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Chris Roughan     lead vocals                    5/8/50           leo sun       taurus moon
tiger /metal year/monkey month/rabbit hour   ----->    wood/metal/metal/wood
John Arthur          vocals,guitar                27/11/49       saggitarius sun  pisces moon
ox /earth year/rat month/rooster hour               ------>    water/earth/watermetal
Steve Head          vocals,bass                   30/7/52          leo sun        scorpio moon
dragon /water year/monkey month/rat hour    -------->  wood/water/metal/water
Katie                      vocals,keyboards        25/8/58          virgo sun   capricorn moon
dog/earth year/rooster month/pig hour               -------->  metal/earth/metal/water
Sheila                   recorder                         25/3/60          aries sun      pisces moon
rat/metal year/dragon month/monkey hour       ------->   water/metal/wood/metal
Greg Rose         vocals,guitar,keyboards 25/9/67        libra sun      gemini moon
sheep/fire year/dog month/monkey hour           ------->   fire/fire/metal/metal

Two fire-signs are joined by a 3rd as the summer of 1990 draws to a close.A somewhat different scenario to the eastern element picture,though as the situation unfolds,you'll see a similar pattern emerges.The 2 systems work in different ways but to the same ends.Leo by nature tends to look up to saggitarius,as the next fire-sign in its evolution.John was certainly held in high regard by chris and steve.Their ascendents qualified this with john's rising cancer needing to adjust to both suns and steve's rising gemini polarised to john's saggitarius,though the effect here was dynamic in a positive way.Chris's double leo was fine for steve's gemini ascendent.
On the moon level,we find both john[pisces]and steve[scorpio] operating on receptive and intense emotional levels respectively.In scorpio,the moon is not as comfortable as it would like to be. Chris brings a taurus moon with him which is the moon in gentle exhaltation.Neither of the two fire-suns particularly appeal to this moon,his own included.Feelings shared by both scorpio and pisces moons.Sun/moon interactions nothing spiritual or empathetic here but nothing untoward resulting either. The good sun/sun/asc interactions carried the day.
The arrival of Katy changed things dramatically,as she introduced a new sun element , earth in the form of virgo.By progression, all leos must face the challenge of virgo and chris and steve were already well into their virgo progressions.So they were well prepared for Katy and the demands of virgo upon leo.John,too was halfway through his capricorn progression,so he knew of the needs of earth as an element.Katy had spent 29 years as virgo in the purest sense,now in her 3rd year progressed to libra.A whirlwind on the outside[gemini rising] but all the analytical precision of virgo within.Little escaped her attention.Having a capricorn moon too[not its favourite placement !] she therefore added considerable earth to the band.With pluto conjuncting her sun closely in her 4th,here was one real earth mother with a leo cusp to give emphasis.The DPS would never be the same !
Sheila arrived at about the same time making it 4 fire signs out of 5.This time the powerful presence of aries which john's saggitarius,for one,took full note of.[not to mention the narcissus factor involving her rat year]Although never involved musically to the extent the others were,she played her part in proceedings.Her virgo ascendent added to the earth quality in the band and responded to katy's sun.With moon,mercury and venus in pisces here was no ordinary person.Her sun square jupiter being her achilles heel.
So 4 fire signs and an earth mother took DPS into 1991 and the Sheep's music year[where was Greg!]john and sheila lacking air,steve lacking earth,katy water and chris prety much evenly distributed amongst the elements,though his unaspected mars in libra causing him some of the communication problems shared by the band as a whole.Not that they failed to communicate,they got on very well,but more that real heartfelt communication wasn't there as shown later in the year when opportunities to develop the band were not taken because they failed to tell each other how much they wanted to continue.A second album and regular gigs were there for the taking but instead they went their seperate ways musically,though remaining friends.
If we put some planets in houses,the most striking case is katy's 5 planets in chris's 1st and 12th houses.Asteroids pallas and ceres are also there.The mighty sun/pluto conjunction sits in Chris's 1st along with mercury,having a strong influence on his personality and feelings.There was no doubt that he felt her presence and the keyboard parts she added to some of his songs made a lasting impression.Her effect at times was overwhelming and her sun conjuncting his mercury and trining his moon added to this. There was excellent intellectual communication and compatability from the former and deeper,emotional feelings from the second,certainly on the part of taurus moon.Katy being the sun half, took on the yang,active role with chris' reacting to leads.Ideally it would have been better had the sun/moon roles been reversed.Her venus and uranus in his 12th[the house of seclusion and the subconscious]would wold have no less an impact.With a cancer cusp here,he would tend to guard his feelings from the band.Consequently if the music wasn't quite taking the shape he had hoped for,he wouldn't show it.Her uranus,the planet of change, here ,would certainly shake things up and being in leo would be a subjective powerful force to contend with.Her leo venus would certainly have been an attraction hard to resist.At times it might have been hard for him to concentrate on the music ! Especially with his own sun and pluto in there , conjuncting venus/uranus.
