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Western Astrology-Jefferson Airplane

Jefferson Airplane

 Remember what the doormouse said ...... Feed your head, feed your head
Marty Balin            vocals                    30/1/42              aquarius sun/ cancer moon
snake year/metal year/tiger month                                    fire/metal/wood
Grace Slick            vocals                    30/10/39             scorpio sun/ gemini moon
rabbit year/earth year/pig month                                        wood/earth/water
Paul Kantner         guitar,vocals         12/3/42              pisces sun/cap or sag moon
horse year/water year/rabbit month                                   fire/water/wood
Jorma Kaukonen  lead guitar            23/12/40            capricorn/ libra moon
dragon year/metal year/ox month                                       wood/metal/water
Jack Casady           bass                       13/4/44               aries sun/ saggitarius moon
monkey year/wood year/dragon month                             metal/wood/wood
Spencer Dryden    drums                    7/4/38                aries sun/cancer  moon
tiger year/earth year/dragon month                                wood/earth/wood
Skip Spence             drums                     18/4/46               aries
dog year/fire year/dragon month                                                metal/fire/wood  
Signe Anderson        vocals                     15/9/41               virgo sun
snake year/metal year/rooster month                                       fire/metal/metal

We  will  focus  mainly  on  the  band , post  their  "Takes  Off" debut .Therefore  Skip  and  Signe  will only  feature  in  passing. We  do  know  Grace's  actual  time  of  birth  which
will  help  us  later  when  we  examine  other  members  of  airplane  in  relation  to  their  lead  singer. On  the  sunsign  level , all  4  elements  are  present  and  equally  so  on  the moon  front  As  was   the  case  with  their  animal  signs , the  airplane  were  a  good  astrological  mixture. They  were  also  a  mature  age   from  the  start , with  all  members  being  in  their  mid  to  late  20s  during   the  band's  heyday  in  the  late  60s. Grace  was  in  her  30th  year "by  the  time  I[she]  got  to  Woodstock.". Their  ages  showed  in  their  social  and  political  awareness  and  they  were  truly  ambassadors  of  the Pluto/Uranus  conjunction. An  aspect  which  would  re-emerge  in  the   the  bands  of   the  late  80s  and  early  90s. See  the  section  on  Nirvana.
A  comparison  between  Airplane's  original  first  lady , Signe  Anderson  and  Grace  Slick  illustrates  well  how  the  band  changed  between  "Takes  Off"  and  "Surrealistic  Pillow". The  first  line-up  had  a  folksy  feel  to  it  with  founder  member  Marty  Balin  very much  in  control  and  Signe  playing  a  supporting  role. With  an  exact  sun/ node  conj.  in  virgo
and  the  empathetically  sensitive  cancer  moon, Signe  wasn't  going  to  pull  up  any
mountains.With  mercury  in  libra  and  jupiter  in  gemini , she  wouldnt  have  the  will  and  mental  application  to  follow  the  political  crusades  of   the  Revolution  Airplane. Her  retrograde  saturn  had a  taurean agenda  and  her  mars  though  in  aries , was retrograde , with  the  result  that its  usual  urgency  would  not  be  released. Allied  to  all  this  was  her  snake  year  which  likes  to  do  things  in  its  own  time , vibrating  to  the  solid  earth      rather  than  winds  of  change  and  extravagances.

By  complete  contrast, Grace  Slick  was  not  prepared  to  be  a  background  figure  when
she  was  invited  to  replace  the  pregnant  Signe. With  sun , mercury  and  venus  in  scorpio , here  was  a  lady  who  meant  business. Big  business ! With  her  ascendent  also  scorpio , the  world  would  take  notice  of  this  Alice ! How could one  resist  the  spiritual  allure  of  a  1st  house  venus  with  an  exact  conjunction  to  her  ascendent. A  West  Coast  goddess  indeed. Her  gemini  moon  gave  her  the  feeling  for  the  intellectual  as  well  as  a  restlessness  and  liveliness  which  the  more  stable  Signe  did  not  have  or  indeed  want.Being  a  7th  house  moon  too , society  would  mean  everything  to  her...perhaps  even  the  Great  Society.But  her  moon's  square  to  her  midheaven  suggests  fluctuating career objectives  and  real  unease. Virgo  midheavens  want  so  much  to  be  of  service  in  their  careers.
Her  aquarian  mars  embodied  all  that  the  Airplane  stood  for  in  their  music  and  ethos , though  it  doesn't  make  for  the  easiest  of  colleagues  to  work  with. Especially  when  it's the  arbitrator  in  a T-Square  involving  venus  and  uranus, exact  to  the  Asc/Desc  axis.  Emotional  intensity  and  unpredictability  as  well  as  the  rebel  instinct.But  her  aquarius  mars  was  just  the  energy  to  channel  these  dynamics  into  positive  situations  for  both  Grace , as  a  person  and  the  Airplane  as  a  band. Alot  of  very  good  music  bears  testimony  to  this.But  not  without  considerable  emotional   tensions  and  aggression on  the  way. Her  aries  saturn  gave  her  the  self-reliance  and  tenacity  she  is  reknowned  for,though  in  the  5th  house , it  is  inauspices  for  raising  a  family. Jupiter  in  pisces  was  Grace  at  her  caring , most  congenial  best  and  her  rabbit  year ( how  appropriate) gave  her  that  mysterious, piscean  quality  which  beguiled  many  a  love-struck  male ( myself  included) This  was  also  reflected  in her  12th  house  sun. Rabbits  have  this  haunting  quality  as  well  as considerable  musical  talents.
With  the  difficult  challenges  and  aspects  in  her  chart , Grace's  rabbit  was  in  many  ways  her  knight  in  shining  armour , her  very  own  white  knight  but  not  talking  backwards. Indeed  it  was  her  white  rabbit  and  a  wonderful  saving  grace  for  her  when  she  needed  it  most.It  was  also  one  of  the  qualities  that  drew  Paul  Kantner  close  to  her. More  of  that  later.


