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Western Astrology-Velvet Underground and Nico

Velvet Underground and Nico

Lou Reed                   guitar/vocals       2/3/42              pisces sun / virgo moon
John Cale                  viola/vocals         9/3/42              pisces sun/ saggitarius moon
Sterling Morrison     guitar                   29/8/42             virgo sun / aries moon
Maureen Tucker       drums                   : (
Nico                             vocals                  16/10/38           libra sun / cancer moon     

I must start by explaining why i have chosen to include the band despite not knowing Mo Tucker's birthdates.Mo's has remained undisclosed since her beginning with the band and the nearest I have to go on is 1944 which doesnt even confirm her chinese year sign let alone western details.We can only say that she is of the uranus in gemini, neptune in libra and pluto in leo generation.With the other 4 velvets all being uranus in taurus and neptune in virgo, this does at least give us an area of comparison.Those with the geminian uranus should be more flexible and adaptable to change than the more fixed ways of the taurean uranus. One would expect Mo to have been skilled in the communicative aspects of the band and she certainly was versatile,being able to play more than just the drums.She also went on to form her own band in due course.Taurean uranius people more inclined towards the individual approach than the gregarious geminian uranus.
In terms of the neptune generation,Mo as a libran here again takes the airsign point of view as opposed to her colleagues more earth-based[neptune in virgo] standpoint.Just as uranus is uncomfortable in taurus,so neptune[transcendence/spirituality] is uncomfortable in virgo, which is a sign that likes to plan in detail.Neptune tends to cloud that detail because feelings and intuition are not matters to be analysed scientifically, even if virgo  means to be of service.Mo, by contrast,having her neptune in libra is more interested in relating to people though thinking[libra] and feelings[neptune] are not easily reconcilable and ideals can be shattered.But this is very generational and we can't modify this with Mo's other planetary characteristics.We must leave Mo there sadly and turn to those of whom we have a fuller
picture and even then we are working from their day of birth rather than the specific time
during that day.Alot changes in the sky during each day but much remains constant throughout a 24 hour period.


Lou Reed,a native New Yorker, found a fellow Long Islander,a lady drummer from Queens, an exiled Welshman,a German lady of uncertain background and an artist of Polish extraction who were to figure high in his life during 1966-67 and beyond.Add to this the extra-ordinary people of the Factory and not to forget the original drummer,Angus MacLise. Quite a collection of people who were to revolutionise rock music as much as any group since.What the Velvet Underground achieved has only truly been recognised since their demise and 30 years on their music is as relevant and fresh today as it was then.Their list of admirers and successors is endless.
It was Andy's insistence that had brought Nico into the band and whatever the pros and cons of it all,it was a link that was to remain with them,long after Nico had moved on. Both Lou and John influenced Nico's development as a solo chanteuse, particularly John who produced the remarkable "Marble Index" and "Desertshore" with Nico. Love her or not, they each kept a little corner for her in their lives.Equally important,she like the Velvets has been much cited as a seminal influence by successive generations and received similar tributes.
Whatever her role,during her velvet years,she like  John Cale went on to make her own impact in the world of rock.But it is with Lou Reed we must start our exploration of the band. He formed and thereafter dominated the band to the point that others have since admitted being musically inhibited by his presence.Gifted and innovative he certainly was