If we next look at john's planets in chris's same 2 houses,only pluto is there.So , far less impact but being a retrograde pluto,it would be a more subtle impact from john who would be more conscious than most about how one uses [or mis-uses]power.It would be his sun and mercury in chris's 4th[inner feelings] and his piscean moon in the 7th [supportive and understanding] which would carry more influence.Most of all,his mars / saturn conjunction in the 2nd,and in virgo,would give a business edge to the relationship with chris's saturn conjunction to this ,benefiting from the maturity of both individuals with a sense of responsibility to the band and project resulting.Virgo is a sign of service and conscientiousness and this aspect between them was one of the major strengths of DPS.One can't overlook the squares from john's saggitarius sun to chris's mercury and jupiter,especially with such tight orbs.The former may have led to questions of judgement or unvoiced doubts but agreements were ultimately reached between them with little or no conflict.The potential tension of the sun/jupiter square was alieviated by the fact that john's sun was in saggitarius,the sign ruled by jupiter ! So john's expectations of chris were well met.
Steve,like katy, was hitting chris's 12th/1st house area.With sun and venus there,they would be well tuned in to each other,empathy and intuitive communication likely.Two fellow leos in conjunction,though as within his own chart,chris' taurus moon is in square with a leo sun but a  situation he knows well and would be used to.Pluto is also there to suggest a karmic or subconscious influence and sitting almost on the ascendent,pluto would potentially have a spiritual effect on chris's self-awareness.Certainly they got on well within the band ,though their moon's polarity perhaps countered the potential of pluto's influence on the ascendent.It is here in the 3rd house where scorpio moon is accompanied by saturn and neptune.Chris's libran cusp is ideal for work related to music and the Arts with emphasis placed on co-operation and the avoidance of conflict. Steve provided no obstacles to these wishes with saturn[exalted] and neptune well placed in libra.Steve's moon,in this house,was not as problematic as the moon polarity might suggest with small-talk and lightheartedness prevailing on his part with the trine to jupiter and sextile to mercury further cementing the harmonic ease.
Sheila targeted his 8th house with sun/moon/mercury but with music not really an issue between them and there being no other kind of relationship either,the potential power of this situation never materialised.Had it done so,chris would certainly have felt a dramatic effect because the 8th house is where one searches into some of one's deepest and darkest corners !
Chris himself as the founder member of the band effected the others in the following ways.With john it would have been the "business" side of things with sun and pluto in the 2nd,enabling them to work together,each feeling a sense of obligation to the band.venus in the 1st here showed the shared artistic interests they had[both loved the painter Strudwick, whose "music of a bygone age"not only named the album but graced the cover] their relationship was never less than harmonious.jupiter,whilst squaring john's sun,appears in his 9th which is its natural house and would have given input to john's philosophical world.Music sessions often ended with discussions on a variety of spiritual subjects.Chris's moon in his 11th would have further developed this side with an empathy in emotional matters and a feeling that they had known each other longer than in fact they had.
Chris's sun and venus in Steve's 4th[as well as mercury] would have meant ease between the two of them,as indeed it was,and help create a comfortable working relationship.Sun nicely conjuncting venus there though its square with mars suggests conflict and arguments[of which there werent] so one must assume leo sun overcame the potential problems of steve's scorpio mars and that the positive attraction that cam exist beteen leo and scorpio energies prevailed.Moon and mars in steve's 6th would have made the band and the project in hand remain the focus,with a mutual sense of service being the key.Taurus moon would have been tuned in to the other's needs.
Chris's sun in Katy's 3rd would have helped the exchange of ideas musically,with plenty of mutual interests.Its conjunction with her venus and uranus was ideal for excellent interaction,never a dull moment with each stimulating the other.Intuitive awareness of each other and empathy would be there with his moon in her 12th as well as a karmic connection.Without doubt,Katy added immensely to particular songs of his..she just knew where they were coming from and what was needed to enhance them.The 5th house,with chris's mars,saturn and neptune present is quite a complex picture.Satun there,in a virgo setting,would give a serious edge to the venture,establishing the boundaries to work within whilst mars conjuncting jupiter there,but in libra,would encourage  mutual co-operation and at times enthusiasm and dynamics.In libra , jupiter has a need for partnership enterprizes and Katy certainly gave DPS her all.
John,like chris,was hitting katy's 1st house with a cancer-based uranus.Unlike her own strong,subjective leo uranus which believes in getting things done its own way,uranus in cancer is more sensitive and unpredictable.Their way of doing things/changing things would have had its affect on her, in this her house of identity.John's subtlety of musical arrangements and chris's intuitive,sentimental vocal delivery[moon in sextile to his uranus] would perhaps at times left katy wondering where exactly they were going .