Marty  Balin , like  Signe  Anderson, had  a  cancer  moon  and  he  expressed  this  feelings
orientated  energy  as  sensitively  as  it  possibly  could  be  in  such  classics  as  "Today"  and  "Come  Up  The  Years ", to  name  but  two  of  many. This  ability  to  express  such  tenderness  and  heart-felt   emotions  would  have  helped  him  to  control  the  sun  square  mars  side  of  his  nature  which  can  bring  out  the worst  in  one  regarding  impulsive  actions  and  anger. Marty  had  it  very  close  in  his  chart. His  taurean  mars  finding  it  hard  to  reconcile  itself  with  some  of  the  aquarian  ideals. Working  hard  for  that  cause  not  coming  as  naturally  to   taurus  as  it  would  to  saggitarius  or  aries  for  instance.    With  7  of  his  10  planets  in  fixed  signs , it can be said  of  Marty  that  once  the  Airplane  was  formed , it  would  remain  firm  in the  foreground  of  Rock. The  very  heart  of  the  San  Francisco   Sound. Others  may  have  taken  it  on  further , but  it  was  built  from  the  very  soul  of  his  cancer  moon , nurtured  and  then  preserved  by  his  high  aquarian  ideals  and  his  taurean  stability. It  prompted  the  movement's  first  recording  contract  and   has  stood  the  test  of  Time  better  than  others  of  that  generation.
Marty  had  his  own  T-Square  challenge , also  involving  mars  but  in  his  case  the  polarities , sun  and  pluto  are  not as  close  in  orb. Grace's  probably  had  more of  an  immediate  impact  on  her  personality. In  Marty's  case  it  is  more  a  question  of  overcoming  the  previously  mentioned  sun  square  mars  challenge. With  venus  and  mercury  also  in  aquarius, Marty  would  truly  represent  the  Age  of  Aquarius  spirit. The
close  trine  between  sun  here  and  jupiter  in  gemini  is  very  harmonious  and  would
enable  Marty  to  express  his  aquarian  ideals  in  many  fields  and  with  great  energy.


It's  interesting  to  note  that  his  other  elemental  concentration  is  in  earth  signs  rather
than  fire  or  water. Earth  gives  functionality  and  has  a  sustaining  quality. His  mars ,
saturn  and  uranus  are  all in  taurus  which  confirm  his  tendency  to  hold  on  firmly  to  
his  values  and  views. He  would  be  strong-willed  in  this. Mars  which  represents  our  urge  for  action  is  not  at  ease  in  such  a  fixed  sign  as  taurus  and  outbursts  of  anger  
can  result  because  if  frustration. However  paradoxically  it  does  make  for  a  tenacious
hard  worker  even  if  the  aquarius  ideals  are  not  taurus's. Similarly, Uranus , the planet  of  change  and  ruler  of  Marty's  aquarian-side, is  not  suited  to  the  traditional , conservative  taurus  sign. Just  as  his  mars squares  his  sun , so  does  uranus  challenge his  aquarius  thinking, represented  by  mercury  here. As  Airplane  evolved, Marty  might  have  felt  the  effects  of  this  aspect  strongly  as  he  watched  Grace  and  Paul  gain  more  control  of  the  band. He  would  have  felt  that  Airplane's  rightful  leader  was  being  displaced.

His  venus  is  of  particular  importance  here  because , just  as  aquarius  ruler , uranus  is
in  a  "foreign"  sign , taurus, so  taurus  ruler , venus , is  in  aquarius ! Venus  here , though
caring  and  humanitarian , lacks  her  usual warmth  and  can  seem  to  others  somewhat  detached.Had  it  been  in  taurus  and  uranus  in  aquarius, life  would  have  been  easier  for  Marty  and  his  emotions  less stressful. In  retrograde, Venus  has  more  than  a  few relationship  issues  to  resolve. But  then  challenges  can  be  the  making  of  us.
With  so  little  water  in  his  chart , much  would  be  asked  of  his  sensitive  cancer  moon  to  cope  with  it  all. Had  he  had  some  major  fire  signs  he  might have  had  the  inspiration  and  energy  to  overcome  his  mid-Airplane  crisis.

