricted and that he was seemingly swimming against the tide.In his reflective moments,a deep-rooted sense of responsibility may have weighed him down.Like his 1st house,his 12th had no planets to focus on,so robbie's sun would have affected him,in a karmic sense,helping him to understand certain things better.They would have felt tuned to each other,robbie's guitar unleashing the inner jim and bringing it to the surface. Though we mustnt forget that capricorn suns are not reknowned for their passion.
His capricorn mercury and saggitarius venus are in jim's friendship house,the 11th. Also the house of aspirations and objectives.His mercury conjuncts jim's own so similar ways of thinking about these things,whereas his capricorn venus might find the saggitarius "live and let live" approach to friendships a little casual.Still a good raport,though.
Lastly the presence of jupiter and neptune[both in libra] in jim's virgo-cusped 8th house indicate a spiritual influence because these 2 planets[co-rulers of pisces] help us to expand in this area and the 8th house is certainly the house of mystery and intrigue.Virgo's influence there would increase the ability to investigate life's mysteries,including death[though the focus in the 8th can also be financial] but virgo also shows restraint.Robbie , with his jupiter and neptune there,could help jim in his darkest moments and to come through them positively.


Finally to john densmore.His saggitarian sun and mars are in jim's 10th where jim's own sun is. Conjunctions of suns can mean compatability but can also lead to competing for the same space and antagonism may result.John's sun opposing jim's own gemini mars is a difficult situation for both and  how they get on with their sun conjunction may determine how much friction this aspect causes[ and vice-versa] one would expect some sort of power conflict here.Jim is no stranger to this situation however as it is a major aspect in his own chart.His uranus too has the opposition with john's sun which is rarely good for co-operation because uranus resents any authority initiatives from the sun,which is itself exasperrated by the rebel planet. In the vocational sense,john might gain by having his mars in jim's 10th and because its a scorpio cusp[which mars co-rules] mars would feel strong here.Similarly his sun might expect to progress career-wise,placed here, or try to influence jim's. Despite the negatives,there are positives too for john's sun, with trines to jim's north node and pluto which might ease some of the tensions.
The other main house,john seems to have focused on,is the 5th.

            Love Street

She lives on Love Street,
Lingers long on Love Street,
She has a house and garden
I would like to see what happens

She has robes and she has monkies
Lazy diamond-studded flunkies.
She has wisdom and knows what to do
She has me and she has you.

I see you live on Love Street,
That's the store where the creatures meet
I wonder what they do in there
Summer Sunday and a year.

I guess I like it fine so far.

We can't leave the Doors,and Jim Morrison in particular,without reference to Pamela Courson.If ever there was a 5th Doors member it was Pamela.If only she'd played bass guitar,it would have been perfect.But then,in a sense,she did play a supportive role at the heart of things,backing Jim when he needed her.So here is a synastrical look at her relationship with Jim.
Naturally she has a saggitarius moon,one of the clearest soulmate attractions between man and woman.Where else could her moon have been but alongside Jim's sun :O) . We don't know her ascendent but a saggitarius or taurus one would be fitting to match Jim's sun or moon.Her own capricorn sun plays its part conjuncting Jim's mercury in his important 10th house,giving great support to him by stimulating and encouraging his ideas .Many shared interests with Jim feeling he understands her in every sense.A very powerful coming together mentally with such a close orb to this aspect.And would you believe it,her own mercury is also conjuncting his sun,this time in saggitarius.This is an unusually powerful situation.No wonder they shared so many intellectual moments.
Next we have Pamela's sun sextiling Jim's venus,a beautiful harmony between them and an emotional attraction rather than the mental ones above.Loyalty and unselfishness as well as shared ideals and values.Potentially a magnetic attraction with Jim's passionate scorpio venus appreciating the dependability of Pamela's "earthed" capricorn sun.She would find his venus exciting and be able to return the loyalty such a venus demands.After all,she herself has venus in scorpio.
All relationships must have their challenges and theirs was no exception.