Lou was predominantly an earth/air person,lacking fire-signs and apart from his sun,also lacking water signs.But nevertheless, a pisces sun is to be noted.It favours the imagination and it tunes one into the environment.Lou showed this capacity throughout his velvet writings and particularly in his solo work.He showed just how tuned into New York he was in his 1989 album of the same name.He felt its pulse like no other before or since,absorbing its
decadence in his piscean way.At times on those early velvet albums, there is a spirituality and mysticism which belies his subject matters."Venus in Furs" is written in a most beautiful,piscean way.The piscean compassion and empathy for those in distress may not always have been in evidence with Lou but it was there.As too would have been aspects of pisces' tendency to lack self-confidence and this may have explained his need to establish his authority in the way that he did in order to show his status and worth.
Having a virgo moon would have affected his self-confidence too and caused anxiety over matters which others might take in their stride.The finer details would have been close to his heart and work itself would have been uppermost to him.For all the good times being had by all at the Factory,Lou would have felt a strong commitment to both his and the bands work and music. Lou  was almost single-handedly responsible for the song-writing during those Factory days.Yes,he lead the band but perhaps also was the sanest and most focused.If at times his pisces side urged him to let go and merge with the scene,his virgo moon would have reminded him of his duty to his vocation.Of course,here we have the classic sun/moon opposition but the dynamics involved with mutable/flowing signs can be very positive.Pisces IS impressionable and flexible,whilst virgo tries to see the sense in all things.The more you look into things,the more you realise that there are many truths and ways of being.

With his neptune also in virgo,the balance between imagination and a sense of proportion would have been of prime importance to Lou.His north node also being in virgo would have necessitated the need for clear thinking to overcome any piscean cloudiness or emotional confusion.In order not to be over tolerant,Lou may well have over-compensated and appeared to others to have been insensitive in his decisions.For example,in the way that he scaled down the band,after the 2nd album.That Nico couldnt remain earlier was not surprising but that John Cale should become surplus upset Mo and Sterling particularly.
Perhaps Lou felt the need for more order and less chaos.Of course it could also just have been Lou re-asserting his control!

The influence of taurus in his chart cannot be underestimated.Mars there is not at its best because it tends to feel restricted,unable to act and assert itself in true aries fashion.Yes hard work and determination are present but possessiveness and stubborness are there too
Inflexibility and sudden bursts of uncontrolled action may hinder the good work.The single-minded persistence of mars in taurus would have aided the virgoan goals previously analysed and naturally it harmonises with his neptune.Moreover, mars here is very conjunct with uranus which would make Lou demand his own way in matters,unopposed freedom to pursue his ambitions.Uranus would add much force and energy to his mars therefore.
Saturn is more at ease in taurus than his mars or uranus.Discipline and again,hard work are fundamental as well as the need for emotional security and therefore contol.Practical values would mean alot and the correct use of resources whether financial or artistic would always be with Lou.He would also know when to be patient and bide his time.Whatever may be surrounding Lou at the Factory,he would need to feel that the situation was under control.Apart from John Cale,the other velvets had different saturn positions and to them possessiveness and control wouldnt have been issues in the way that they were to Lou.

If earth influences one side of Lou, then air influences the other, with pisces' water considerations in the middle.His mercury and venus are in the fixed air sign of aquarius putting unconventionality and originality at the heart of his thinking and values.Aquarius is the sign of humanity and individuality but can also be unpredictable and rebellious.Lou was no exception to the rule.Perhaps most of all,it is the fixed nature of Aquarius which should be noted in connection with that of Taurus,another resolute energy.His sun/moon placement suggests a changeable,adaptable person inclined to restlessness.These other planets tell otherwise.Someone single-minded and not likely to surrender the initiative.The fixed personality holds what it has.Lou,forward-thinking as mercury in aquarius bestows,will stick to the views he has formed.A good judge of human nature and essentially humane,though not letting emotions cloud the issues.Venus too in aquarius likes to keep a distance. Freedom is valued in all matters including relationships.His ceres and pallas asteroids also are in aquarius.Mentally,therefore Lou is not the piscean one might mistake him for judged by sun sign alone.

The other air influence for him is gemini,by way of his jupiter there.Jupiter,our expression of wisdom and the way we see the big picture of life,can become superficial and scattered in gemini.It prefers the more noble,philosophical concerns of saggitarius rather than gemini's alround versatility and dexterity.In Lou's chart there is a major aspect between jupiter and his pisces sun which are squared.Extremism and expecting too much of others,as well as of himself,would have been one of Lou's main challenges in life.Over-ambition as well as over indulgence can lead to arrogance.Lou's piscean sun might have been asking jupiter to tone it down and not be such a jack of all trades.Although pisces is not famed for focusing as such,the message could be for Lou to focus his jupiterian enthusiasm on deeper truths. His virgo moon had the eye for detail but that's in another sense.