Grace  certainly  did  not  lack  for  water  energies, though  she  too lacked  the  inspiration  of  fire-sign  energies  when  her  own  crises  came. Her  scorpio  sun  was  destined  to  be
at  odds  with  Marty's  aquarius  one.A  clash  of  wills  and  ambitions  with  the  fixed  sign
natures  making  adjustments  difficult. Marty  coming  from  the  detached,  idealistic  perspective, Grace  from  the  more  passionate, emotive  one. Ironically, Marty's  only  real
fire-sign  energy,his  pluto,  is  in  the  same  challenge  to  scorpio  sun, a  sign  it  naturally  rules. But  Grace  was  certainly  not  going to  be  reformed  or  changed  by  Marty!
Yet  another  challenge  to  Grace's  sun  comes  from  Marty's  mars, this  time  as  the  polarity  of  scorpio. Good , initial  vibrations  between  them  as  Grace  replaced  Signe
would  turn to  rivalry  and  temperament  clashes  as objectives  conflicted. Scorpio
intensity  contrasting  with  taurean  caution. Once  again  this  clash  is  in  fixed  signs  
and  again  involving  Grace's  sun, her  very  essence. Their  2  mercury's  underline  this  basic  clash  in  thinking  being  squared  and of  course  in  the  intransient  fixed  signs!
But  at  least  Marty  does  get  some  positive  vibes  from  Grace's  gemini  moon  which
warms  to  his  leo  pluto's  positive  use  of  energy  and  responds  harmoniously  to  his
virgo  in  neptune  creativity  where  clear  and  literate  expression  of  imagination  is  a  feature.
The  placing  of  Marty's  planets  in  Grace's  chart  shows  us  that  his  focus  is  in  her
3rd  and  7th  houses. The  7th  is  not  only  the  house  of  relationships  but  it  has  a  taurus  cusp  here. Marty's  saturn  is  there  which  doesnt  bode  well  for  a  harmonious
relationship. Her  1st  house  venus  can  do  without  seeing  saturn  and  his  restrictions
across  the  chart.If  there  was  a  karmic  tone  to  saturn  here, it  would  appear  not  to  have  been  received. Sitting   right  on  her  descendent, his  saturn  would  have  had  considerable  impact. It's  safe  to  say  that this  side  of  Marty  was  not as  beguiled  by  Grace's  charms  as  many  were, including  3  members  of  the  band.
Some  women  with  a scorpio  ascendent  may  be  attracted  to  scorpio  men  but  then  again  it  might  be  the  descendent  which  pulls. In  which  case  taurean  men  would  be  Mr  Right. With  his  3  planets  in  taurus  and  his  snake  year  too,  there is  a  strong  taurus  edge  to  Marty. But  he  is  also  very  aquarian  which  is  interesting  because  Grace  has  her  mars  there , giving  her  the  occasional  urge  to  meet  a  strongly-aquarian  man. Well  they  did  share  harmonies  on  stage  at  least.His  jupiter  and  uranus  also  show  interest  in  her  7th  but  without  any  significant  aspects. Our  main  conclusion  from  this  is  that  Grace  enjoys  actual  relationships  in  a  taurean  way.

Discriminating  and  careful  in  choosing  the  right  man ( perhaps  even  needing  to  try
several  until  the  vibes  are  right!) but  ultimately  needing  stability  and  loyalty  from  them.
Marty's  main  interest  in  Grace, however is  in  her  3rd  house  of  communication. Here
he  has  3  of  his  personal  planets, sun, mercury  and  venus.It's  day  to  day, intellectual
contact  he  seeks  with  Grace.With  capricorn  cusping ( and  therefore  saturn  ruling) she
would  take  life  very  seriously  and  her  songs  illustrate  this  so  well. Marty  may  sing
poignantly   of  love, but  Grace's  writing  and  communicative  skills  are  sharper  and  have
the  cutting  edge  of  saturn's  sword.Remember  she  was  the  oldest  in  the  band  and  in  
her  own  words "I  take  the  teacher's  role" (Marty  one  feels  might  not  have  felt  he  was
one  of  her  students!) Even "White Rabbit"  was  an  instructional  song,not  just  to  the  kids  but  pointing  out  to  the  establishment  the  irony  of  the  drug  content  in  classic  children's  literature. With  Marty's  aquarian  planets  in  this  setting  together  with  her  mars,  Grace  and  he  could  certainly  expect  a  constant  exchange  of  ideas  and  opinions  with  some  connection  on  their  mars/venus  front.But  it  being  her  mars  rather  
than  her  venus.Also  we  musn't  forget, his  sun  here  is  at  odds  with  her  scorpio  side.
Perhaps  disaproving  of  her  stinging  lyrics  or  vocal  style ? Aquarius  is  more  detached
than  the  intense  scorpio.
Marty's  north  node  and  therefore  karmic  path  is  in  virgo.This  means  his  main  lesson
in  life  is  to  see  issues  clearly  and  ultimately  using  this  abilty  to  help  others. Grace's
vocation  in  life, having  virgo  on  her  10th  house  cusp, is  also  to  be  of  service  to  others.
As  a  forthright  singer  and  writer, she  can  reach  the  minds  of  a  large  audience ,though
it  could  be  said  of  her  lyrics , that  they  are  a  little  disjointed  in  places.The  duality
of  her  mercury  so  conjunct  her  scorpio  ascendent  and  her  gemini  moon  would  tend  to
present  contradictions  in  her  writing.However  a  general  revolutionary  message  still  comes  across. So  as  we  leave  Marty's  node  sitting in  her  10th  house, we  can  muse  on  the  fact  that  they  both  desired  to  be  of  genuine  service  to  their  audiences  and  in
so  doing  fulfill  their  own  needs  in  life.