Her saturn in leo is square with his taurus moon.Saturn tends to be the restrictor in our charts and taurus moon is a particularly gentle,sensitive one[the moon is exalted in taurus] In leo,saturn is more personal than usual [and in fall]and may ask more of moon than he can deliver.He may feel that Pamela,through her demanding saturn is insensitive to his feelings and focuses unduly on trifles,not seeing the bigger picture in life.Being in his 6th house,her saturn would focus on his work but also health issues.Being retrograde,Saturn would be more reflective than usual and wouldnt appreciate moon's changeability that a 3rd house placement can bring about.But given the strengths of  it's taurus-ness,moon may have just about coped.As ruler of this 6th house which saturn is visiting[cancer cusp],moon would see saturn as a guest not the owner! When the 6th house has cancerian decor,work and health are seen as emotional concerns with people's needs uppermost.Leo saturn would be made aware of this.

Her saturn also conjuncts his pluto closely here in the 6th.It must be remembered that in his own chart,his leo pluto's square with his moon is one of his major challenges[ see earlier notes] the suggestion here is that Pamela might like to influence,indeed help organise this emotionally intense area of Jim's life.But from Jim's viewpoint,things are what they are and a leo pluto is more likely to transform others than vice-versa.An interesting situation for his moon,with Pamela's saturn and his own pluto squaring from his work and health place.
Uranus is the great planet of change and Pamela's gemini and 3rd house uranus is in his critical 4th house[see earlier] with a taurus cusp,such a house is usually a comfortable,inviting one.The influence of such a thinking uranus as this one would have made domestic life stimulating for jim,though the only aspect it makes here is an opposition to his sun in the 10th.Freedom on both sides is a shared viewpoint but uranus attempts to influence the inner house of Jim are thwarted by the needs of his forever-seeking sun which has vocational aspirations in the 10th,rather than domesticity or inner-issues rather too close to the bone.With such an aspect,periods of seperation are both inevitable and perhaps desirable.
Pamela also has her gemini north node of the moon in this 4th.As a natal 3rd house node too,Pamela's path in life is indeed an intellectual/communicative one,though still carrying with it the love of freedom and independence.Here in Jim's 4th,it makes no major aspects[though the conjunction with vesta being so close suggests a sacred bond between them] but its presence in the very heart of his chart,suggests something karmic because the 4th is our heritage and past and the node is a disciple of karma.Plus of course this particular node of pamela's has such a strong intellectual leaning.Shared intellectuality is a recurring theme between Jim and Pamela with the main focus of her planets up in the 9th to 11th house area of his chart where friendships,associations and learning in general are focused upon.
Her pluto sits over his descendent,a most powerful factor in their relationship.Such closeness to a main angle suggests a bond of karmic proportions,particularly with pluto involved.


Jim's  sun progressed to capricorn at the end of 1957.Saturn the ruler of capricorn is our teacher but also our restrainer,setting us boundaries.The ever-exploring saggitarius would have felt these restraints and perhaps Jim felt the inward frustrations that come with this progression,a jupiter/saturn conflict.A few months earlier his taurus moon had progressed to scorpio where it would stay until 1960.A period of no little turbulence emotionally for the teenage Jim.At the same time his aquarius ascendent had progressed to pisces,adding to the internal change and pisces disassociation with the mainstream may also have set in.At the time of his death,his moon had returned to its natal taurus,indicating that he was more at peace with himself,making his sudden death even more untimely.
Ray was about 7 when his aquarius sun took on the pisces influence ,so by the time of the Doors ,he would have absorbed the other-worldly traits of pisces into his independent,idealistic aquarian temperament.The move to aries in 1976 would have been the watershed for him where he would have absorbed the fire and determination of aries into his identity.A sense of urgency and the need for challenge should have driven his aquarian on with independence to the fore.This is likely to stay with him until he reaches the taurus progression in 2006 circa which should bring the desire for a more stable life with home comforts becoming more important.
Robbie  had his progression to aquarius at the age of 12,a little earlier than Jim,so would have had more time to take in the new influence before entering the Doors,by which time he had mercury and venus also progressed to aquarius.His practical, disciplined character would have been given the inventive,humanitarian qualities of aquarius,together with the unpredictability that comes with them.At the end of 1986, his progression to pisces would bring an other-worldliness and spirituality to his capricorn sun,the way already prepared by mercury and venus taking on pisces a few years earlier.With mars in cancer,the feeling-orientated approach to life would be very much part of robbie,though the capricorn instincts would also hold strong still.
John,saggitarius like Jim,was still in the early stages of his capricorn progression when he joined the Doors,so the sudden restrictions upon the flowing nature of saggitarius would have been particularly felt by him.His thought processes would have had an element of capricorn about them already with mercury progressing to capricorn soon after birth,though it progresses back into saggitarius during his time with the doors,re-awakening the quest for knowledge and writing skills ans overall versatility.With mars not progressed from its natal saggitarius position,mental activity would remain strong.Enthusiasm and energy levels would be particularly high and flowing.His capricorn venus,progressed to aquarius would have made him value freedom more and though still a little cool in his relationships,his fidelity would remain with a more charitable,humane edge to his personality.November 1994 would be a major turning point for John with the sun progression to aquarius.