In conclusion,Lou Reed is a very single-minded individual with a strong need to be in control of situations to achieve his goals.His sun may be in pisces but that is underpinned by a more practical realization of what is needed in order to succeed.Determination and hard work are his greatest allies in this.

The other members of the band will be looked at in relation to Lou who  was undisputably the lynchpin of it all,though with his lack of cardinal signs one wonders whether leadership was really his thing.Ultimately it was Lou Reed and the Velvet Underground with his subsequent solo career reflecting the real Lou.

Sterling Morrison joined Lou early, being from the same neighbourhood and part of The Primitives, who evolved in to the Velvets.He has his sun in virgo, polarity to Lou's pisces but blending perfectly with Lou's moon in virgo.This sun to moon in virgo would be a strong bond between them,often seen as a soulmate attraction.In short,Lou would feel for Sterling as a person.With mercury,mars and neptune also in virgo,Sterling was the perfect person for Lou to associate with given the latter's virgo path in life to follow. Much could be learned from working with Sterling,whose sun and mercury would also have the eye for detail and analysis.Mercury,particularly,is at home in virgo and Sterling would have a meticulous approach to work and music.Healthwise too one would expect him to be careful as well as watchful of others.Doctor of the band? Basically a conscientious worker for the cause.
His north node in virgo too tells us that Sterling is one helluva virgo guy.
Quite a contast then his moon in aries,a sign which has little to do with virgo energies.In interviews he gives the impression that The V elvet Underground was a big adventure and this is keeping with an aries moon viewpoint.An active mind,impulsive and ready for challenges. The constant partying at The Factory would have suited Sterling's aries moon temperament and whatever Lou's dominance of the Velvets,Sterling would have felt independent and able to be himself. His venus,too,is in a fire sign,leo and like his moon would have enjoyed a sense of
fun and the spotlight that being in the band afforded him.Wholehearted and romantic as well as loyal.He didnt like what happened to John Cale but it remained in his own best interests to stay with the band. This fire side of Sterling is a contrast to his more practical,conscientious virgoan nature.
Other than their shared pluto in leo,Lou didnt have this fire side and might have seen Sterling as somewhat wild or over enthusiastic at times.But then Sterling's own earthy aspects would have seen this too.Gave him a good balance overall.His geminian saturn too would have made him more spontaneous and "lighter" than Lou or John with excellent reasoning abilities. It also makes his major challenging aspect to Lou in its square to pisces sun.In his own chart, Sterling's virgo sun is also squaring his saturn showing his strong ambition to succeed as well as fear of rejection.In squaring Lou's sun,there is the suggestion that in some way Sterling frustrates or discourages Lou.Perhaps reminding Lou of his group responsibilities. Ultimately Lou needed to go it alone as the individual performer he was.
Sterlings jupiter in cancer would further show him to be a caring guy with a strong sense of morality.Jupiter excells in cancer showing the truly generous spirit.Sterling's conjuncts with Lou's saturn in gemini which is excellent for a good working relationship that flows positively. Each can advise the other and form a united front.This can offset their sun/saturn square.
With their earth based compatabilities strong,the overall impression is good between them Their sun moon conjunction particularly nice and the sun polarity more likely to produce dynamics than opposition.
Interesting to note Sterling's absense of retrograde planets indicating planets' energies were functioning in their usual way and that there were no particular hang-ups.He enjoyed his Velvet days for what they were,enjoyed his self -indulgences but a decent individual whose intellect ultimately needed to be satisfied in other ways such as a return to his interrupted studies.