Paul  Kantner  has  the  same  focus  as  Marty  in  Grace's  3rd  and  7th  houses. His  sun
also  having  an  interest  in  her  4th. He  like  Marty  is  primarily  earth/air  orientated, although  a  pisces  sun.He  also  lacks  that  fire  element  which  Marty  and  Grace  also  lack  but  which  Jorma  on  guitar  and  Spencer  and  Jack  have  in  abundance.
Paul's  pisces  sun  has  the  narcissus  connection  with  Grace's  year  sign, rabbit, so
their  ultimate  union  and  baby  China  was  destined  to  be. Her  4th  house  pisces  cusp
is  a  direct  link  to  her  rabbit  energy (in  my  book) and  Paul's  fish  is  welcomed  with  
open  arms. Her  scorpio  ascendent  also  enjoys  the  attentions  of  a  trine  from  the  fish
and  even  more  alluring, so  does  her  venus. This  is  love  indeed.  Even  her  neptune's  "opposition"  to  his  sun  here  is  dynamic  and  can  initially  draw  them  together. The  4th  house  is  our  home  in  more  ways  than  one  and  Grace  would  have  had  an  inderlying  need  to  have  this  as  her  escape  from  the  lifestyle  she  led. If  you  like, it  was  her  white  rabbit's  other  world. Paul's  making  himself  right  at  home  in  this  world  too.
Scorpio  and  pisces  people  usually  have  a  bond  too  but  in  their  case , the  suns  are
out  of  orb  on  the  trine  aspect.
Another  strong  link  between  them  is  her  mars  in  aquarius'  desires  for  the  aquarian
man.Marty  wasnt  that  man  but  paul, when  he  leaves  his  sensitive  pisces  world,
he  changes  into  aquarius  clothes  with  distinct  moon, mercury  and   venus  motifs  in
them. Just  what  the  doctor  prescribes  for  the  aquarius  mars  female. Paul's  north
node  in  virgo  may  not  be  aspected  by  Grace  but  it  sure  has  empathy  with  her
midheaven, just  as  Marty's  did.

His  pluto  also decides to  have its own unique impact  upon  Grace   by  strongly challenging
her  sun  to  a  leo/scorpio  debate  which  always  stimulates  the  senses. It  also seductively  sextiles  her  gemini  moon, not  the  strongest  of  aspects  but  adding  to  the
general  candlelight  scene  we  have  here. The  most  powerful  connection  of  all, is  his
mars  conjuncting  her  moon  in  gemini  and  in  the  7th  house too. In  this  situation  a  woman's  reproductive  feelings  may  be  aroused,particularly  given  that  Grace  was  in  her  30s. A  potent, instinctive  call  from  Grace's  restless moon  saying  "I  want  to  have  your  child  now". Paul  duly  obliged  and  China  came  into  the  world. However  this  aspect  also  brings  with  it  emotional  complications  and  as  History  records  their  union  of  souls  didn't  last. One  of  the  causes  for  this  may  have  been   Paul's saturn, also  in  the  7th  house,  having  the  same  dialogue  with  her  venus/ascendent  as  Marty  before  him
but  at  a  wider  orb  and  with  a  more  karmic  influence  perhaps. Nevertheless  it  would  have  felt  like  a  restriction  to  Grace  who  was  not one  to  have  limitations  and  structures  placed  before  her.
Another  irritation  may  have  been  the  square  to  her  midheaven  from  his  mars. Her  career  was  everything  to  her  and  she  may  have  felt  that  her  continued  relationship  with  Paul  was  not  in  her  best  vocational  interests.Mars  in  gemini  can  be  unreliable , not  always  seeing  the  important  things  thru .Virgo  is  an  energy  that  feels  strain  more  than  most, living  on  its  nerves. His  uranus  also  here, along  with  her  own  would  have  provided  initial  stimulation  but  ultimately  too  much. His  4th  planet there, benevolent  jupiter  is  making  no  impact  and at  best  would  have  had  a  passing  interest, perhaps bringing  a  little  good  fortune  and  happiness.
Their  3rd  house  interaction  pales  by  comparison  to  the  7th. His  aquarian  venus  detachment  not  appealing  to  Grace's  passionate  sun ( in  contast  to  her  venus  and  his  sun) and  communications  on  this level  would  have  been  difficult.His  mercury , like  Marty's , squaring  her  own  mercury  so  clear  differences  in  their  thinking  processes.
Both  lacking  mental  flexibility  but  good  judges  of  human  nature.Grace  probing  deeply
into  the  darker  side  of  life, Paul  into  the  future.

From  our  three  vocalists  and  up-front  members of  Airplane , we  turn  to  the  heart  of  the
band  who  made  Airplane  such  a  dynamic  force  on  stage  as  a  live  attraction. For  many  fans  it  was  the  psychedelic  jams  and  musicianship  of  Airplane  that  set  them  apart  from  their  contempories.There was  much  more  to  them  than  Grace's  White  Rabbit  and  Marty's  poignant  love  songs. Here  were  three  guys  who  could  really  play.
There  was  a  common  thread  linking  all  three...the element  of  fire! You  need  only  to
catch  an  Airplane  gig  to  see  this  fire  in  action. Fire  represents  action, adventure, spirit
inspiration  and  dynamics. Above  all these  qualities  spontaneity  and  fun-loving.