                          Eric                               Ginger                    Jack
Eric Clapton         guitar,vocals          30/3/45                  aries sun/scorpio moon
rooster year/wood year/dragon month ~~~>elements =metal/wood/wood/metal
Jack Bruce            bass,vocals            14/5/43                  taurus sun/virgo moon
sheep year/water year/snake month       ~~~> elements =fire/water/fire
Ginger Baker        drums                      19/8/39                  leo sun/libra moon
rabbit year/earth year/monkey month    ~~~> elements =wood/earth/metal

We'll start with Eric Clapton because we have his full birth details and also he was in the unfortunate situation of watching his two colleagues constantly at odds with each other.As the younger statesman of the band,this was no doubt a harrowing experience for him.As his chart will show,he had enough to contend with already.
So,guitar legend in a band that was to revolutionize rock. Eric comes from the aries school of pioneering guitarists which includes steve howe and richard thompson, amongst others.With his moon in scorpio,he was also in good company,sharing that distinction with george harrison,jerry garcia,mike bloomfield,billy gibbons and steve howe[again] No half-measures with scorpio moons.In Eric's case,with an aries sun,a
particularly difficult combination with the intensity  and self-demands involved.The need to meet challenges and to revolutionize is uppermost and he would certainly have inspired others,as indeed he did.Uncompromising and self-reliant but with his libra ascendent,more accessible than some aries/scorpios might be with a need to relate to and work with others.Harmony,diplomacy,justice,indecision,are libran traits which are not those associated with Eric's sun or moon sign.However there are no major aspects between these three in Eric's chart,with the moon/asc conjunction being nearly 7 degrees in orb and the sun/asc polarity being 15 degrees in orb.


Eric's main chart challenges involve his moon opposing his venus and squaring his midheaven.The former would affect emotional expression,leading to frustrations and possible suffering in love,perhaps expecting too much from partners.Venus is strong in taurus,ideal for a musician ,with an appreciation for the Arts but inclined to be possessive in love.Eric's  moon,much aspected in his chart,is intense and determined but also moody and turbulent and debilitated in scorpio.It is the planet he would most identify with,being in his 1st house,but his libran ascendent makes venus his chart ruler and in his 7th house of relationships[as well as in taurus] venus plays a key role in his chart.A most dynamic and difficult opposition for Eric to contend with,made even more so by venus here being in retrograde.Feelings of loneliness and self-doubting can arise from inhibitions in relationships.Eric may have found it hard to get what he really wanted from those close to him and the need to be loved would have been especially strong with the retro being in the 7th house.
Jupiter in retro would add to this unease,causing a reluctance to open-up and change the situation because of negative past experiences and his neptune,also retro,could further aggravate the situation,leading to escapism and the inevitable drug addiction.Reality can be just too much to bear.Yet scorpio moon demands action,acieving objectives,strong emotional desires and demands and won't take any venusian problems lying down.Hence this polarity challenge.Aries sun too is a positive force,though at times a lonesome one,carrying the scars of experience.
The key to Eric's moon/venus opposition is in pluto,the focal planet in what becomes a T-square in this situation.This pluto is in leo and another of Eric's retrograde planets.It challenges venus and moon and its key position in the 10th house of career and public esteem can help the other two to resolve their differences and ultimately unite their energies.In trine with Eric's aries sun and conjuncting his mid-heaven,it has a key unifying role to play in his life.Pluto would attempt to transform moon and venus's approach to emotional and sexual relationships and in leo,pluto would have great impact and purpose,causing much upheaval.In retrograde,pluto would bring issues of power and control into this triangle and conjunct his midheaven in leo, fame and the need for success in life would be paramount.We mustn't forgot that scorpio moon is square to midheaven,as it is to pluto,and difficulties with women,as well as a changeable attitude to one's career are common with this aspect.So, throughout all this emotional dischord,Eric's career needs remain an issue,hardly suprising given his status.