John Cale was a pisces like Lou and born just 7 days later.They therefore shared many attributes.Therefore we will start with the 2 planetary differences between them. John had his moon in saggitarius as opposed to Lou's virgo.So also a mutable sign meaning that forward thinking and the need for change and to be adaptable are strong traits.Restlessness is common with these moons.Saggitarius is a fire sign and associated with higher learning and the need to travel and explore.Hardly surprising therefore that John should find his way to a very different society to that of his native Wales.Jupiter the seeker of wisdom and our need to expand horizons rules saggitarius but also pisces.So John's journey to New York satisfies both sun and moon aspirations within him.His feeling for the pursuit of life and wisdom is not exactly his pisces' sun's way which is more the travellor within than without.More specifically it tunes into the immediate environment than the eternal searching of saggitarius.His sun-side would want to be there when needed but his moon-side would be forever on the quest and more outgoing.Combining the two, John would be idealistic, never settling for anything less than the best.John is very much the visionary,hard to understand and relate to.The practical,reality-based side of Lou would have found him vague,esoteric and would not have tuned in to his intuitive wisdom.But then John having his own path in life,like Lou's,in virgo would have found a certain difficulty in reconciling the different facets of his personality and aspirations.The ultimate need to be specific and define what he's about exactly, in conflict with the visionary within.
Never was his spirituality and vision better realised than in the albums he did with Nico which are haunting and evocative in a way few would be capable of. The empathetic way that pisces can reach inside another,merging and uniting souls, becoming that other person, is evident throughout his arrangements of Nico's ethereal songs.Lou's virgo moon would never have the intuition and perception of John's saggitarius moon nor the open good-nature bestown by jupiter here.Nico was very fortunate indeed and said as much.
His jupiter in gemini ,like Lou's, challenges both sun and moon but the difference here is that John's jupiter rules both the signs his sun and moon are in.With node and neptune there in virgo,all 4 mutable signs form a pattern related to the challenges of a grand cross.Not knowing his time of birth we cant be specific about his moon's effect here but it seems John in his life faced challenges which see him eternally moving on or dispersing rather than probing deeper or consolidating.John couldnt be tied down and restricted in the way that successful rock stars often must be in order to succeed.
His mars being in gemini as opposed to Lou's in taurus demonstrates further their essential difference.Once again this placement ties in with John's sense of mutability and restlessness.It makes for a person with a crtical sense and great wit as well as the ability to engage in several undertakings at the same time.He had hardly left the Velvets when he was involved in the Nico masterpiece "The Marble Index". The assertion of mind triumphs over all else including sexual prowess.Much nervous energy and tension which results in burn-out all too often.To hear his viola or indeed bass is to see a geminian mars in action.
So on the moon and mars count alone we see a fundamental difference between the more taurus and earth orientated Lou Reed and the more spontaneous, versatile John Cale.Where Lou will sustain,John will diffuse.The challenge between Lou's sun and John's moon is of course the same as seen within John's own chart.Lou's pisces side not feeling secure in the presence of a moon that is never quite there when you want it.Musically even disparate and not in synch ,causing on Lou's part anxiety or insecurity.Altogether too free a spirit for Lou. Such feelings are enorsed by Lou's moon too which needs specifics not vagueries.But of course in many respects, there are the similarities that birthdates so close together will produce.Throughout their careers,they remained in contact and of course "Songs For Drejla" was a wonderful collaboration.Nico worked at different times with them both,though it was John who had the most to give.Lou had too many projects of his own to sort out and was always Lou, whereas John could "become" someone else more easily.