Jack  and  Spencer, the  aries  trailblazers, together  with  Jorma, who  although  capricorn,  had  both  mercury  and  venus  in  saggitarius. Jorma  thought  and  communicated  with  the  fiery  flow  of  the  archer  and  his  desire  was  to  go  where  few  had  been  before  in  the  spirit  of  the  great  centaur. But  with  5  planets, including  his  sun  in  earth , there  was  always  a  counter-balance  in  him. He  knew  how  far  to  go. Where  to  set  the  limits. Some  of  his  contemporary  guitarists  such  as  Mike  Bloomfield  of  the  Electric  Flag, considered  him  to  lack  the  edge  but  Jorma  knew  what  he  wanted.
Jack  Casady  was  the  real  fire-man  of  the  band  with  a  saggitarius  moon  to  match  his
aries  sun. It  doesn't  get  any  more  innovative  than  that. He  was  regarded  by  many  
judges  to  be  the  best  bass  player  of  his  era. Together  with  Jorma  and drummer  Spencer  he  set  new  standards  and  after  Airplane  had  run  out  of  fuel, Jack  and  Jorma  formed  Hot  Tuna. The  name  says  it  all. Interestingly, though, apart  from  the  aries  connection  between  Jack  and  Spencer,  the rest  of  their  personal  planets  were
each  different, giving  them   variety  and  counterplay. Too  many  conjunctions  never
healthy  for  positive  dialogue. However   Jack  had  the  leo  north  node  which  means  doing  what  you  really  believe  in, as  creatively  as  possible  and  inspiring  those  who  came  to  see them. For  him  the  West  Coast  Sound  wasn't  a  trendy  one-off  but  an  opportunity  to  make  real  impact. They  had  some  pretty  dynamic  music  to  play  but  it  would  be  a  fun  time  too. Saturn  in  gemini  is  less  restrictive  and  more  versatile  than  in  the  signs  of  his colleagues. Go  for  it  without  boundaries  was  the  message  coming  from  the  Airplane's  bass  player.

Jack and  Jorma  at  times  did  their  own  thing  whilst  their  more  illustrious  colleagues  worked  on  themes, lyrics  and  harmonies .They  hadnt  got  Grace's  scorpio  concerns  or  Marty and Spencer's  cancer  moon  or  indeed  Paul's  pisces  sensitivity  to  occupy  their  feelings.  Water  was  one  element  not  on  their  agenda  and  they  were  never  too  enamoured  with  Marty's  love  songs  or  Grace's  cutting  political  satire. "Spare  Chaynge"  was  more  their  scene  or  the  explosive  "Plastic  Fantastic  Lover". While  Marty  sang  about  feeling  blue, they preferred  to  play  the  blues  or  psychedelic  improvisations. The  Grateful  Dead  were  as  one  both  off  and  onstage. Jefferson  Airplane  for  all  the  tightness  they  were  capable  of  on  stage, off  it and  sometimes  on  it, they  were  at  times  three  factions. In  Marty's  bitter  words  during  "Baxters",  "I  realised  everybody  was  off  their  ass, and  didn't  give  a  shit  about  anybody  or  anything  else." The  band  members  had  plenty  of  earth  as  the  common  denominator  giving  them  each  shrewdness  and  an  ability  to  sustain  things  longer  than  most  bands  of  their  era. But  fire  and  water  don't  go  together  so  well.So  we  get  the  double  scenario  of  the  water  at  times  putting  out  the  fire  and  enthusiasm  of  Jack  and  Jorma  but  at  other  times  fire  turning  water  to  steam  and  then  evaporation ! But  some  fine  albums  resulting  from  the  process  and  some  legendary  concerts  and  performances.

Jack  briefly  and  Spencer, a little  longer, had  their  flings  with  Grace  before  Paul's  pisces
stepped  in  to  whisk  the  white  rabbit  off its  feet. Jack  was  ringing  Grace's  doorbell  with
his  planets  circling  her  relationship  houses.His  aries  sun  appealed  to  her  forceful  5th
house, perhaps  his  very  physical  bass  playing  appealed  to  her  briefly  but  there  were
no  enduring  aspects  here  from his sun. It  was  more  his  fiery  venus  on  her  4th/5th
cusp  which  attracted  her  moon  through  its  sextile. Mutual  encouragement  with  a  degree  of  love  and  feeling  present  but  gemini  is  a  restless  moon  and  venus  falls  in  aries. So  the  signs  involved  not  as  promising  as  the  aspect  here.His  neptune  trining
her  moon  suggests  a  spiritual  attraction  rather  than  a  practical  one. One  can  see  how
Jack  might  have, subconsciously, wanted  to  lose  himself  inside  Grace's  moon  godess
and  escape  reality  for  a  short time.In  his  own  chart, he  has  neptune  opposing  venus,
so  emotional  self-delusion  maybe  a  factor  here.
His  uranus  conjuncting  her  moon  in  the  7th  would  have  brought  initial  excitement  and  stimulation. In  gemini  they  would  have  enjoyed  excellent  intellectual  moments  and  flow
but  this  aspect  points  more  to  infatuation  than  love  and  doesn't  last. Clearly, there  was
something  about  her  moon which  fascinated  Jack  because  his  north  node  is  sextiling  
it  from  the  9th  which  is  regarded  as  a  soulmate  attraction  and  harmonious to  mutual  spiritual  growth.His  mars  is  in  her  house  of  deeper  relationships, which  it  co-rules, and
trines  her  scorpio  sun. With  this  8th  house  also  being  the  house  of  sex  and  passion
this  would  be  powerful  though  not  essentially  one  of  union.
The  biggest  stumbling  block  between  them  was  almost  certainly  Jack's  pluto  squaring
Grace's  sun. He  would  resist  her  scorpio  authority  and  try  to  change  her.  No
self-respecting  scorpio  is  going  to  stand  for  that  from  a  leo  energy. End  of  story  but
plenty  of  excitement  in  their  brief  romance.


