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Western Astrology- Simon and Garfunkel

Simon and Garfunkel
Paul Simon       guitar vocals     13/10/41                             Libra Sun / Cancer Moon
Art Garfunkel     vocals               05/11/41                             Scorpio Sun / Gemini Moon
High school friends from 1953, they graduated from their first incarnation as Tom and Jerry
during the late 50s to Simon and Garfunkel in 1964.Their first album coming in October that year, Wednesday Morning,3 AM. The rest is History. Astrologically with their births being
just 3 weeks apart,they have only their suns.mercurys and moons different by sign.Moreover
bening born at similar times of the night,they each have leo rising and consequently many planets occupy the same houses.
Paul Simon,though libra by sun, had his mercury in scorpio, closely conjuncting Art's sun there.So immediately there is a common denominator in that most intense of signs.Paul's
mental urges in tune with Art's creativity.He would know where Art was coming from and collaboration would be natural with many shared interests.He would find that Art would be
sympathetic to his ideas and encourage him.Mutual stimulation.In scorpio,the intellect is
insightful and penetrating.A sharp mind and very perceptive in looking at issues of the day.
Paul would get straight to the point in his writing. Art with scorpio as his main energy, would
also not believe in half-measures either.He would be passionate and totally involved in his work.The deeply emotional view of life may well be kept under strict control by Art because
the scorpio energy likes to be secretive.The words " Hello darkness,my old friend...I've come
to talk with you again" represent much of the scorpio philosophy!
Interestingly,Art's own mercury is in libra where indecision and a desire to see both sides of an issue benefit from working in partnership with a colleague.His own scorpio sun and Paul's mercury there would force issues at times and make things happen.
However,though progressed to scorpio[see later] Paul was of course a libra by sunsign.With
this influence, compromise and diplomacy would be present, as libra aspires essentially
towards the balance and harmony in life.We see this in the light,airy touches in much of his
songwriting and his singing.Also,libra needs partnerships to fully express itself and although we also know Paul as an individual performer,his musical relationship with Art was important to those libran needs.With this libran sun being in his 3rd house,communicating his ideas and music to others would be crucial to his well-being.
The influence of Paul's cancer moon is evident throughout his work with the heartfelt lyrics of
The Boxer coming to mind.Empathy and sensitivity to the needs of others is central to the
protective nature of the cancer moon.It is in harmony to Art's scorpio sun leading to mutual
understanding.Paul would be sensitive towards Art's scorpio intensities whilst Art would feel
protective towards Paul.Each complements the other and like their sun/mercury conjunction,
this is an excellent aspect between them.
However, this cancer moon has a pivotal role to play in Paul's own chart,as the focal planet in a very powerful and challenging T-Square.There is a challenge to his moon from his very strong aries mars in what is an exact aspect between them.This would necessitate the
need to work alone from time to time.Mars is very assertive and  energetic as well as impulsive with the aggression likely to be directed into intellectual pursuits in Paul's case.
He would want to take the lead and new projects enthusiastically pursued.When mars squares moon,volatile emotions never far away.With moon in cancer.Paul has both planets strong and in rulership,so despite the upsets,there is potential to overcome the crises and have a tremendous impact on the world.
Human relationships not easy but Paul has his sun in libra! The home of relationships.So naturally with mars in aries,there is this polarity to overcome and use as a resource , not a handicap.Fortunately there is common ground between them and libra like aries,also likes to take the initiative but in a more subtle way Aries deep down has a respect for the collaborative life-style.Paul is torn between both ways of doing things.As his highest planet due to its proximaty to his midheaven,mars must be considered an important influence in his chart and though in its rulership sign of aries , it is in retrograde motion and not functioning in its usually decisive way.It would be more inward-looking and cautious.
Returning to his cancer moon, it is not only squared by mars but also by his sun. In effect his cancer moon must bring the sun/mars polarity together using all its nurturing skills.Paul's emotions are in conflict with his outer libran personality and this could bring about difficulties in expressing himself as he would like.With juno[our absolute commitment to ideals,partners] blending with his sun in libra,there is additional pressure on his moon.
Cancer moon lets heart rule head[to the chagrin of the cool,objective libra] and there is this conflict therefore between  Paul's intuitive feelings and his libran rationality.On his moon side
he may feel reluctant to develop those relationships his sun side needs.Security and stability
are perhaps threatened by his libran aspirations and his aries mars impulsiveness and drives.