Another T-square,involves sun,saturn and neptune,this time in cardinal signs as opposed to the other one in the more obstructive fixed signsCarinal T-squares tend to ask us to be more patientand less hasty . His aries sun and libran neptune are the 2 polarities with a cancer saturn at the focal point.Confusion over hard-to -diagnose problems and anxieties are a feature of the opposition here and with the emotional problems elsewhere in chart,psychological distress is likely.It should be added that neptune in libra,especially with Eric's libra ascendent,is a hallmark of the opting-out,flower-child.Self-deception and losing direction in life come with this aspect ,though ultimately  spiritual growth can result from the traumas.Saturn,though fallen in cancer and melancholic ,does often see things through and its square to the sun could,after a lonely struggle,help develop the personality on more solid foundations.Similarly saturn's challenge to neptune,after the traumas of depression and self-torment can lead to a more responsible attitude to oneself and life.Saturn[how one accepts challenges and makes one's own boundaries] would hold one of the keys to Eric's self-fulfilment.Which leads nicely to Eric's important Grand Trine-where saturn is joined by scorpio moon and pisces mars.A welcome counter balance to his two T-squares.
In pisces,the mars energy is at its most fluctuating and sensitive with moments of solitude necessary to recharge the batteries.Refined,caring ,with the potential to help and work for others.There is a kind of unassuming quality about this placement, although,as with other piscean energies,changeability and a lack of direction can set in,for all the imaginative,creative possibilities.In the 4th house,mars can bring about an inner restlessness.Its trine to saturn suggests hard work and leadership qualities but its the moon's trines to these two which are most significant because the moon doesnt naturally harmonise with saturn and mars.The trine with mars would give a certain fearlessness and ability to accomplish whatever one wants with the saturn trine giving a sense of responsibility but also difficulty expressing true feelings.With grand trines there is a danger of too much harmony and flow ,causing inertia but in Eric's case,the trine is more likely to provide relief from the T-squares. Taking in the critical angular houses 1 and 4,it is particularly important to the chart and falling in water signs suggests psychic energies with a need for unique experiences with others.This desire and longing would be difficult to achieve or maintain given the challenges Eric faces elsewhere in his chart and indeed his life.
Sandwiched between such uncompromising and warring characters as ginger baker and jack bruce was never easy and the pressure of being "clapton is god" took its toll too.     

