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Kurt  and  Courtney
We know kurt's time of birth but not courtney's,so only that which is definite can be looked at here.It still leaves us with alot to go on.What we are missing from courtney's western chart , her houses and aspects concerning the moon, ascendent etc we can compensate to some extent by applying eastern astrological factors. We'll start with an eastern view of her birth data and remind ourselves of kurt's.

Courtney Love   9/7/64
wood year/dragon year/sheep month              ELEMENTS    wood / wood / fire

Kurt Cobain       20/2/67
fire year / sheep year / rabbit month                 ELEMENTS    fire / fire /wood/metal

First observation is that this year , 2000 , is courtney's animal return year.
I call it a year of destiny, in which we often start new things and certainly undergo significant changes within ourselves.She is a wood dragon, the most creative of all dragons and with dragon's natural element also being wood , she can be regarded as being "double wood personifying the dragon its purest form. Courtney does come across as larger than life and this is very much the wood dragon. The last sign in an element is given to the earth element too , or instead of ,according to which chinese tradition one follows.
Consequently , the dragon can be seen as primarily wood but with earth as a secondary element.It is also a yang sign,meaning an active,spontaneous energy.The year 1964 is yang too,so courtney is certainly a doer rather than a receiver.
Dragons are powerful energies. The basic qualities of wood are expansion ,exploration and ambition. Things are done on a grand scale. A wood dragon would be all that and more.No limits to how far they would reach with this double helping of wood and double yang too.
Courtney on stage certainly , to my eyes , encapsulates the true wood dragon and with a smaller helping of fire [ adventure,excitement ] to add to the mixture. I would suspect her hour to be water , which would complete the picture. The year however remains the highest ranking factor with the animal's element second in consideration.
Returning to the year 2000,for a moment, courtney's year element being wood may find the "metal" of this year works in different ways.It could help focus her ambitions and act as a catalyst for her.It could also limit her achievements and prevent the progress she would like. The second possibility arises from the controlling cycle whereby metal cuts wood... down to size you could say.Metal as an element is very determined and rigid in its resolution.It being a yang year too would make metal even more active and pronounced.An earth year is usually more conducive to a wood person because wood controls earth. 2000 may be out of courtney's control and there may be some difficult moments for her.Powerful as dragon is,and courtney is the archetypal lady dragon in all its spectacular glory, metal is the one element which can tame the mighty dragon.With 2001 also carrying metal,this would be a period for courtney to consolidate and be cautious rather than being over-ambitious.Any successes  from 1998-99 may well be thwarted for a year or so.
In respect of kurt, courtney's wood reacts to his fire by feeding it,nourishing it.One would expect her to have been an encouragement to kurt and particularly an inspiration to him.Clearly he fell in love with her [wood might seem irresistable to fire] but whether this initial attraction continued would depend on other factors.Wood's driving ambition , and courtney was double wood,can also be too much for fire to cope with.An excess of wood might put out the fire just as water can do.If fire begins to wane,yet wood keeps coming forward,the light might go out.We know how ambitious courtney was and we also know that kurt no longer had the heart he once had for his vocation in that period post "Nevermind".There was speculation that he was ready to change direction in life--as fire likes to do--and spending more time with his daughter particularly may have been on his agenda round about the time of his death Wood was the element for that period and the urge to develop new areas in his life or just to escape the rat-race of the pop-world may have been feeding his fire.Tragically he never got to experience the change in lifestyle that the wood period should have brought.
1992-3 was incidentally a period governed by the water element which can have a detrimental effect upon fire! It doesnt have to beacause water can be advantageous to fire by cooling it and bringing out its best qualities.Marriage to courtney, a  beautiful daughter,frances and pop stardom/artistic success all arrived in this period.But despite his adoration of frances,the trappings of pop stardom brought frustrations to kurt who was ,at heart, a very humble person.The tempestuous hot and cold relationship with courtney too would have taken its toll on one as sensitive as kurt.As a double fire,kurt might have faced life passionately,It hates to be bored and lives on impulsion and instincts.Extremes of feeling,living life on the edge.The self-destruct button  never far away.Very intuitive and courageous and full of initiative.If things go wrong, the despair can be pronounced.But we mustn't forget that kurt was fire-sheep,not fire-horse or snake and yin not yang.This water period,with emotions and intellect running high would have been hard for the gentle sheep.
The sheep, like dragon is the last of its element so therefore has attributes of earth too which would make it somewhat more protective and less adventurous than the pure fire signs of snake or horse.
Also sheep is considered to be the most feminine of all signs.The very embodiment of  the Yang,of mother earth.It's biggest tendency is to worry and kurt knew that trait well.The sheep expresses its fire in a subtle,enduring way.Its yin-ness uses passivity rather than assertion to achieve its goals.1967 was a yin year which would give it an overall reflective quality.Fire sheep uses its fire in a more spiritual way as sheep must.
Courtney,herself would have welcomed the initial response of kurt to her igniting his fire and felt he would go from strength to strength with her support.However,just as we saw earlier that too much wood can harm fire,so can fire harm wood by charring it.Her hopes and ambitions as well as love may have floundered due to fire's changeable nature.One moment she may have felt in control as kurt responded to woods replenishing effect upon him,the next minute control was lost as fire went its own,independent way.During a water period  92-93,fire may burn less brightly but for wood this should be the reverse,as water helps wood to grow. Courtney may have felt frustrated with kurt as she felt the capacity to blossom whilst her husband was,in one sense,suffering a reverse of fortune.Outwardly successful,inwardly tortured.A very mixed emotional time for them both,heightened by being such a high profile couple.The public eye was on them and the space they needed to express themselves, denied.