Spencer  was  the  "Lather"  of  Grace's  song ,being  the  oldest  member  of  the  band  and  turning  30  at  the  time  but  in  her  eyes  still  an  immature  child. He  had  both  his  moon  and  pluto  in  cancer ( the  rest  of  the  band  were  of  the  pluto  in  leo  generation ) so  he
was  tuned  into  the  more  sensitive  and  emotional  side  of  life. Grace  would  have  found
that  an  interesting  facet  of  Spencer.He  had  that  dark  cancerian  look  which  set  him  apart  from  the  others  except  Marty. With  his  neptune  retrograde  he  would  enjoy  a  good  drink  and  more. Four  of  the  band  had  this 42%  chance  of  being  neptune  retrograde  which  would  explain  some  of  the wild  parties  and  in  particular  "After  Bathing  At  Baxters". Grace  and Jorma  being  the exceptions, though  in  Grace's  case  she  was  an  "honory" retro.
Spencer's  planets  were  focused  almost  exclusively  in  her   5th  and  6th  houses which
suggests  fun , romance  and  working  together. His  sun  was  in  her  5th , so  romance  and
good  times  together  were  high  on  the  agenda. Jack's  sun  too  had  occupied  that  house, with  Paul  going  one  step  further  with  his, the 4th. Marty  hadn't  played  his  cards
right  at  all, having  the  poor  sense  to  put  his  saturn  there  and  really  upset  her.
Spencer's  sun  makes  a  nice  sextile  to  her  mars  giving  their  union  plenty  of  energy
and  enterprise. Also  to  her  part  of  fortune which  would  make  her  feel  lucky  in  love.
She  could  do  without  his  saturn  in  her  5th  but  you  can't  have  everything  right. His  uranus  is  in  her  6th, suggesting  he  might  be  a  little  unpredictable  to  work  with  or  as  the  song  "Lather" suggests  his  antics  were  upsetting  to  her. It  should  be  noted  that  ALL the  band's  uranuses  will be  in  her  7th  house  by  virtue  of  the  closeness  in  ages  of  them. Spencer's  was  the  exception  being  older  than  his  colleagues  and  it  made  no  particular  contact  to  any  of  Grace's  planets  or  angles.Only  Jack's  was  to  do  that.

Spencer's  taurus  venus  is  active  in  her  6th  rather  than  the  romantic  5th.It  would  seem
that  a  work-based  relationship  initially  turned  to  one  of  romance. Some  women  are  strongly  attracted  to  a  man  embodying  the  characteristics  of  her  descendent  or  7th  house  feelings. Spencer, not  only  has  venus  in  taurus ( which  she  rules} but  he  has  his  mars  and  mercury  there  too. Grace  had  no  option, she  had  to  get  to  know  him. In  mythology  Taurus  was  Zeus  disguised  as  a  white  bull. Grace  became  his  Europa  or  perhaps  the  white  rabbit  again..
His  pluto  trines  her  mercury  in  scorpio ( which  it  rules ) suggesting  he  penetrates  her
mind  in  a  powerful  way.The  most  powerful  effect  he  probably  has  upon  her  or  she on  him  involves  his  scorpio  north  node.It  doesn't  make  close  contact  with  her  sun ,venus
or  ascendent  but  it  is  in  her  impressionable  1st  house. Therefore  his  spiritual  path  in
life  would  in  some  way  come  into  her  own  psyche. She  would be  aware of  his  nodal
presence  and  he  would  see  her  scorpio  energies  as  essential  to  his  karmic  purpose
in  this  world. However  it  all  went  wrong.Her  sun  ultimately  grew  tired  of  his taurean
mercury  and  venus'  inabilty  to  give  up  his  toys, opposing  him  from  her  reflective  12th  
with  her  pluto  wanting  to  change  him  too from  the  9th.More  harmful to  their  relationship
though  initially  stimulating  would  be  his  mars  squaring  her  venus. There  is  also  a  
sense  of  hurt  or  wound  with  his  aries  sun  squaring  her  cancerian  cancer. Perhaps
she  could  no  longer  respond  charitably  to  the  side  of  aries  which  leaps  before  it  looks.  The  words  of  Lather  say  it  best " putting  drumsticks  on  either  side  of  his  nose". When  you  can't  "find"  your  man  because  he's  immersed  in  childhood  illusions, its  time  to  move  on  to  the  more  sensible  yet  still  sensitive  rhythm  guitarist  and  dance  to  his  vibes.