Jack bruce has the stability of taurus sun[we see where the strong voice comes from!] combined with the intellect of virgo moon. Common-sense and an ability to see the practical side of things are features of such  an earth-base,though water and air also show prominently.With only pluto in a fire-sign,it suggests he takes his time to spark into action,unlike his more passionate and explosive partner, ginger
baker.Subtlety,sensitivity and solidity come before the dramatic or the spontaneous urges.With his preponderence of mutable signs, jack would be adaptable and able to improvise better than most,although he might also surprise people with his changes of direction.Not what one normally associates with a taurus sun.However jack's sun forms nice sextiles with his mars and jupiter[both in water signs] which in turn form a trine between them.Like Eric,jack has the sensitive piscean mars but with the practical ability of his sun and moon to  more fully utilise its creative drive.Communication here is aided by a gemini mercury,albeit retrograde.That changeability we see again with uranus conjuncting it.The sun/jupiter sextile would give jack confidence which he would transmit to others but he would need his freedom and space.Venus in cancer completes the 3rd of his important,water-based planets.An intellectual,sympathetic person with an eye for detail and a good practical sense.It would seem a more solid sort of character than eric,lacking those dynamic energies of aries and scorpio though we dont have his time of birth to complete the picture.
Looking at jack,through eric's chart,we see eric's  8th house as the focus of attention. This is the house of much more than meets the eye,traditionally of scorpio energies with pluto undertones.In eric's chart,taurus is the cusp,though its jack's gemini planets,mercury,saturn and uranus which we find in auspicious residence.However jack's taurus sun narrowly makes it too and with close contact to eric's vertex.This denotes a certain karmic bond between them with the vertex acting as a point of destiny. Its more than likely that jack had considerable impact on eric, either by way of his taurean qualities or in matters associated with the 8th house.Such matters might involve life's mysteries,joint resources or deeper relationships with others,beyond those of the 7th house.Co-operation is not so easy when taurus cusps the 8th and eric might have found certain aspects of sharing resources difficult for him.With so many planets in eric's 8th,jack would be able to help eric to look into his darkest corners. Particularly with saturn involved which can help give structure and advice[often painful!] and uranus,which can bring about change and new initiatives. Eric may well have felt that in jack bruce,here was someone he was destined to meet.He was certainly determined to have jack on board,as a vocalist,as well as bassist ,regardless of any objections from co-founder ginger baker.

Jack's leo pluto has 2 major influences in eric's 10th house.It's conjunction with eric's midheaven suggests jack could have a powerful transforming effect on eric[as with sin/vertex] but this time in a more public,vocational sense.But pluto's square to eric's moon is at best difficult,at worst disruptive.Any emotional upsets between the two may well be caused by this aspect because eric's scorpion moon is such an integral part of his chart.Jack's caring,emotional venus-side is much more to eric's liking than his dominating plutonian side.A clash of wills is likely through eric's mars squared by jack's uranus causing irritability and possible nervous tension.Eric might feel jack is not as dependable as he might be or perhaps unpredictable.


Ginger baker is a man who's instincts match his the sun,mercury, venus and pluto all in leo,creativity and a sense of the dramatic abound.His is every bit the lion and with jupiter in aries,he will have the active,pioneering spirit and ambition to suceed.Think passion and enthusiasm,think ginger.Probably a libran moon[co-operative,easy-going,charming] but possibly a scorpio moon like eric. Certainly with his node in scorpio,he will have a penetrating side to him.Like jack, he has strong earth attributes but lacks the elements of air and water.His strong earth foundation helps to keep his fiery initiatives focused and productive.Little will stand in his way,once he gets going and ideals and emotions are secondary factors, though there is a certain idealism in the leo psyche.
His retrograde planets are interesting,all  personal or inter-personal ones.His mercury being so is ideal for a drummer who lets his hands and rhythm do the talking.For all his fire,he's likely to give matters much thought before taking action.His mars R,too,indicates some caution/reconsideration before acting and he may dwell on frustrations before sudden release.Jupiter R suggests keeping opinions or beliefs to himself due to past  negative experiences and saturn in retrograde could mean constant conflicts with authority,though at heart a conservative planner.These likely retrograde traits would tie in with the earth side of his character rather than his impulsive fire-nature.It should also be noted that he only has one planet in mutable mode,so,in theory,he would be cautious about changes,fitting in with his retrograde planetary picture. Stability and loyalty are dear to him but also he would be set in his ways and stubborn.In an argument no quarter given.                                                                                                                                                  His uranus is particularly interesting in both its sign and the aspects it makes and was one of the principle factors that made ginger tick.Eric and jack are of the uranus in gemini generation which is more adaptable to others' points of view whereas ginger has his in taurus,where conventionality and fixidity are most incompatable with uranus's traits of disruption and change.To frustrate matters further for ginger,his sun and venus in leo,come into direct  confrontation from his uranus-side which can only do things one way,his own.With this challenge to his fun-loving venus,despite its leo warmth,relationships might become superficial or changeable.One would never feel quite at ease with ginger or know what to expect next.No less so for ginger himself ! Similarly his sun,the very essence of his leo-ness,would feel the strain of his uranian force,causing erratic,extreme behaviour and the opposite of his retrograde traits,
impulsive,daredevil tendencies.His drumming,rooted in jazz fusion,had a very wild side to it as well,though a sun/uranus dischordancy can also produce high ideals and professionally,ginger did have these.Ginger was nothing if not enterprising and visionary.His uranus also forms a grand earth trine with mars and neptune,giving him that fearless,inspirational drive and enthusiasm.An almost genius potential with energy in a wide variety of fields.If harnessed to and reconciled with the leo energies--pure dynamite !