Nico had already cut a single in London before she met the Velvets.Even she may have been surprised as she stood centre stage with the band during those wild happenings, that within 2 years she would have recorded two excellent albums and written some remarkable songs.
Her chart shows a good balance between the 4 elements with her moon in cancer one of the main features.If ever someone embodied the many facets of  a cancer moon, Nico did. She was the very personnification of the moonlight crab,the cancer maiden.Sensitive,creative, intuitive,moody,tuned in to those around, including the negative vibes as well as the positive ones and allowing a hard shell to cover up true feelings.This was Nico but above all else her sense of her past and heritage.A true cancerian trait.Her secretiveness about not only her age but her exact family background.Protective of this to the point that she lied throughout her life,a point not lost in those who wrote about her.Cancer moon people need to be in control more than most or they feel their security is at risk.Given her nomadic life,far from the home environment she knew,Nico must have felt so lost and homeless.Such a moon placement needs a sense of home and belonging.Suspicion and mistrust would have arisen from her circumstances and relationship problems inevitable.
Which brings us to her sun position in libra whose greatest need is to relate and to form partnerships.Libra's life mission is to seek relationships rather than to already have them in place.Balance and harmony are considered natural libran assets but for many librans it is the very quality they strive for and anxiety is caused if harmony is not found.Nico was considered a striking beauty in her time and it is no surprise that libra's ruling planet is venus.Charisma and an interest in the Arts are some of libra's many traits.Courtesy and refinement may not be qualities always associated with Nico during her junkiest moments but to those who looked deeper,it was there,disguised like her cancer feelings by the face she preferred to show to the world.Elegance and decadence going hand in hand.
But essentially Nico is true to her sun/moon characteristics whatever impression she may have given to the public or even friends.The square between her sun and moon would have caused her dilemnas.To think one way but to feel another is never easy,especially when the sun concerned is libra! The need for human contact yet a self-imposed distancing.Libra wants to relate but in an independent,intellectual way with emotions balanced and controlled.To some this might seem too detached even cold.Cancer likes to get close however,emotionally. It feels where libra thinks,though both are cardinal signs and therefore take the initiative.Nico was fond of nurturing younger men which  Jackson Browne and Iggy Pop would testify too. She could be like a mother-figure, feeling in control which is cancer operating at its best. With
this sun/moon square, one can be caught between reality and unreality as Nico indeed was.

Also at heart,she would have wanted to avoid confrontation, though it came her way. With her
complicated family background, particularly raped at an early age,this square would have caused difficulties with relationships with men and she found females at times easier to relate to.Her life would always suffer from the tensions and emotional blocks from such a past as hers.Whatever her libra wishes,the protective shell of cancer was forever there.
But with mercury conjunct to her sun,her thinking would be in harmony with her individuality and essence.Subjective in most things with high mental energy as shown in her song-writing.
In libra,she would be more interested in the views of others and try to see both sides of an issue.Getting along with peers important for peace of mind.This was the true Nico.The Factory would have fascinated her and those who considered that Nico was wrapped up in herself,didn't appreciate this side of her.
With her sun trining Jupiter very closely, some may have thought her conceited when in reality here was a very creative,expressive woman, self-indulgent but also generous.Very intelligent and very well read.Her jupiter being in aquarius too,she would be socially and politically aware with little regard for material indulgences. People and intellectual matters more important.She regarded Jim Morrison as her soulmate but this would have been on an intellectual level I think ....a shared passion for knowledge but with mystical vibes adding another dimension.Jim was a true saggitarian and Nico's venus there confirms their notion of
idealistic love,not confined to the ties and restrictions of the one partner. Neither married
because Freedom must not be sacrificed at any cost.Her  vesta (what we hold sacred) is also in saggitarius and its sextile to her sun/jupiter further illustrates her commitment to Freedom.
More about her Vesta later.But interesting to note that John Cale had a saggitarian moon,if we go by his march birthdate and a saggitarian sun if we take his december one! No wonder at all
that he and Nico should feel so in accord at times in their mutual regard for freedom.