In  this  look  at  the  Airplane, I  have  chosen  to  examine  all  the  members in  relation to
Grace  but  other  interactions  have  come  out  along  the  way. In  terms  of  the  original
seminal  influences, Marty  and  Paul,  chart  comparisons  show  that  synastrically  there are  lots  of  trines(harmonies) and  conjunctions ( blends) but , as  with  the  Grace  based  ones , we  cannot,without  having  their  exact  times  of  birth , make  a  complete  analysis.
At  least  in  Grace's  case  we  had  her  full chart  to  work  with.
Marty's  sun  blends  harmoniously  with  Paul's  venus  in  the  socially-aware, idealistic
sign  of  aquarius. This  is  an  excellent  situation  to  have  between  a  band's  leaders.
Empathy  and  mutual  goals  for  the  Airplane  even  if  for  Marty  the  dream  turned  sour.
Paul  had  the  somewhat  cool  capricorn  moon  which  tends  to  put  social  status and
career  aims  before  the  nurturing, sensitive  moon  of  Marty's  in  cancer. However  in  their  respective  degrees , their  two  moons don't  come  into  contact  and  in  synastry  moon  to  moon  contact  is  a  minor  concern. However  as  a  general  rule, pisces  sun  and  
cancer  moon  respond  well  together. Their  sun  trine  jupiter  is  another  nice  aspect  to
have  between  them  with  inspiration, loyalty  and  protectiveness  there. Most  of  all  the
spirit  of  tolerance  and  forgiveness.Paul's  taurean  uranus  might  occasionally  shake
Marty's  mentality  up  a  bit  but  then  again  Paul's  own  mercury  is in  aquarius  too.
His  aesthetic  sense (venus)  might  find  Marty's  taurean  approach (mars} a bit  trying
but  these  are  unlikely  to  mar  the  overall  goodwill  between  them.
Perhaps  their  most  interesting  aspect  of  all  is  Paul's  chiron  in  leo  opposed  by  Marty's  sun. If  the  challenge  is  accepted  and  resolved  mutual  growth, perhaps  healing
can  result. Chiron  in  leo  is  single-minded  and  focused  on  what  life's  purpose  is  and
aquarius  sun  shares  many  of  these  ideals  but  in  a  more  objective  sense. The
polarity  here  can  be  dynamic  in  the  most  positive  sense  and  together  they  can  join
forces  to  improve  society.Their  respective  north  nodes  in  virgo  re-inforce  this  notion  of
service  to  the  world.
In  my  view  here  was  the  spirit  and  heart  of  Jefferson  Airplane  which  prompted  
Donovan  to  coin  the  immortal  line  "Fly  Jefferson  Airplane , get  you  there  on  time ".
Grace  had  the  allure  and  mystery. Jack  and  Jorma   had  the  fire. However  it  was  founder  members  Marty  and  Paul  who  were  the  real  essence  of  a truly, pioneering  band.



Marty  Balin's  sun  progressed  to  pisces  on  july  10th  1961.This  would  add  sensitivity
to  his  aquarius  and a  certain  other-worldy  quality. His  mercury  and  venus  remained
in  aquarius  at  this time. When   Airplane  was  formed, his  cancer  moon  had
progressed  to  the  more  intellectual but  restless gemini  but  the  basic  warm  sensitivity
of  cancer  would  have  been  retained. Aug  5th  1967  would  have  seen  his  progressed  moon  return  to  its  natal  cancer, otherwise  no  other  changes.But  a  significant  period  
for  Marty  nevertheless  with  the  full impact  of  cancer  moon  again  upon  him. With  the
recording  of  "After  Bathing  At  Baxters" about  this  time, and  the  subsequent  relegation
of  Marty  to  one  song  only  in  the  album, his  moon  return  would  have  added  to  his
feelings.His  heart  would  never  again  be  committed  to  the  band  he  created. His  saturn
return  would  have  made  him  finally  see the  futility  of  continuing  and  he  left in 1971.
His  next  sun  progression  was  early  July  1991  to  the  assertive  sign  of  aries  and  with
mars  now  progressed  to  the  more  active  gemini, the  90s  saw  a  still  urgent  Marty
Balin  not  only  into  his  4th  solo  album  and  a  greatest  hits  but  also  his  own  website.