So how does ginger's earth/fire personality fit into eric's scheme of things? The area of activity is eric's 10th house where jack has his pluto impact.Ginger has his leo sun there,together with mercury and venus,so its a  personal influence.Ginger has all the credentials to support eric in his vocation and his role in the band.He could have been quite an inspiration to eric within the band and played a nurturing role, helping eric move forward,despite those T-squares.Eric's scorpio moon would have appealed to ginger's scorpio path in life[node] Their sun/jupiter conjunction in aries too would be mutually benefitial in terms of trust and a desire to help and protect each other.Being in  the 6th house,this is a good situation for eric in terms of work and health.Aries cusping suggests eric has a good work ethos and ginger's jupiter here will serve him well.Like jack,ginger has his pluto squaring the clapton moon and his saturn opposing it.These dischordancies would take some of the gloss from the excellent sun/jupiter alliance but then such are the swings and roundabouts of relationships.

So to the explosive relationship between jack and ginger.Several pre-cream factors come into the equation.Their liaison in the seminal Graham Bond Organisation was nothing if not unpredictable.With ginger's drumsticks,on one occasion, flying towards jack's head and the latter's bass[a double one at that] smashing ginger's beloved home-made drum-kit,followed by a rolling brawl onstage,tensions between the two were always high.Having decided to team up with ginger,eric suggested jack as bassist and ginger agreed.Jack had often been considered too experimental by others but ginger since their first meeting in 61 had admired jack's style,even if he did fire him from the GBO for being too "busy"in his bass playing--not to mention the broken drum-kit ! Eric described the Cream onstage as a battlefield at times, and certainly whatever their differences,ginger and jack as a rhythm section were dynamic and awesome.
As the cream developed,the old differences surfaced more and more.Two proud and headstrong personalities with ginger himself admitting to his bad-temper and difficulty to get along with.The domineering lion combined with some taurean bullish-ness energies[uranus comes quickly to mind] and a capricorn mars with its low tolerance of incompetance or fools.Too much earth and fire with little or no air and water to ease situations or find solutions.In the opposite corner,wearing the blue gloves,we have jack bruce,lacking ginger's fire and impulsion but well-served in the elements ginger is without---water and air.Modally,just as contrary,with jack high in the mutable signs and low in the fixed,ginger the reverse.Jack changeable, ginger fixed.Both with some cardinal[leadership] qualities.....seconds out---round one. Each finding the other's ethos the antithesis to his own,with eric,having a good balance of elements and qualities,looking on,having some empathy for both colleagues,as well as some increduality.His aries sun admiring ginger's leo fire,his scorpio moon admiring jack's values and way of doing things.His libran ascendent supportive of both.
A comparison of jack and ginger's cross aspects would reveal much more but too much is uncertain[times of birth not known here] but suffice to say that jack's sun would feel the impact of gingers uranus,initially as a galvanising ,creative force with the trined mars and neptune in harness but ultimately as an explosive,negative influence,given their differences elsewhere.Ginger's venusian leo square with jack's taurean sun is an interesting discordant aspect to end on because here is a case of mutual reception,by way of venus ruling taurus and the sun ruling leo.But with neither planet strongly placed in this mutual reception,the potential for mutual assistance is replaced by a slight disharmony.At best a difference in approaches to life.Which is a fitting place to leave ginger and jack.
Footnote......their eastern animal signs are perfectly compatable,being part of the triangle of mutual harmony,as well as the two most artistic and musical of all signs. So perhaps they might have had better relations had Cream[or the GBO] been based in China ! Check the eastern perspective section and find that there's more to us than our animal sign ...and another surprise is in store--jack has the eastern fire elements, not ginger ! but again you'll find there's more to that than meets the eye and the pattern,east and west,is not contradictory but one and the same under the stars. As footnote number two,its hardly surprising that jack should have kept "bumping" into ginger baker given that jack's north node is a leo one,indicating that his path in life has lessons to learn from the leo way.Ginger is Mr Leo himself !
But of course,ginger himself was learning much from eric's scorpio moon approach to life which his scorpio node asked of him and this continued after the cream with their involvement in the short-lived blind faith.
One way or another,the paths of these three seminal musicians were destined to cross and rock music devotees are eternally grateful.