But it was Lou Reed who led the VU and as with Jim and John,he was part of Nico's life during and after the VU. Certainly no saggitarius influences with Lou, from the information we do know, and a sun inconjunct to Nico's libra one,though not within orb.Nico's cancer moon and his pisces sun would feel harmony.On a feeling level,his virgo moon too would be able to share common vibes with Nico's cancer one.Both have the yin, reflective qualities,though Lou would be more likely to observe and absorb details rather than people,as in Nico's case.
It is Lou's pisces sun and taurean saturn which most aspect Nico synastrically.Sun aspects
are not to be underestimated even when the planets being aspected are but asteroids and in
this case we have three,none of which are Nico's important vesta.
Lou's sun conjuncting Nico's pallas is a close one In her own chart pallas is "quiet" but it responds well to Lou's pisces sun here.Pallas,by nature, is assertive and a fighter of causes
mentally or physically,like Athena herself. In pisces it will be more into the mystic and the intangible.In her albums we see this side of pallas.On what journeys she is taking us,we do not know and I doubt Nico does either.The surreal side of Lou would be empathetic to this world however.For all his earth-based energies,he would connect with Nico on this piscean level. However, Nico's saggitarian Juno is another matter.Juno is about commitment to the
partner at whatever cost but in saggitarius we have freedom expressed instead,though
commitment to esoteric matters and higher goals would be in line with juno's philosophy too.
Lou's pisces side might feel that Nico was unable to compromise these things for the sake of true relationships and may have been frustrated by her non-commital nature.Pisces energies
elusive as they are,themselves, at times would find a juno saggitarian hard to relate to, even
with their mutual jupiterian connection.A far away lady indeed.Being a scorpio juno himself,
he just wouldnt understand her saggiterian ways.
Her cancerian chiron however was much more to his sun's liking with the resultant trine. Nico
may not have been a family person as such but in another sense her whole circle of acquaintances were here family--an extended one.She was not one to be confined to natural family alone and in that sense pisces sun could appreciatiate this broad sphere of concern. As one listens to her music and enters her world ,there IS a strange feeling of belonging,
almost of being part of this world,of a family even.She herself said that if she didnt feel like being Nico,someone else was welcome to become her whilst she pursued other affairs.
Speaking personally,I did this many times at many clubs in London.The pisces side of Lou
might just enjoy those moments spent in Nico's world.Chiron in cancer also suggests there is
healing to be done in family matters.Nico certainly carried such scars.
It should also be mentioned that Lou's taurean/virgoan side makes many positive aspects to
Nico whose chart is very much spread and eclectic in focus. Plenty on both sides to,in turn, stimulate and frustrate the other but nothing major to alarm either.Horse and Tiger doing fine.


John Cale is more difficult to assess in this way with Nico because we are working without moon and ascendent aspects.The exact placement of his saggitarius moon would have tremendous input here I feel. That they worked together on five albums and had some bonding on her first too, would indicate a great empathy.John's inventive,aquarian way of thinking was
harmonious to Nico's libra sun with collaboration and agreement easy for them.He would
understand her better than most and she would not only stimulate his ideas but subtly influence them.Equally beneficial to their working relationship was her jupiter being in aquarius too.If those two early albums seem inspirational its no wonder because he would feel inspired by her aspirations and visionary songs ,whilst at the same time  making them
more accessible,not by dilution but by enhancement.Having his moon in saggitarius would have added to the impact.He both raised her songs and brought them down to earth.
Throughout it all,Nico's jupiter would have trusted John and been tolerant of what he was trying to bring out in her work.For all that John did for Nico here, he would have benefited too from the encouragement and opportunity that she gave him to develop his considerable skills.
A wonderful,mutually-beneficial collaboration further enhanced by his sun sextiling her uranus
which would draw them together time and again.Each always interested in what the other may be doing.
Their sun/neptune polarity might have caused some volatile moments, as well as great dynamics, because neptune can seem elusive to the sun and Nico--the neptune here-- was
never one to be contained.If she ever baffled John,just as he thought he understood her, then
there was a queue of equally baffled friends in line with him.Never quite what she seemed and delighted in the misleading of others.Only death robbed her of some of her closely-guarded secrets such as her age.No-one realised at the time of her first solo album that she had reached the age of 30 !