Paul  Kantner's  sun  progressed  to  aries  before  he  was  9  years  old .So  his  pisces  
would  have  had  aries'  drive  asserting  its  dreamy  sensitivity  when  he  joined  the
Airplane  in  65. Adaptivity  with  impulsion  which  is  why  so  many  pisces  are  seen  as  devouring  whales  rather  than  timid  fish.His  mercury  had  progressed  to  pisces  however
but  would  join  his  sun  in  aries  by  the  time  "Takes  Off" was  recorded. His  venus  however  now  progressed  to  pisces, so  much  sensitivity  still there. His  progressed  moon  was  in  the  wandering  sign  of  saggitarius.During  the  summer  of  67,it  would  return to  
its  native  capricorn , ready  for  the  serious  business   of  keeping  Airplane  on  track. With
Marty  at  his  most  cancer  sensitive  that  summer, here  was  Paul at  his  coolest.
Early  1981  saw  his  current  sun  progression  take  effect. Taurus  steadies  the  impulsive  aries  with  the  need  to  establish  roots  and  comforts. Pisces  as  a  sunsign  can  adapt
to  either. By  1984, he  finally  left  Starship  to  it. In  fact  he  left  them  to  enjoy  3  number  one  singles!! However, being  the workaholic  that  he  is ( the  water  horse  can  never  stop  creating ) he  spent  the  next  decade  as  active  as  ever, being  the  catalyst  in  several  permutations  of  Airplane  members. In  1988, his  horse  return  year, he  even  managed  to  assemble  4  of  the  original  Airplane  members  for  a  Fillmore  gig  with  a subsequent  though  brief  re-formation  of  Airplane  the  following  year. His  pisces  remains as  adaptable  as  ever.


Grace  Slick  stayed  pure  scorpio  until  she  was  23  but  the  saggitarius  urge  for
adventure  was  to  move  her  scorpio  into  the  public  eye. She spread  her  phoenix  wings  and  flew  first  with  The  Great  Society  and  then  Jefferson  Airplane.  With  her  venus
and  mercury  also  progressed  to  fire, one  might  say  her  water  was reaching  boiling  point.By  the  time  she  was  recording  for  "Surrealistic  Pillow" she  had  also  experienced
her  progressed  moon  return. She  was  back  to  her  mercurial  best  after  her  gentle
Taurus  sojourn. Did  ever  a  scorpio  have  such  an  edge  to  it  and  such  fire. This  full
throttle  Grace  remained  until  feb  5  1969  when  her  gemini  moon  embarked  on  its stay  
in  cancer. But  the  fire  continued  to  steam  her  water.
Throughout  the  70s, she  enjoyed  success  with  Jefferson  Starship.The  period around  her
1975  rabbit  return  being  particularly  productive. Successful  albums, singles, gigs  and  a
change  of  marital  partners. What  more  could  the  White  Rabbit  Princess  want.
On  the  3rd  Jan  1993  her  sun  made  made  its  2nd  progression, this  time  to  capricorn
where  scorpio's  passion  for  life  takes  on  a  practical, more  cautious  approach. Scorpio
was  her  exploration  of  soul  and  the  internal  depths. Saggitarius  the  journey  of  mind  
and  the  yang  outer  searching. Now  capricorn  returns  her  to  the  yin  forces  as  the  
soul  no  longer  feels  the  need  to  display  the  raw  power  which  was  Grace  the  rock
star. a  certain  inner  peace  has  been  reached. Scorpio  is  learning  that  there  is  more  to
life  than  emotion. Her  progressed  moon  in  taurus  at  this  time  would  re-inforce  this  understanding. Her  2nd  progressed  moon  return  arrived  a  year  later  on  april  15th
1994, the previous  month  having  seen  her  arrested  and given  probation .Her  18  year  old
marriage  had  also  ended. The  next  two  and  a  half  years  would  be  crucial  to  her  self-evaluation  as  her  gemini  moon  challenged  her  new-found  saturnian  purpose, raising  some  geminian  doubts.

Jorma's sunsign didn't progress until he was nearly 28, so  he felt the full impact of his
capricorn sun.September 15th 1968 was the date of its progression to aquarius at the height
of Airplane's popularity.The political direction the band took was in keeping with a progression
such as this.He maintained the balance of all 4 elements within his personal planets too.
He had received his first progressed moon return also, during his days with Airplane, back in july 1966.His time with Early Airplane was a very important period in his life.He even managed
to include a saturn return in 1969.Momentous years indeed.His second sun progression to its
current position in pisces was as recent as april 1998.This should see a more other-worldy Jorma,ready to take capricorn inside the senses and explore new dimensions.His libra moon progressing to saggitarius will join him in a similar journey with jupiter steering both courses.
But 5 planets still keeping the good ship earth afloat.

Spencer's aries progressed to taurus way before the Airplane in april 1951.A more stable,less
headstrong aries might have been the drummer Marty encountered following Skip's departure.
The taurus way is to enjoy the comforts of life and there was plenty to enjoy in those heady 60s.However the rest of his progressed planets had added fire and air to their natal earth,so the live-wire would have remained also.His saturn return during september 67 might have sparked a self-evaluation ,even before Grace's "Lather"song for his 30th birthday.
His sun progressed to gemini on april 18th 1982, joining venus and mars there. Now aries
could enjoy the pleasures of communication and the flow of life. Restlessness too with gemini
encouraging and spreading aries adventurous spirit.An active period in Spencer's life could be expected perhaps widening his sphere of  activities beyond music.

Jack Casady's aries progressed to taurus in october 1950, just before Spencer's did.However
he was six and a half at the time compared to Spencer's thirteen.By the time he joined
Airplane in 1965, he had venus joining his sun and mercury in taurus.A more patient,practical
aries with a natural musical talent.Dependability would be added to aries' passion. His sun
progression to gemini was in october 1981and as with Spencer,one might expect the beginning of a very active period in Jack's life.With taurus still prominent however, music would be the continued focus.