One way or another,it is how these feelings learn to express themselves to the benefit of both his collaborative libran work and his aries drive and ambition.A very difficult part of Paul's psyche but then such a closely orbed T-Square would challenge anyone and often the truly great artists have great crosses to bear in their lives.With his moon in harmony with his part of fortune in scorpio,indications are that Paul got to grips with certain of the important issues in his life and realised much.Some rather good music resulted from it all.
His jupiter in gemini comes into the picture strongly, through its trine to his sun,therefore playing its part in the T-Square.Paul is likely to be open-minded and to have a wide range of interests.This trine is usually a fortunate one,making him self-confident,even lucky with ventures.Relating to others too should come naturally.So jupiter should be an excellent ally for his libra sun .Jupiter's sextile to his mars is unlikely to have much effect upon him because the orb is too wide.However both planets are in retrograde and as such there would be times when Paul would find it hard to say or do the things he wants to.He might be cautious about sharing some of his ideas or embracing certain things because of negative past experiences.
Saturn is also retrograde,along with his uranus,forming a conjunction in the fixed sign of taurus.More specifically it's in his 10th house of career/vocation.The retrograde state of saturn can cause one to have problems with authority and to be impatient.This might hinder those relationships that the libra side of Paul needs to develop.Uranus in retrograde might cause Paul to review the past rather than uranus' usual tendency to look to the future.This can cause explosions in the personality as inhibitions are countered by uranus's sudden changeability.As with saturn retro ,there might be a rebelliousness in Paul, belieing his libran tendencies of compromise.With this conjunction, ambition is likely to be plagued by tension and difficulties but the trine from neptune would help Paul to communicate and aid  creativity and sensitivity.

Art Garfunkel doesn't have a T-Square to contend with but he does have his scorpio sun
challenged by his leo ascendent.The more self -seeking side of him in conflict with that which puts self-awareness to the fore.With his sun in the 4th house of home and roots, Art
would be extra-protective towards family and personal matters and security.His business would be his own and the outgoing,sometimes impulsive leo ascendent could be unsettling for this side of Art.With the trine from the powerful aries mars,his ascendent would be particularly dynamic and ambitious which could cause his 4th house scorpio to feel insecure.
Though scorpio as an energy has its own ambitions being part ruled by mars.His leo chiron gives him much individuality and freedom and with it adding to this strong-willed ascendent-side,his scorpio's desire for security and protectiveness of personal and family matters is again challenged and unsettled.
In all of this we must consider his gemini moon in the 10th house stressing career interests,
contrary to his sun's desire but without the dynamics arising had they been in polarity.Gemini
brings a duality of feelings bestowing intellectual gifts but also restlessness and a scattering of interests.Perseverance and stability not easy for Art with such a moon.The only aspect made of consequence is its sextile to his pluto leo,giving him the kind of emotional edge
evident in songs such as "Bridge Over Troubled Water".Deep and powerful intellectualised expression of feelings with the ability to respond to others.
Another major challenge to Art is his venus/neptune square.In saggitarius,venus further
illustrates that need for freedom within Art but neptune in virgo is forever trying to establish the virgoan need for order and structure,not easy with neptune so impractical and diffusive.In the 2nd house,neptune might,like his 4th house sun have concerns over security and feel things not under the control they should be.The freedom-loving, romantic 5th house venus in saggitarius should indicate love is high on the agenda but in square with the sensitive and subtle neptune, Art might be shy and defensive in romantic situations,with the sort of close relationships that scorpio desires, not achieved.This could also indicate financial instability and money easily slipping through his hands.
Like Paul , his virgo north node requires of him order and clarity rather than emotional impulsiveness or cloudiness.Logic to master instincts.Reality to overcome idealism or flights of fancy.We see many of the virtues of virgo in the precision and detail of their songs.With their being of the neptune in virgo generation,their nodal path is highlighted in that piscean traits[neptunian] are to be replaced by those virgoan ones above.Occuring as it does in their 10th house,one manifestation of this direction would be in their musical vocation.They would both need to give their careers priority in life.For Art having a 4th house sun as opposed to Paul's 3rd,this would be harder to reconcile.But then he does have his moon there in the 10th.