Eric underwent his first sun progression just months before forming the cream.His trailblazing aries sun suddenly felt the pull of taurus,with a need to find something of consequence and value.He certainly found that in the cream and those taurean energies in jack and ginger.In the case of jack,another indicator of that almost fated-to-meet aspect between them.In ginger,he met someone from the uranus in taurus generation,so different to his own generation.After his exploits in the yardbirds and john mayall,the taurus influence might give his aries something substantial to hold on to.Concolidation but with mercury and venus progressed to aries,the fire remained.The progressed leo moon would provide the self-confidence and found nice harmonies with progressed venus/mercury.His cancer node which isnt affected by progression as such would approve of the taurean influence on his aries,though it would be some years before the node's desire for emotional well-being.
His next sun progression,to gemini,would take place at the end of 1996 which would make his aries sun more adaptable and communicative,traits not particularly found in aries or taurus.It would be interesting to ask eric if such changes have been felt in the last 3 years.

Jack bruce progressed to gemini himself aged seven,so he would have come across as a much lighter,communicative taurus by the time he took up his bass.Gemini's influence would have given him spontaneity and adaptability though it must be remembered our natal sunsign remains with us throughout life. His mars is progressed to aries throughout his career,adding powerful drive to the natal pisces. His cancer venus progressed to leo during his time with cream,giving him a desire to live life to the full and even more creativity.Extravagance and display would be added to his cancerian sensitivities and a more outgoing person would emerge in this respect. In march 1982,his second sun progression to cancer is likely to have started a new chapter in his life where,perhaps, jack becomes more introspective and sensitive to his surroundings,becoming more protective towards the things and people he holds dear.His leo nodal destiny is about developing inner strength and discipline.A cancer sun progression would help him in his task to use such powers to help others.
Ginger baker,for all his natal four planets in leo,underwent a sunsign progression into virgo at the age of four which would have added a certain meticulousness and coolness to the leo sun.A virgo influence on the leo identity can add a critical edge and the need for perfection.Mercury and venus had also progressed into virgo.With neptune there already,mars in capricorn and saturn and uranus in taurus,ginger brought quite an earth personality into Cream to add to the fire he also possessed natally.Earth people can sometimes be a intransient,determined force to contend with.Even in progression,ginger lacked the more flowing elements of air and water. In 1971,his venus progressed to libra which would have given a lighter touch to his leo values and in early 75 his leo sun hit venus too with mercury preceding it the previous year.An altogether more harmonious person,less likely to be involved in confrontation and more balanced in his views.A new tolerance emerging and developing through the 80s and 90s.Next up for ginger in the next few years will be the scorpio progressions where he will feel the water element in all its intensity. But the lion will always remain at heart.