Their other polarity of note was her venus polarity to his mars.Both strong attraction but at the same time confict and tension.She might have found John was impatient and in gemini,mars
is certainly restless and keen to move on to the next project.Nico's venus herself is active and carefree.John's mars might have thought this part of her just out for a good time though mars in gemini is not disimilar. Truly a  meeting of minds here and John's mars loving any verbal jousting or flirtatiousness.Nico would have met the challenge but ultimately retreated. Her
libra sun/cancer moon needing its expression too.
Before bringing Sterling Morrison into the equation,a consideration of Nico's scorpio north node as opposed to the other velvets all being in virgo.If a scorpio spiritual path in life requires complete transformation from the more refined, venusian pleasures of taurus to the intense,
deeper values of scorpio where Life's Truth is discovered in dark places,then one suspects
Nico was somewhere on this path.When exactly she took the scorpio road is debatable. Even behind the sweet Nico of the late 50s and 60s there was the darker side already in place.The scorpio north node must experience all manners of relationships and "deaths" in order to become the true seer.Taboos must be challenged and broken.Nico was controversial rather than provocative.There was a part of her which still clung to the south node past where conservative values and the status quo called to her.Only John Cale connects with this through a trine from his pisces sun.Their work together bears the fruit of this and remains Nico's greatest achievement in her life.Tears of fulfilment and joy were shed as she finished each album.
Sterling Morrison's aries moon is opposite Nico's sun which is a most dynamic situation and
exchange of feelings would be open and strong.Classically it indicates an important relationship between two people and is generally considered an advantage in marriage. Aries is not the easiest moon sign being headstrong and subjective and libra sun might find this aspect less attractive than otherwise so, given her need for harmony and tranquility.She might consider him too changeable and impulsive,he might think her too non-committal and lacing decsiveness.However it is this very opposition in nature which can pull and draw them together because each has that which the other subconsciously desires.Together,Sterling
and Nico would have both sides of the pendulum.
Sterling's jupiter is in cancer along with Nico's moon but at what conjunction we dont know.
Like the moon here,jupiter would cause Sterling to be caring and feeling-orientated in his aspirations and goals.He would like Nico have a protective side to him.If their positions do form a conjunction, he would be generous and helpful towards her.However his jupiter also squares her sun, as indeed her own moon does.It might seem to Nico that Sterling promises more than he delivers but then she may have expected too much of him.Perhaps expecting him to be less protective or possessive and more objective in really going for things.She might consider he is holding back.He could see her as irresponsible or even extravagant in her libran pursuits.His leo chiron,however would support her sun responding to libra sun's natural desire to promote others's potentials.This chiron part of Sterling would need to feel wanted because there is a feeling that there are things that only they can do and libra does like to be supported.Playing second fiddle to a leo chiron who wants to help is no problem for libra  but seeing it as something she herself is allowing to happen by choice.
Their respective venus' might incur problems however concerning desires and values.Nico's
saggitarius one is being squared by his virgo sun because he may not approve of some over-indulgences on her part or she might consider him a little too picky in some matters.But aspects between sun and venus are rarely. damaging to a relationship.Sterling's own leo venus is in square with nico's uranus.To him, Nico would be interesting.perhaps exciting but too unpredictable and unreliable.His outgoing leo venus might think her more romantic than she ultimately is and be surprised by sudden intransigences.She could find him just too
Nico has her mars in virgo where Sterling has his sun,mercury and mars but none in conjunction.It is his mercury which conjuncts Nico's mars.In terms of working together this is a variable aspect.He would have excellent mental faculties with mercury ruling virgo and she would be prepared to work hard.Quarrels might arise however if Nico saw Sterling  as fault-
finding or interfering and if he considered her as impetuous or demanding.Irritations on both sides could undermine any projects together and it would be a lively affair.
Of all the velvets, Nico has the best balance of elements and also of modes.She also has the
most retrograde planets with 3 but thats no more than the average person.Whats more interesting is that hers are different to  Lou and John's neptune and pluto.Her retro saturn
helped make her the rebel that she was, not accepting the responsibilities and structures
saturn usually places upon us.She would feel the same disdain for spiritual and religious values with her jupiter retrograde reminding her of past scars and violations.