Looking at courtney's dragon compared with kurt's sheep, it is wood and fire again.However dragon is a yang sign and is usually considered to be overpowering for sheep's more placid temperament and Yin characteristics.It's interesting to note that in the compatability triangles yang signs go together and yin signs go together.One might expect a yin to compliment a yang but it seems that its within us we need the balance rather than by relationships.So dragons enjoy monkeys company more than sheep's which would make dave grohl appealing to courtney in particular .But her year element,wood might have been a little suffocating for dave's earth.Kurt's fire year would find her wood much more conducive.Little frances however also monkey, had the water element ideal for courtney's wood.Such a daughter was everything courtney needed to really express herself positively.She would have felt uplifted when in frances' company.A child truly loved by mother and father.
So pretty much ups and downs between courtney and kurt on the year and animal level. If we take it to the month level,courtney's is fire , so she knows the fire/wood cycle well.Kurt's is wood,so he too is acquainted with this process. All very symmetrical between them.We dont know courtney's hour element but kurt's is metal which would act as a focus for her wood but occasionally would have the effect of restricting her,injuring her capacity for growth.It must be remembered however that the year and animal element outweighs the hour.Quite a series of possibilities in their relationship.

The narcissus factor zooms into the equation too.Here courtney's western sign of cancer and kurt's sheep are drawn together in a way that i can only describe as "fate".I have studied this phenomena often enough in practice to know the immensity of this interaction.Suffice to say that although narcissus brings us to gether for mutual growth,it can also destroy us and the relationship,depending on other factors.How often have i heard a sheep say "oh yes,my ex-husband was cancer".You can apply this equally to each combination of signs.Chinese astrologers know that sheep "governs" cancer month but they dont know how it then applies in marriages and unions.In chinese element terms,courtney's cancer is fire and kurt's year is also fire.In that is partly is the narcissus factor at work.Another way to view this narcissus is to see it as kurt's sheep year and courtney's sheep month.
So ,kurt and courtney are a meeting of wood and fire.Courtney representing the purposeful confident explorer with a generous,outgoing nature,capable of inspiring those around her.But also the dragon which can magnify these attributes and put them out of proportion. Kurt is the intuitive but impulsive motivator ,also with inspirational,leadership qualities but inclined towards  impatience and sudden changes of direction.But at heart the gentle sheep. Bear in mind that each has a small partof the other's main element and you have some cocktail here.The words passion and extreme come to mind.One wonders what kurt's gentle yin sheep in his heart made of it all or courtney's own sheep by way of her month.The missing element of water , which in chinese, incorporates aspects of air and water, eventually comes into their relationship with the birth of frances in 1992.Her impact would have been considerable , astrologically, because mum's wood would be nurtured ,whilst dad's fire would have been eased and soothed.Frances became the missing link in their relationship but we'll never know how it would have developed in the future.