John's mars/saturn conjunction in her 5th would effect Katy's expression of joy and creativity and with this conjunction squaring her saturn in her 6th,irritations and frustrations on both sides would arise with Katy's saturn-side critical of John's virgoan mars/saturn's minute attention to detail in the music.Normally,saturn might approve of such methods but a saggitarius saturn may feel the need to expand more and see the bigger picture.John's conjunction is also squaring her gemini ascendent which is a highly active, inventive and well-read AC and wouldn't appreciate any restraints or  limitations on self-expression through over-attention to detail. john's saturn would see this ascendent as too impulsive and mars might be frustrated by its eccentricity.A difficult presence for her to come to terms with.His neptune is also in her 5th,trine her MC,so he would be sensitive to her aspirations in life.
The other house that John particularly hits is Katy's 6th,work/health/service.His sun is there,together with mercury and chiron forming a stellium.The sun tends to take on an authorative or protecting role in this situation and we see 2 major squares from the sun here.John challenges Katy's virgo sun in a clash of willpower but being in mutable[changeable] signs,matters can be resolved.Saggitarius is the expansive one while virgo confines itself to the finer details.Katy might fuss over john's grand schemes in the DPS project but as we saw above,her gemini ascendent is a contrast to her  virgo sun's approach.John's sun also squares her virgoan pluto[conjunct her sun] which would resist his leadership in the 6th,a house with virgoan characteristics but here cusped by libra.Pluto would try to change the sun's attitude to life with the message "get to the root of problems"rather than navigate round them. It can be taken that honours in the 6th were pretty even.
Finally,Katy's 4th house and very core of her chart,has john's pluto very close to the cusp and therefore a presence to be felt strongly.Her own sun/mercury/pluto stellium dominates this house of foundation and soul awareness,where we develop our emotions and sense of self.She also has pallas,ceres and juno there.Her sun and pluto are in virgo but her mercury is in leo and retrograde.Strong-minded and dogmatic are mercury's traits under the lion's influence.In katy's case,mercury retrograde seems to have been conquered by the confident way in which she speaks her mind ! Sun combined with mercury gives her a strong mind and the ability to absorb information easily while the sun in combination with pluto gives considerable energy and will-power.She would have the desire and possibly power to change much,including herself.Her sun in this 4th indicates home and family means alot to her and mercury suggests she is capable of great study here.Pluto would make her intense where family matters are concerned but also bring a strong attachment to the land as well as home.She would feel very attached to the earth itself and conservation issues.
John's leo pluto here,in what is a leo-cusped house,would have the potential to transform areas of katy's  thinking in relation to her past.It also squares her taurean mars suggesting that his dynamic leo pluto is trying to influence a certain obstinancy in katy or her occasional outbursts to which a taurean mars can be prone. Retrograde pluto is a believer in subtlety and knows from past experiences the lessons of control,including self-control.Without doubt this is the crucial area of Katy's chart and with 3 planets and 3 asteroids there.She would be an instinctive person who despite how others may see her,is a private person with a strong sense of heritage and the past.By understanding how these planets  function,she will develop soul identity and a foundation for life.Its important to note that in her natal chart,the aspects that really matter are all harmonies or conjunctions [with the exception of chiron's square to mars] Such an absence of dischordant aspects [challenges] might mean that Katy would need to find challenges in life to compensate for her lack of them in her chart.It's challenges in our birthchart that often are the making of us spiritually.
Steve particularly focuses on her 4th house with mercury,venus and pluto there.Potentially a long-term friendship and relationship.In fact all 3 male members have their leo plutos in that 4th,suggesting that katy perhaps developed much as a person through her membership of the band.Whatever tensions may have been present,were fundamental to her developing her sense of self and worth.With her 4th having a leo-cusp,self-image would be important.She was truly a most appreciated member of DPS. Steve's mercury and venus would be harmonious influences on her 4th.Mercury conjuncting her sun might bring fresh ideas and venus would feel comfortable.Her own venus is conjunt steve's sun and this sociable link was always evident as were other harmonies between them.Their saturn/moon square in close orb would have been their most trying challenge.His exalted saturn in libra,nicely trining his own sun,natally,would be more tactful and charitable than usual,though being in his 5th house might make it domineering.Her moon is not at its most sensitive or feeling in capricorn[fall] being cautious though sometimes ostentatious.However being an 8th house moon,strong sexuality is likely or perhaps occult tendencies,not at all the usual style of capricorn moon.Steve probably found her difficult to understand emotionally and she might have found him indecisive and not be sure exactly where he was coming from.Any long-term association,as previously referred,to would have found this aspect between them a major obstacle. His own scorpio moon harmonises with her sun and conjuncts her neptune,an ideal situation for the musical project they were part of. Overall mutually compatable members of DPS , as indeed they all were.