I find the most telling and significant feature of the four velvets  here is the near absence of Water in their charts.John and Lou have their suns in pisces and Nico her moon in cancer Sterling has  jupiter in cancer.That is their full count as far as the ten main planets are concerned.Of course both sun and moon are important in any chart but there nevertheless is
a suggestion here that sensitivity and the emotional life may have been lacking in their work
together or in the lives they led.Their benefactor,Andy Warhol, also had but one planet in a water sign and that the generational pluto.It is a pity that we cant look into other areas of their charts to investigate this further.However a look into Progressed Factors may illuminate.

Progressed Velvet Underground

Lou Reed progressed to aries in september 1960 thus heating the water to boiling point. It is
arguably the most intense of all progressions because the cycle starts again and the fish having experienced all signs of the zodiac must once again go forward into the fire.Lou would
of course retain the basic piscean qualities of sensitivity and in his case,impressionability but
aries would give him the thrust and imperative that drove him on throughout the oncoming decades.March 1990 was the progression to taurus that should have eased the aries quest
somewhat and brought more stability to him.Yes we are in the Songs for Drella period where
aries's fire was put aside and the re-union with John Cale established.An epic year indeed for
Lou as sun progressions do tend to be.
John Cale  progressed to aries rather earlier than lou in december 1953 which would have set
the aries imperative in motion at a more impressionable age and in the sense of  new frontiers and horizons,John shows this to be the case.By the time he joined the velvets,he was well
adjusted to the demands of aries.In respect of the lack of Water in the charts of  VU members
these 2 progressions further pronounce this.John would meet taurus during june 1984 and
in theory begin to stabilise his life and objectives.The progressed aries of the Marble Index had become the progressed taurus of Camera Obscura.But also 6 years later,he would
produce his Andy Warhol tribute with Lou Reed.Arian differences temporarily settled.

Sterling Morrison as a virgo was heading for an air progression, so Water wasn't on his agenda for a while yet.His progression to libra happened in august 1967,so he was the only velvet who experienced this major landmark in our lives. Libra would have brought the need to relate into play and to put precision and analysis slightly to one side.It would also have led him to doubt and question what he wanted in life.Whilst music is part of the Arts,there are
other fields where libra leads us.In his case,to develop virgo's desire to study in the most libran way...teaching and therefore working closely with others in partnership.
Sadly,Sterling didnt see his progression to scorpio which would have been on december 31st 1997, he died the day after his 53rd birthday having got together again with the velvets during the 90s.

Nico's libra progressed to scorpio at the age of  seven and half  which to put it mildly could
have brought a shock to her system at perhaps the most impressionable age of all. Intense
feelings and needs causing the libra sense of harmony to be severely undermined at a time
when she would be still coming to terms with what a 7 year old must.With her cancer moon also in scorpio that year and mercury having led the way too,1946 would have had a huge impact on a girl,living in of all places Berlin.The cool libran lady that the Factory encountered in 1965, had a scorpio yearning deep inside of  her that required more soul-searching than she would ever admit to.Furthermore,Nico was experiencing her first progressed moon return back to cancer.Here was the VU's missing water element and it is no co-incidence that the ensuing period should be so creative musically for her.
By 1968, not only the velvets first album was recorded but Nico's first 2 solos as well.Her images,dark and mystical,show scorpio's fascination with this side of life and "Ari's Song" is pure cancer moon. In her delivery of the songs,she shows the sensitivity and emotional power that comes with this water presence.No matter how dark the lyrics and imagery,there is a poignancy and delicacy about her voice.An imagination only those with a strong water input could be capable of.
It was 15/4/76 when her libra sun left scorpio waters for the saggitarian light and her famous concert of june 76 with cale,ayers and eno marked the end of an era for her. Her 80s re-
emergence saw Nico more active than she'd ever been.Now it was to be the travellor,the touring saggitarian right up until her uintimely death in 88.Saggy's fire seemed to inspire her
libran sun to great heights.