With both their midheavens in taurus,artistic leanings in their career choices with a flair for
entertaining people are borne out.Venus,ruler of taurus,is well expressed in their music.

So shared career interests as well as their sun/mercury conjunction in scorpio.A trine between Art's sun and Paul's cancer moon adds to their general compatability and harmony.
Each feeling protective towards the other and sensitive to their needs.Their other aspects are
much in keeping with this one making for an excellent working relationship and indeed
friendship.The main conflict between them being Art's scorpio sun squaring Paul's leo ascendent/chiron as it does in Art's own chart.But any clash of wills or each feeling the other is self-centered is likely to be offset by the dynamic co-operation and general compatability otherwise present.Similarly the square between Art's own leo ascendent and Paul's scorpio mercury.I particularly like the polarity of Paul's venus and Art's moon which should enable each to encourage the other and produce a lasting,soothing rapport between them.No more
so than in their musical relationship and their work together is testament to that.

Paul's sun progressed to scorpio when he was eleven adding an emotional depth and a
degree of soul-searching to his libran personality.As he blossomed into the songwriter and
performer,his lyrics would have that cutting edge and purpose,further heightened by his
mercury remaining in scorpio too.His way of doing things and desires and values would be true to his purposeful aries mars and his free,outgoing saggitarian venus.This would have remained the case during his 50s collaboration with Art and post-1964 too.His cancer moon progression to taurus circa 63-65 would have added to the quality and feeling for his music.
As 1966 dawned,the progression of his venus to capricorn would see a refinement and
deliberation in his music with more commitment to issues important to him.
April 1982 saw his sun progression to saggitarius.This is the sign of expansion and the need to explore the broad spectrum of life and cultures.A re-union with Art and the Central Park concert of 1982 was to mark the end of their collaborations,though the previous decade had seen them working apart anyway.His dropping of Art's vocals from the album"Hearts and Bones" and his subsequent exploration of South African music was indicative of his new
saggitarian initiative.The libra urge to collaborate remained and his mid-80s work with South African musicians culminated in his masterpiece "Gracelands".He continued his commitment to World Music with his investigation of Latin American music leading to his broadway musical "The Capeman"in 1998.Despite its short run,it showed Paul Simon's
determination to expand his libra horizons to the never-ending quest of saggitarius.
Supported by that long-serving aries mars of his.  :o)
Art Garfunkel's scorpio sun progressed to saggitarius in may of 1958 during the Tom and Jerry days.We have already noted how Paul's saggy progression in 1982 dramatically
changed the direction of his music.In Art's case,this happened during the duo's time together
and his saggitarius progression would be in terms of a scorpio not a libran,as in Paul's case.
The move from the internal searching to the external often induces a more outgoing,positive
expression of scorpio's powers as it sees the bigger picture of Life.This considered along with his venus progression to capricorn perhaps reflected in his study of architecture during the post-Tom and Jerry/pre-Simon and Garfunkel period.Certainly during the 60s,70s and 80s, he
expanded his interests beyond singer-songwriting to acting and the movie industry.His epic
12 year walking across America period,covering 4000 miles in the process,was truly the mark of a scorpio expressing himself in true saggitarius style.He became a writer,as opposed to just a song-writer in the process.It is interesting to note that in 1982,when this walking
interest started with his journey through the backroads of Japan, his gemini moon had begun its two and a half year progression thru saggitarius,joining his sun and mercury there.
Travelling being the key here with his restless moon looking for new frontiers.His saggitarius
venus now progressed to aquarius would revel in meeting people and such an unusual past-
time would be in keeping with the unconventional nature of this placement.His continued aries mars would add to this spirit of adventure.
His sun progression to capricorn in november 1987 sees scorpio  evaluating the saggitarius period and  focusing on realistic goals.He developed his interest in walking and structured it in such a way that it became a central part of his life.He has also expressed his joys of parenthood and days of childhood in such works as "Songs From A Parent To A Child".There is something in the capricorn energy about re-living almost a lost childhood due to capricorn's
tendency to mature early in life.I have known many a capricorn who discovers a second youth in their later years.Of course, here we are looking at scorpio progressed to capricorn. Perhaps we see this in these words of Art's "When you look at your sleeping child, you think what is he, what did we give him, and what will he become?" .