Having seen how Chris and Katy were affected by the others in turn,we now look at John in detail, whose home was where it all happened.We've already seen chris's planets in his house,so we'll turn our attention to Steve's planets there.His uranus is not only in johm's 1st house but a very close orb to the ascendent.They would encourage each other to develop and express both creative and spiritual abilities in a cancerian,sensitive way.John as cancer ascendent would be idealistic,sensitive to his emotions,perhaps vulnerable to them and fond of domestic comforts.He could be easily influenced by those he trusts and would find this close presence of uranus stimulating,though perhaps rather unpredictable,especially so in the emotional sign of cancer.It is particularly aware of john's neptune in the 4th which it squares over the practicalities and realities of life.
Most of Steve's planets are in his first 5 houses which are subjective and involve personal development,so his impact on john may be as a friend and musical colleague,giving john feedback and support that he needs as an individual.Many of john's planets themselves are in this lower half of his chart with his mars/saturn conjunction in the important 4th.This potent aspect may involve suffering on john's part in his quest to understand his sense of self.His neptune there gives him high ideals in life but not as regards tidiness about the house! Its square with his cancer ascendent might cause withdrawal into a fantasy world as well as feeling strange psychic influences.However,with john's commitment to conservation and animal rights,it seems he does come out of the clouds and confront the real world.If the challenge is to be more down to earth,then john has met the challenge well whilst reserving his seat in the clouds when the world gets too confusing.Neptune's square with his descendent could affect relationships with others which would have a neptunian,mystical tone to them.With a virgo cusp to this 4th, John should be a perfectionist,very particular about things within his home and himself and intellectuality always at hand. Steve's unusually charitable and partnership-seeking saturn could provide valuable support and advice to john in his 4th house quest for sense of self and heritage.It also makes a sextile harmony with john's 6th house mercury.His own libran neptune sits with john's,joining in the debate with his ascendent but from further away and unlikely to exassperate the situation further.
John's libra-cusped 5th house of creativity and joy finds  Steve's moon and mars as guests there.Welcome guests as they both form harmonious aspects from here to other houses,mars being particularly convivial to john's midheaven and ascendent. In trine,mars and ascendent respond well to each other's needs and john and steve certainly worked well together in several bands.Being water signs,sensitivity and creativity would flourish.Through the mars trine to midheaven,Steve might bring out the self-expression in john.As a 6th house mars,natally,Steve will bring a strong worth ethic with him. In John's 5th house,mars,in scorpio[which it co-rules]will be lively expressing its emotions strongly.Steve's moon is also in scorpio and again the work ethic will be strong combined with the creative urge that the 5th brings. For all its reknowned susceptibility to intense emotional impulses,this scorpio moon is trining john's own moon and uranus,forming a beautiful grand trine to john's 1st house of identity and 9th of higher learning.This rosy picture continues in john's 2nd house[values],where Steve's jovial leo sun trines john's  sun in the way that leo often looks up to saggitarius.Just for good measure,it harmonizes nicely with john's mercury. Both powerful aspects and adding to john's sense of self-worth.Finally Steve's pluto and mercury in john's 3rd house will augur well for exchange of ideas and communication in general.
In his first 3 houses,john only has one planet,pluto,therefore Steve's big presence of 5 plus lilith,the mysterious dark moon,would have a tremendous impact on John's self-development which,lacking natal planetery input,needs such contact with friends and colleagues such as Steve. John,in his chart,tends to focus on the world of others rather than self[the 4th house tends to transcend both in astrology] His houses 10,11,12,1,2 and 3 have only pluto and uranus,so others focusing on him is as important as his reaching towards others.Chris too focuses on John's "self" quadrant as does Katy.Therefore through his involvement with the band,John like Katy gained much in his personal development and no doubt his musical development too. One thing is for sure,they both had one helluva good time.
Chris too had this self-area of his chart,predominantly activated ,by katy and steve,though from John the influence was evenly spread throughout the whole chart.Steve was the exception in the band,finding the social engagement and gregarious factors of his chart activated primarily. For Sheila,the "listening" and therefore most objective member of DPS , it was again a case of personal,self development during the lifespan of the band, except in the case of John[who was also her live-in partner]where his venus in her 5th and moon in her 7th showed that other factors came into play for them[naturally] mars in her 1st was probably touching other buttons than just our self factor,though the presence of his saturn there too,closely blending with mars, is a pressure she might have preffered not to have.
So on to DPS 2 and the entry of Greg Rose,as John,Steve and Katy went on to new musical horizons.Chris and Greg were already friends from various acoustic and folk clubs as well as being cricketing colleagues in The New Martians CC and avid football fans.Not that sport played any part in their music.DPS took on a softer,less varied but more holistic approach,ultimately,one suspects disappointing the admirers of "Music Of A Bygone Age" but satisfying Greg and Chris nevertheless and for one,Rockerilla magazine in Italy.