Among the many striking features of kurt's chart are the first 7 planets all in water signs. For more on that anomalie with his chinese elements and kurt's chart in detail,see Nirvana section.But for purposes here we will concentrate on his relationship with courtney and the synastry involved.Courtney herself starts with her limunaries both in water signs too.It is her sun in cancer which forms one of her soulmate ties with kurt,though astrologically it is better if the man has the sun in cancer in such a situation,rather than in kurt's case,the moon. Courtney of course has both in cancer. courtney i would expect to be the more dominating partner..her sun to kurt's moon.His emotional needs would be cancerian, to cherish and to protect but also to draw psychologically from courtney,who would have same needs.Empathy for others strong too though kurt's pisces sun might show this even more so than courtneys.I have rarely seen such a pronounced expression of the pisces sun/cancer moon as kurt shows.He really had that almost 6th sense.Courtneys double cancer works slightly
differently .Equally sensitive but self-protective almost to the point of others feeling she is unapproachable or someone to tread carefully with.There is a sense of injury about sun and moon both being in cancer.Once that protective shell is opened, great depths of warmth and love.I suspect kurt,such a caring man,was one of the few people to see courtney's other side the one she kept hidden from the public [but not from the stars!!]The public were presented with the dragon side of courtney but kurt knew the tender side too.It was this courtney he fell in love with [as indeed did I]
But there is another side to courtney that kurt knew too.One that only those who study astrology could understand.At about the time of courtney's 13th birthday in july 1977, a dramatic change came about her.To enter teenhood AND to have your cancer sun progress into leo is a shattering experience.From the inner sanctum of cancer,the rockpools and of course the shell itself,suddenly the blinding light of leo hits you.You are in the full blaze of the sun and with it the world.Courtney reacted in several ways but the one that seems to have carried her forward is the leo-ine phrase "I will ".From the "I feel" of cancer,here was a girl ready to take on society,aided by the powerful force of the mighty wood dragon.Of course all cancerians must serve their 30 year leo apprenticeship but to start this at such a crucial age as 13 is impact of the greatest degree.
And there was no stopping this urge,this will of courtney's.Cancer sometimes feels the world is ignoring her.With the strength of leo now she could announce herself to the world! Here i am [echoing the sentiments of nirvana's anthem sing] entertain me.With saturn retrograde, confict with authority more than likely,pisces adding hyper-sensitivity to the equation.The vision which swept into kurt's life[and others] was a leo-driven,magnetic force which incidentally pisces is quite attracted too because its so different and vice-versa.In his case,he would soon have felt the cancerian essence beneath the surface which would have had a destiny effect upon him.He also would have seen through her defences,to the insecure part of her and felt the desire to protect and nurture her.Something i feel many nirvana fans have never understood.There would have been a tender,beautiful reaching out between them at first.I would also add that courtney's natal cancer moon had returned to cancer during this period with venus and mars also progressed into cancer.Natally they are not cancer.So courtney when she met kurt would have felt a return to some of her nurturing,motherly feelings.Mars progressed here would have given her that emotional.even aggressive edge she is known to have had but still the desire for motherhood would be pronounced.And we mustn't  forget the year element of water.

But courtney would think as a leo with mercury there and strong-mindedness and that determined will would soon show through to kurt.The virgo progression would have added intellectuality and analytical qualities but obsessional traits mught have surfaced.All so very different to kurt's piscean approach to thought which was based on intuition rather than intellect.Being retro too,kurt's thinking would have been an enigma to courtney and sadly would result in the arguments that did ensue.Courney would not have been able to turn off her mind in the same way as kurt could.Drugs or no drugs,their thinking-systems were very different.Courtney with venus and mars in gemini would be talkative,restless, needing intellectual raport and stimulation.Nervous tension soon builds up if unsatisfied.Kurt's venus was about the deeper relationships and more universal.The more flirtaceous,mutable nature of courtney's ultimately different to his general psyche.She would have found his emotion-based  approach to matters too much for the, mercury-ruled side of her.Kurt ironically has mercury ruling his chart in theory.See Nirvana section.I must point out that having venus in retro would have caused courtney herself difficulty in expressing some aspects of love.Emotional withdrawal quite possible.Relationship issues of self-worth and value.She would need to feel loved not confused.Kurt's own scorpio mars might have blocked his own emotions at times,exassperating the situation.
The cancer side of her would have understood the importance of emotional life,particularly at the time of their coming together and many mutual pleasures would have been shared nonetheless.Her karmic path,after all ,is a cancerian one. Later that summer of  92, with frances imminent,her moon progressioin to leo would have altered her sensitivity dramatically.Now with both luminsaries progressed to leo and frances herself leo, courtney would have expected the best from kurt and if he failed to deliver,the insistent,bossy side of leo would have demanded he did.Leo energy in moon , as well as sun shows a love of luxury and knows how to organise things to acieve its goals. Loyal but expectent.
It is essential to the understanding of courtney at this point to understand that although she would appear to have capricornian values regarding her career and life, astrologically her ultimate path should be cancer.Hers is the classic case of the cancer/capricorn nodal axis.I believe that kurt saw the cancer north node destiny she has ,which asks of her that she should cultivate spiritual growth and emotional well-being in order to integrate the inner self. However,her lifestyle and other personality traits cause the pull of the south node in capricorn to be stronger still.Material and worldly accomplishments were her focus then and perhaps still are.Factors such as her taurean jupiter,as well as the leo progressions remain firmly in the driving seat.But that cancer path will continue to call to her and may yet be heard.Some time spent in the company of one such as tom cruise wouldn't go amiss.

