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Frank Zappa

Frank Zappa        multi-instruments    21/12/40             saggitarius sun/ virgo moon
metal year/dragon year/rat month      elements---->    metal/wood/water/.........
Captain Beefheart    vocals

I've put Captain Beefheart in here with Frank because they were schoolboy friends and their paths crossed from time to time,even if they weren't actually band colleagues as such.I haven't access to the Mothers Of Invention's dates of births and I don't want to leave Frank all alone here. So the good captain will keep him company.
Frank Zappa was also an earth-fire type but whereas Beefheart has his sun,mercury and venus in capricorn,Frank had his in saggitarius.Where Saturn kept a watchful eye over the captain,it was jupiter who guided Frank.Two very different planets and it showed in the different ways they approaced their work and lives.Frank also had his sun in the 29th degree of saggitarius which is known as the critical degree and sometimes causes the person to express the sign's energy to the full,as if a final swan song.If ever a saggitarian was adventurous and looking for new areas of music to explore it was the unrelenting Frank Zappa.His recording output of 71 albums says it all.
It's interesting that none of his 3 planets in saggitarius are in conjunction and more than likely in at least 2 different houses! Some of his aspects we cant be sure of,because we don't know his birthtime but we do know that his sun is square neptune and this showed in his unusual personality and music.His surrealism and avante-garde tendencies comes within the frame-work of this aspect.Virgo in neptune questions convention but also produces imaginative people,some of whom allow proportion to go by the wayside as unreality runs riot.Frank certainly set his own boundaries and was forever challenging the views and feelings of others.
Both the square with the sun and neptune in virgo itself can produce worries arising from an
inferiority complex.Within Frank may have dwelt a somewhat different individual,hyper-sensitive and emotionally vulnerable.He would likely have been psychic and to have had strange, subconscious experiences.Saggitarius leads the sun on many journeys and neptune
would have made these more than interesting in his quest for enlightenment and knowledge.
A fascinating feature of both charts is the complete absence of the element of Air. In terms of communication,its fair to say that their avant garde music didn't get itself across to the music
buying public as a whole,though each had their own cult and loyal following.Their own personal differences might have benefited from a breath of air.It is no co-incidence, therefore that their respective north nodes should be in libra, giving them harmony and relating to others as goals in life to strive for.Their single-minded,direct,going it alone arian south node traits are the ones to leave behind.As we look at their astrological profiles,this nodal pole will be kept very much to the fore.