Greg was seemingly the archetypal air person with sun and mercury in libra and moon in gemini.A more courteous,refined,balanced individual you wouldnt find,able to adapt himself to different situations and people.His libran need to work in partnership with others was much in evidence and whether in the studio,on the cricket field or at work,here was a guy anybody could get on with.Speaking personally,it has been one of the priviliges in my life to have known him.His indecision at times was less his sun in libra than his mercury there and his gemini moon.For all his outward calm,this moon would have made him feel restless and feel the urge to change.Nervous tension and the need to get out and about are integral to this moon and Greg as a keen ornithologist and walker did just that.I think he did accept the duality of this placement and he did have more than one project going much of the time.Indeedwhile he was working with Chris on DPS2,he was recording his own solo album. His capricorn ascendent would have endowed him with the hard-working,disciplined patience required in his vocation.His attitude to friendship would be commital,better to have a circle of real friends than a string of casual aquaintances.To some,a capricorn ascendent person might seem inhibited and reserved but once you get to know them,you can trust and believe in them.
The other side of Greg was the fire element burning strongly in him[see also his eastern element chart] sheep year is a fire-sign even though it corresponds to the western water sign of cancer and 1967 is a fire year.The sense of adventure and passion are synonymous with fire-sheep whilst retaining a certain gentility. In his western chart here, he has venus,mars,jupiter and saturn all in fire signs and with his instinctive libran desire for balance,he ensures they cover all 3 incarnations of fire! It was that fire predominance that helped cement his collaboration with chris on DPS2,chris being himself,leo sun and rising together with pluto in leo.Mutual empathy as well as the fact that air as an element keeps the fire burning."Saint Cecilia" was in very good hands :o) With only saturn in retrograde, Greg was a person going forward in life in a positive manner.
If ever someone was disproving the theory that we are stuck with our basic natures or born under a bad sign,Greg was here,with saturn retro.Its issues of power abuse,rebellion,impatience do not seem to have figured in Greg's agenda.Conservative planning and respect for others were more his way of dealing with this potential minefield.Saturn is debilitated in aries which is altogether too impulsive and fiery for this most conservative of planets.This explains one of Greg's major chart challenges,the square to his capricorn ascendent With saturn ruling capricorn ascendent and therefore his overall chart,this is a strange situation, whereby saturn appears to be challenging itself! Its position,in the 3rd house,sheds some light.Mental processes and communication is what we find in gemini's natural house but here with an aries cusp,which keeps the mind forever on the move.Saturn here can block the mental flow and cause one to feel inadequate and depressed. Aries wants to take the initiative but saturn demands discipline and logic,delaying tendencies checking the impulse to act quickly with psychological problems a possibility.But it is this aries aspect of saturn ,as well as the nature of the 3rd house rather than saturn itself which is in conflict with capricorn ascendent and so causing potentially,a lack of self-confidence.One might say that his ascendent represents the true saturn,while his aries/retrograde saturn is the renegade.In Greg's case,the conflict with authority which is part of saturn in retrograde,was rather a conflict with himself,unlike,for instance Jim Morrison's saturn retro.This conflict is noticeable in Greg's own songs rather than his arrangements in "Saint Cecilia" which have the harmony and flow that exists elsewhere in his psyche.
If we stay with the theme of conflict before examining Greg's true expression of fire , we find his pluto challenging his gemini moon.A virgoan pluto[exalted] has the wherewithall to be self-critical and root out problems.From the 8th house in which it feels at home as ruler of scorpio, it is challenging gemini moon in the 5th house of creativity and expression.With virgo also cusping the 8th,pluto speaks from a position of strength and authority and challenges gemini's duality of expression. Both pluto and moon are in signs of mental processes.The natural ruler of both signs, Mercury, is not involved in the dispute.Greg may suffer emotionaly as a consequence but this is one of the less harmful moon/pluto squares with rational thinking perhaps winning the day.
Returning to his fire elements,his venus in leo would give him the love he has for the Arts,particularly music, with his saggitarian mars giving him the energy to pursue them and the drive to take on new projects.Enthusiasm and adventure abide with venus and mars in these signs.Jupiter in leo adds to the creativity and expansion in this area and the conjunction with venus adds to his artistic talent  as well as charm.It would make him an excellent host which he certainly is.This is Greg at his "fiery" best ,counterbalancing some of the aforementioned tensions.In fact his mars has empathy with his fellow fire-sign saturn and their trine would give Greg strength to overcome those tensions,persisting with his objectives.See also the eastern perspective section for how fire reacts with metal....metal in this context representing the Saturn/Capricorn influence.