So where did courtney most hit kurt? Unsurprisingly in the career and vocation area of his chart as well as his 12th house of the subconscious.Her venus/mars conjunction has his midheaven sandwiched.With a gemini midheaven,kurt would be hyper-active and need continual fluidity and challenges.His songs,his live performances show his dexterity but we must remember that he was moving on from nirvana and perhaps his domestic situation too at the time of his death.Gemini midheaven needs change to survive.Courtney with her planets focusing on his 10th suggests their relationship based on helping each other vocationally primarily.Either or both seeking to influence and support the other's calling in life.Courtney being the mars force here , might energise kurt's ambition and her venus add creative input.Her cancer sun is nearby, making the powerful conjunction with his moon in the 10th further cementing these shared goals.Her node is receiving a trine from his sun in the 6th which apart from the vocational/work inference is also considered a karmic bond beween lovers.Her venus also squares his ascendent,however,which is not good for a relationship.Kurt here is not attracted to her values perhaps and she is not getting the best impression of him either.
Staying in the 10th, courtneys sun is in harmony with kurt's mercury  in pisces.This refers back to her cancer empathies, allowing of course for the leo progressions. Sun and mercury excellent for communication and problem-solving.
Pluto is the ability to transform oneself or the partner.Both have the generational virgoan pluto which usually implies acute analysis of any situation sometimes intensely so.Both too have the Uranus conjunction with pluto, kurt's more so, being 1967.His is sextiling courtney's sun which could help her career and public standing.
Courtney's neptune trines kurt's 10th house moon which has karmic and spiritual associations.With its scorpio characteristics, kurt might expect a transcendental or transforming effect on his feelings for his vocation and career.The mutual sensitivity might have a karmic link and here is where they would share the mystical.

Her saturn in his 6th house,work and health would have played a major part in their relationship.It is very close to kurt's sun and so courtney may have either slowed kurt down in his work,restricting him in some ways ( marriage/family would anyway) and awoken in him responsibilities,helping to restructure his work.Or kurt himself may have,thru his sun,helped courtney by revitalizing her,inspiring her through his work and laid to rest some of saturn's fears. Such a connection arises often if the wife is the older party,as here,and works best if it is the husbands saturn,not the case here.

With issues of health part of the 6th house's domain,courtney's saturn might also have been concerned with health issues.Sun in the 6th usually denotes good health but kurt's was far from that. He suffered from an acute stomach complaint and the sleeping disorder, narcolepsy. The aquarius cusp there indicates the latter particularly as well as a tendency to live on one's nerves.His uranus/pluto conjunction would seriously affect his health in its position either side of his virgo ascendent.Virgo does suffer from stomach ailments and its ruler,mercury, controls the nervous system.All of this relates to kurt's 6th house which is opposite and naturally ruled by mercury who is present in it.This would make kurt worry even more about his health and with good cause.Incidentally the weakest of kurt's organs according to his eastern chart is also the kidney region.Mercury is kurt's chart ruler and its position so close to the AC/DC axis with virgo as AC is critical.Pluto is brought seriously into matters by its opposition to mercury in the 6th but even more so,its conjunction to the virgo ascendent.Pluto in virgo influences the pancreas,so once again we are in that agonising stomach area and this conjunction indicates a malfunction.
Alot to occupy courtney's saturn here.Her's is in pisces,like kurt's so she would tend to be hypersensitive to health matters,both hers and his without being the best judge of them.We dont know the house position of her own saturn but here  conjuncting kurt's sun she would be expecting more respomsibilty from him,healthwise and disappointed,if not forlorn at his inability to come through.Quite apart from the heroin,he wasnt overcoming his heridital ailments.Kurt may have found any structuring or interference in  health matters difficult to bear.