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The Narcissus Factor
Welcome to the lake of Narcissus but be careful as you look into the pool, for what you see may not be the one of your dreams but a reflection of yourself.The elusive soulmate you seek may lie deep inside of you and not in the world around you. Heed well the lesson and tragedy of Echo and be careful not to break a dear one's heart,for once broken it seldom mends.By the time you have pondered these thoughts and the table below,the pool of Narcissus should be there for you to gaze into.Remember nothing is what it seems here and life is indeed a dream.

Aries             = Dragon
Taurus          = Snake / Serpent
Gemini          =  Horse
Cancer          = Sheep / Goat
Leo                = Monkey
Virgo             = Rooster / Chicken / Cockerel
Libra              = Dog
Scorpio         = Pig
Saggitarius  = Rat / Mouse
Capricorn     = Ox /Buffalo
Aquarius       = Tiger
Pisces            = Rabbit /Hare / Cat
  We each have 2 corresponding signs unless it so happens that we are both Taurus AND which case we are very Taurus and very Snake! What I am finding is that one or both of our corresponding signs seems to act as a kind of magnet or "fate-ful" attraction.It really does appear that as  i.e leo looks into the mirror or pool,it falls in love with a reflection of itself,which here would be monkey.
Just as Narcissus did in Greek Mythology.After,the initial attration,I find people then go their seperate ways ,often having learned a lesson on the way.
Of course for some it works but whatever the consequences,this attraction seems to happen. After 6 years research,I am convinced that leos really do seek out monkeys and vice-versa.Tigers do keep running into Aquarius and Pisces is drawn towards the disappearing rabbit,it's fellow escapologist. This correspondence is known to chinese astrologers but,as far as I know,the narcissus consequences are not.
A possible explanation of how it can fail might be as in my own case. I am forever falling for the charms of the monkey woman ( just for example,  one,6 years my senior,one 6 years my junior,one 18 years my junior) now thats quite a spread ! Each was a different zodiac month too. I've put the attraction down to my leo-side but the ultimate rejection by them may be a case of monkey pulling my tiger's tail. Monkey being polarity to tiger.On each occasion,the relationships lasted but a few months.