Finally,to the heart of Greg,natally,and perhaps we should have started with this.His sun conjucts his Juno in libra so close that they are almost as one.This is a major,if not THE major,aspect in his chart.Juno rules libra and is more commited to partnerships than any other planetery body.Absolute commitment to relationships on a long-term basis is juno's vocation,never more so than in libra, where individual power is sacrificed for the benefit of the relationship.Its strength ,through rulership here,will add weight to the sun here[which technically is in fall] and it will benefit from the close proximity of the giver of life.Together a powerful force is released ,instilling in Greg a lifelong commitment to his friends and partners.
However it is the House in which we find  the Sun and Juno which becomes the focal point of Greg's chart,the mysterious 8th house,synonymous with scorpio and associated with subjects  such as death,sex,the occult,big business,inheritance and more.However,in Greg's case,I believe the key lies once again in relationships with others.If one sees the 8th as the middle house of the 3rd quadrant of houses,that which deals with social engagement.The 7th house is where we meet the significant others in our lives but it is the 8th where we examine ourselves in relation to them and vice-versa,taking relationships a stage further.Greg expresses his venus[what we're looking for] and his jupiter[how we expand] in his 7th house but in the 8th,he has not only the sun and juno but the outer planets uranus[change/future ] and pluto[transformation] plus the asteroid ceres which is how we care for others and ourselves.Just for good measure his part of fortune is there too! Even mercury is knocking on the door in the 9th,hardly surprising as the sign it rules,virgo, is cusping the 8th and consequently taking some of the usual intensity out of it,replacing it with a more methodical,mental approach.To fully understand the nature of this house, it helps to realise that it is a water house and that scorpio is a water sign.Water as an element is caring,sensitive with a rich emotional life that it would like to share with others,This is the true setting of the 8th which is an integral part of Greg's life,though the virgo influence would bring intellectual matters to the fore and of course libra is playing its part here too.His fire signs are not directly involved,having ,as seen already,a different function for him,almost playing supporting roles but nonetheless important parts.
With his sun in the 8th ,Greg would be sensitive to other people's values and needs, as well as his own.Collaboration and the sharing of resources would be important to him and projects such as DPS2 would be one of the ways to express this desire to connect with others. Pluto in the 8th is concerned with issues relating to the meaning of life itself and transformation of self and others would be another challenge for Greg here,intellectually in his case with virgo the sign involved.Penetration and analysis would be strong here. With Uranus here,freedom and independent expression would be important to Greg who would have humanitarian ideals. Relatonships might be unpredictable or erratic with unexpected or sudden twists and turns in them.Uranus conjuncts Part of Fortune here which could mean sudden success in his music or a material gain.Traditionally part of fortune has been associated with good luck coming from those you contact.Juno,as we know,is for absolute commitment to those we care for and the nature of the 8th would suit her deeper sense of relating,taking intimacy a stage further from 7th heaven with venus   [where incidentally Greg's venus is] to 8th nirvana with Juno. Ceres here is in virgo and taking care of yourself and others in both the nurturing and physical sense is ceres main concern in life.His nurturing energy would be strong in his relationships with others.Greg certainly does pay attention to the little details in this respect [is an excellent cook too] issues of loss and seperation come with ceres and Greg believes strongly in keeping in touch with his friends.Ceres' square to the moon [ itself nurturing and emotive ] suggests ceres may be questioning moon's activities in the 5th as regards relationships and whether or not any emotional attachments are in its best interests.Moon in the 5th is very creative but also impressionable.This square may be more an 8th house versus 5th house issue with moon the more emotional and ceres the more cautious. Finally,chiron's opposition to the sun from the 2nd.In pisces chiron is trying to connect with the oneness of life.It subconsciously senses things which become elusive when it seeks to find them or become frustrated by not understanding how the universe is operating.Chiron wants to help,to teach,to heal others and vice-versa but things can become implosive in pisces.In the 2nd house,values may be material or involve security but with a pisces influence,such taurean values would be challenged and shaken up.Self-worth,particularly is an issue.The house opposite,the 8th is speaking of the spiritual and the less tangible with the sun telling chiron how it is.Transcendence is to do with the 8th house but also something pisces seeks. This opposition can bring about a fear of emotional isolation with the resulting need to connect to others for emotional comfort and security.Retrograde chiron is retrospective and introverted and the tension in this opposition with the sun is a major one which once again centres on the recurring theme in Greg's chart...connecting with others.
Chris fitted into the scheme of things rather well with his planets focusing on this social engagement area of Greg's life.No less than 10 planets/asteroids of Chris'  are in this chart region! DPS2 was indeed a special project for them both.But if we reverse the procedure and put greg's ring of planets in chris' houses,we find it is Chris's 1st 4 houses which are affected,those of personal development.The notable exception being that piscean chiron of Greg's in [where else] Chris's 8th! Though no aspects are made by chiron,clearly the interest it showed natally in greg's 8th is reflected here in chris's 8th,which of course is piscean cusped.In this relationship opportunity to realise that inner need,earlier referred to.Perhaps in songs such as "Praphai" and "Child".
