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Andy Warhol
Andy Warhol neither played in the band or indeed "produced" the first album but his banana
and indeed his name dominate the sleeve.Each member of VU had nothing but kind words for
this avante-garde artist and given that he was responsible for The Plastic Exploding Inevitable
The Factory and Nico's involvement with the band,I have decided to include him here.
There has always been doubt as to when he was born but I'm satisfied that the year was 1928
and that august was the month.He himself celebrated the 6th of august as his birthdate although the 8th is a possibility too.
Fire signs and Fixed signs dominate his chart with sun,mercury,venus and neptune all in the fixed and fire sign of leo.I hasten to add that even if we took 1931 as the year [though its not in
my opinion] venus would still be in leo with his sun and jupiter would replace mercury in leo.
Also he would still have Earth as a secondary consideration to Fire and he would still be of the pluto in cancer generation.But back to his REAL birthdate.
Leos have the attribute of inspiring others because do we not all seek the sun? Seeking Andy
was all the rage back in the 60s.To those who only judge by looks, Andy may have seemed
somewhat inauspicious.Not unlike Woody Allen perhaps.But a man with so many fire elements in his chart is not one to be ignored.Self-assurance,directness and above all else,
enthusiasm.His glow would and did,stimulate those around him.Generosity,enjoyment of life and leadership come from these energies.Even that childlike quality he had.The dangers of burn-out and becoming one-dimensional must be fought.Andy died on feb 22, 1967.aged 58.
In celebrity terms possibly not so young but by no means old.
Fire,for all its intuitiveness, can also be naive even gullible.However Andy had an Earth input too [taurus] and this can sustain and focus the fire energies,helping to ground them and to achieve productive results.True sensitivity which water would give and communication skills which air provides might have been lacking in Andy however.These may have been present in factors we cannot presume without his time of birth.
His two earth-based planets are mars and jupiter,both in taurus,a fixed sign which are our means of assertion and expansion.In taurus,mars feels restricted and can erupt after periods of inertia,though in principle a hard worker. Possessiveness and stubborness feature as well as sensuousness and an affection nature. Mars in taurus enjoys sex intrinsically without complications or inhibitions. Andy may have lacked mars usual thrust but would have been unbending in the pursuit of  his goals,tenacious and very much the long-term artist who gets there in the end. Jupiter in taurus like mars,would enjoy the comforts and good living which comes from a practical,materialistic approach to life but generosity and free spending would accompany this.Self-indulgence is encouraged and not seen as a vice.
But in all this we mustn't forget Andy has 7 planets in fire signs,including all 4 personal planets,excepting the above mars.In particular his aries moon would put the "me" first and
changeability might keep his friends on their toes, as Andy sought fresh fields to conquer.
Headstrong,no stranger to minor physical accidents and undisciplined in some areas where his taurean influence was less evident.Quick decisions,trusting to his intuition. He is the eternal individual seeing life as a big adventure.Emotionally perhaps a little distant from those
seeking to get closer.But united in his objectives with his leo planets in natural harmony with aries here and benefiting from aries ability to initiate action just in case the lion was feeling a little fixed or unadventurous.The enthusiasm and excitement that  life brings is felt by Andy and passed on to his peers who tended to be younger than him.Though in a way no one could be younger than Andy, the eternal lion cub.
Given that leo and taurus are signs squaring each other in the zodiac, there is little here which brings that into place.Of course we dont know the angles situation etc.Only jupiter is
squaring his sun,though chiron is closely conjuncting jupiter and so shares this square aspect. Not a particularly negative square but more a waring from each planet to Andy to be careful and not overdo things, including food! By nature, he will involve himself in more things
than most of us can manage and might expect others to be as expansive as he. Chiron in taurus would not allow any of its traditional values to stand in the way of progress and inovation.It would illuminate the bull.Andy would want everyone to enjoy life and to have what they need.
With his ultimate spiritual path in life defined by his gemini north node,the absence of mutable
signs in his chart is explained.Only his saggitarian Saturn,in retrograde, is in a mutable sign.
This supports his vocation as a leader in the Modern Arts but also suggests contradictions
between the urge to go forward and learn that which saggitarius holds dear and saturn's
natural inclination to hold back.Saggitarius has much faith,saturn skeptimism.Andy would have had to achieve what he did despite any blocks in his formative education.In some ways the champion of the new and the highest ideals,in other ways conservative and fixed in his views.Philosophic yet restrained.Saturn being retrograde would mean Andy would be in conflict with hierarchy but he would also need to justify what he's doing and to define and structure his new order in a responsible,credible way.Saturn demands patience and Andy wasn't always that.
His gemini node offsets the fire and earth in his chart.It asks him to really open the doors of communication, diversify his interests and to be adaptable.This he would seem to have accomplished despite his lack of supporting air or mutable signs.What might have been harder to achieve would be the breaking away from some of his beliefs and values..Fixed in an alternative,revolutionary vision but none-the-less fixed.The gemini path asks of us to sacrifice
aspects of our independence and freedom in the cause of social integration. Profundity is fine but the mundane and the superpificial are human concerns too. In this respect Andy did
show geminian rather than saggitarian values[ his past,south node  experiences] He painted
the ordinary and in his films aspects of the mundane existence prevail.I believe he was well into his geminian nodal path though the pulls of the past south node will be felt at times by all of us.
Sterling Morrison shared Andy's aries moon and leo venus[particularly close conjunction with Andy's sun] and would have empathised much with Andy,having himself all 5 personal planets in earth and fire signs.Lou Reed shared his mars in taurus and Andy would have responded to both his earth-based characteristics as well as his air-based ones.Fire is motivated by air's presence and Lou's mental dexterity and intellect would have appealed to Andy who lacked the air element.He would have felt the same way about John Cale,with his own weighting of air elements and his 3 earth signs. John's saggy moon would have appealed to Andy's own fire. In Nico, Andy met a cool lady indeed who had the capacity to both give and take on a variety of levels.No particular focus or intensity.Neither earth,water,fire or air
pre-dominating.To Andy she would have seemed everything yet nothing in particular. Open to
the magnetism of his Fire but with some nice airy gifts of her own.Plus a Water input not
immediately apparent (see progressed Nico )

Progressed Andy

Andy's leo progressed to virgo on 20/4/45 when he was nearly 17.The spark of youth would
have taken on a more serious,reserved and meticulous countenance as he made his way into the public eye with his groundbreaking Art Form. By the time he met the velvets in 65,this more earthy side of him was well established.Indeed all his fire planets had progressed into
air or earth signs,though not water.So Andy the communicator and the pragmatist was working alongside the real Andy--the man of Fire.March 76 saw his next sun progression to libra which would really open up the communication channels and the need to work with others.By this time all personal planets were in air signs with even his progressed moon on its way to aquarius.Such a period should have seen his geminian nodal path well fulfilled.
Interestingly it was the next month that saw Nico's sun progression to saggitarius.Quite a year of impact for them both.
It also shows how ,astrologically, our progressed chart may relate to our nodal needs. Andy's
certainly did.Most significantly,his previous absence of the Water element was adjusted in the period leading up to his death on 22/2/87.By then he had mercury and venus progressed to scorpio and mars to cancer.The 1980s saw Andy get to grips with his emotional life it would seem particularly his venus progression to scorpio and later his mars to cancer. Strong
sexual intensities are common in this situation with the accompanying frustrations.His pisces moon progression would have asked much of his natal aries moon in the early 80s.
Andy found his feelings-orientated side in the end