Back to Greg's chart and the area of social engagement.Chris's sun is harmoniously positioned in greg's 7th with positive aspects which brings brings co-operation and strong friendship.brings co-operation and strong friendship. Venus is also here showing they share similar interests and have a harmonious interation,auguring well for DPS2. Its trine to Greg's midheaven is especially nice.Pluto is here too making a strong sextile to greg's gemini moon.Its a harmonious aspect to have particularly when collaborating in such a project as here.Pluto also squares the midheaven,as does chris's ascendent,which is in keeping with pluto's role in astrology as the great transformer and dispenser. Greg's scorpio midheaven would make him determined in his objectives in life and pluto as ruler of scorpio would
have the MH's best interests at heart,so the challenge would likely be a positive interaction.
If the 7th seems active,then the 8th is equally pivotal in their friendship, where Chris has saturn,mercury,juno and neptune.Through his association with chris,Greg is developing the objectives of his own chart involving this relationship quadrant because chris too is focusing on this part of greg's chart. Saturn is particularly significant because

The Dead Parrots Society


Chris Roughan     lead vocals                    5/8/50           leo sun       taurus moon
tiger /metal year/monkey month/rabbit hour   ----->    wood/metal/metal/wood
John Arthur          vocals,guitar                27/11/49       saggitarius sun  pisces moon
ox /earth year/rat month/rooster hour               ------>    water/earth/water/metal
Steve Head          vocals,bass                   30/7/52          leo sun        scorpio moon
dragon /water year/monkey month/rat hour    -------->  wood/water/metal/water
Katie                      vocals,keyboards        25/8/58          virgo sun   capricorn moon
dog/earth year/rooster month/pig hour               -------->  metal/earth/metal/water
Sheila                   recorder                         25/3/60          aries sun      pisces moon
rat/metal year/dragon month/monkey hour       ------->   water/metal/wood/metal
Greg Rose         vocals,guitar,keyboards 25/9/67        libra sun      gemini moon
sheep/fire year/dog month/monkey hour           ------->   fire/fire/metal/metal

A mysterious band whose inclusion here is open to much doubt and conjecture.The original line-up was chris,john,steve and katy.Early in 1990,chris and john began their collaboration on a series of songs,punctuated by chris' 3 trips to Thailand that year.With chris operating the pink floydian metal wood cycle,grand schemes were always being held in check by metal's alternative point of view.John had earth giving life to metal and metal giving direction to water on one level but earth controlling water on another. Between them,they lacked only fire,the great adventurer and leader.This would always be the case with the band, with eventually 3 figureheads,each having a major role to play.Fire would always be the missing element for the Dead Parrots.Enthusiasm never lacking but impatience and impulsion was never a factor with this band.A band lacking Fire is one prepared to wait.The Dead Parrots never rushed into things.John would never have allowed that.The precision of metal was an in-built part of the band.

John was very much true to his main elements of earth and water.The diplomat and the intellectual.No crazy,fire-like schemes for him but plenty of intuition and subtlety.Timing was everything to him.When chris felt the expansive urge of jupiter within,john stayed true to his principles and the objectives that his strong earth element demanded.Chris' own metal influence saw to it that wood wasn't allowed to get things out of any
proportion.On that they agreed.The fullness of Time would see the project take shape. Despite only having metal in common[order and precision was important to both as well as independence] they shared a working relationship[and friendship]which at no time caused any tension or disagreement.John's earth stood up to the wear and tear of Chris's wood admirably,aided by his own metal element but more particularly by his double measure of water which nurtured Chris's woody aspirations.There was no doubt that the latter grew as a person and musician under the influence of john's sympathetic, intuitive guidance.In return john's  strong water personality found direction and outlet in this collaboration with  a metal-type.Chris was something of a Dr Jeckyl and Mr Hyde, veering between his  lofty wood inspirations and the self-restricting nature of metal.

Enter Steve Head,singer-songwriter but for the purposes of the Dead Parrot Society,the bass player.Adding 2 parts water and 2 parts metal to the brew.Sympathetic to john's water qualities and at one with the metal present.A little foreign to earth's objectiveness and strong sense of responsibilty to the cause[not that he or chris were irresponsible] more that john steered the good ship DPS on its steady course to eventual cult status. Like john his water qualities had a beneficial effect on chris,not that the latter lacked  an intellectual base of his own.In short,steve added to what was already present in the band,tilting it in favour of water but not destabilising it or bringing anything different. The new line-up continued thru the autumn and into december,when the 4th and final piece of the jigsaw was added.

Enter Katy , initially to provide female vocals but ultimately the real missing ingredient  .....keyboards ! She brought with her the obligatory metal[two parts in fact] plus her own intellectuality with her watery midnight hour.The other element was perhaps the key to the band's john had a main rival in the steering of the ship.Still no fire but rather , leadership through the steady,responsible,focused objectives that earth sets. No impulsive,risk-taking generals in this band.Indecisive at times but more due to shared leadership than lack of direction.Katy established her place at the helm with the keyboards now playing a pivotal role.One might even say that, in a sense, fire WAS added with this component,musically speaking certainly.

Sheila was not part of the band as such but played a kind of guru role[as well as recorder on certain tracks] and her inclusion here is just about right.She is also the only other member to have the wood element,thus keeping chris company.Fire alluded her too but there was always that keyboard which was probably made in a fire-year.
So,the Dead Parrots Society from their earliest roots, with chris and john,stuck to the same principles in their music,each additional member consolidating what was already in the band with no "fire" distractions to divert them from their goals.The 1991 album " Music Of A Bygone Age" being the final testament...going on to reach the $100 price tag and still rising.

On the animal front,there were cats everywhere! Real ones that is. Initially, Tiger met Ox[not always a good match] but in this case harmony was fine.All the more surprising given Ox had a rooster hour in polarity to Tiger's rabbit hour but rabbit's wood had no problem's with rooster's cutting edge.They were joined by Dragon in the autumn,not in the affinity triangle of either but no serious problems in theory or as it happened in fact. Katy's dog joined the fray 3 months later,wearing the badge of friend or foe but again no difficulties here either.Dog is part of Tiger's triangle of affinity,having a similar sense of fairplay and justice[perhaps why tiger invited her] furthermore pig ascendent is part of rabbit ascendent's triangle of affinity.So an excellent collaboration as shown in their accepella duet "Mistley Bay".Love-hate can be the story of Dog with Dragon but no such problems in DPS.Sheila's rat excellent for steve's dragon and fine with ox.No problems with ox or dog happy band on the animal front.
Narcissus-wise sees sheila's rat and john's saggitarius hitting the chords.Also sheila's aries finds a prince in steve's dragon.Her role therefore becomes more apparent when considering this factor,achieving a double narcissus.

And so to Greg Rose,yet another Walthamstow man.On the demise of the Dead Parrots Society,he stepped in to ressurect it with chris in 1994.Enter DPS first experience of the fire element and not just one but two helpings of it. From the start,Greg knew what he wanted.His metallic sense of precision and purpose ensured that the music would have order and structure but at the same time his even stronger fire element added a sense of adventure and colour allied to an almost subtle dramatic touch in places.Decisive leadership was pronounced with chris very much following this initiative,whilst retaining his own independence within the music.Though fire can be impulsive by nature,it also has an innate ability to listen and assess the options.Where metal might be inflexible or focused on the one goal,fire would be able to change direction if necessary,adding layers to a piece of music,developing its potential[as Greg often did]
Metal would keep fire on task,mindful of the overall aims.Focus with inspiration.

Unlike john and chris who had 4 elements within their collaberation,here we just see three,with chris's wood interacting with greg's fire/metal , forming the controlling cycle of fire----> metal ------> wood.This worked particularly well because metal[which they each had strongly] was the common denominator.Chris appreciated fire intercepting his metal/wood conflict and similarly,Greg benefited from wood breaking his fire/metal conflict.As a result,wood was able to express itself better,knowing fire was at hand to counter metal's intrusions and restrictions.In Greg's presence,Jupiter truly smiled. Fire itself benefited from wood's nurturing input upon it,which formed the other cycle in operation,the generating cycle.The objectives in a sense were clearer in DPS mark 2,with only 3 elements interacting.The absence of water and earth probably meant a more forthright,open band relationship where diplomacy and communication were less needed.What had to be said was said and the music,whilst lacking the variety of the first album,was a more straightfoward expression of the band.Certainly it was easier to classify in terms of genre[of course this would be more likely with two as opposed to four people involved] and more consistent.Those who loved the first album's eccentricities and range of music , may have found "Saint Cecilia" less interesting and pioneering but what emerged was a more balanced,focused work which stands alongside the first one in achievement.To fully appreciate how the new element of fire underpins the album is to know or have that element within yourself.

Animal-wise,Tiger is working with Sheep here,not the best of combinations but the understanding,gentle nature of sheep is rarely if ever troubled by this particular tiger.Rabbit ascendent and other factors combine to make this a less temperamental tiger than some.With sheep having the monkey hour,it is more than capable of looking after itself and enjoy tiger's sense of fun and vitality . Interestingly,sheep and rabbit are the most musical of all the year branches with monkey and tiger forces of action. 4 signs ideally suited to the tasks involved.

As with dead parrots society mark 1,the new dead parrots worked well as a unit and no turbulence undermined the working relationships or indeed the friendships.Were a 3rd parrots to emerge,perhaps the 5 elements picture would be complete with greg's fire added to john's water and earth with chris contributing the wood.The common denominator still being metal.Time will tell.