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The Who

 Roger          John           Pete                       Keith

Roger Daltrey               lead vocals               1/3/44           pisces sun   gemini moon
monkey year/wood year/rabbit month    ~~> elements =metal/wood/wood/water
Pete Townshend         lead guitar                 19/5/45         taurus sun    virgo moon
rooster year/wood year/snake month      ~~> elements =metal/wood/fire/
John Entwhistle          bass                              9/10/44        libra sun        cancer moon
monkey year/wood year/dog month        ~~> elements = metal/wood/metal/mtal
Keith Moon                   drums                          23/8/46        leo sun        cancer moon
dog year/fire year/monkey month            ~~> elements = metal/fire/metal

Earth,water,fire and air...set together in the garden fair.Earth represented in strong measure by the redoutable Pete Townshend.Sun,moon,mercury and Jupiter all in earth signs.Water by Roger Daltrey,though with 7 planets in air signs, it's the latter which is the more likely to define the lead singer. Fire is represented by Keith Moon with not only his sun in leo but also mercury,saturn and pluto,as well as his year sign also being fire.This would be a major side of him.His five air-based planets would be his other main consideration. John Entwhistle is the air sunsign here and with five planets in air[four of them in libra] one would expect him to be a good communicator and thinker..
In fact air as an element is very strong in the Who.Few bands have maintained such a strong fan-base and loyal following over the years and air is ideal for this.Pete has the least air in his chart with only uranus there, though his midheaven is also in gemini.
Roger has seven of his planets in air,though his pisces sun and scorpio ascendent show a very different and more complex side.Beneath his sometimes prickly, sensitive exterior lies alot of goodwill and social flow. John may have the sensitive, at times moody cancer moon with the forthright,determined aries ascendent but he too has five of his ten planets in air signs.Keith has five planets in the breezy air signs,underpinning what is a mixed range of elements.He had a great rapport with the fans as did the band as a whole.They were the ultimate people's band.
Keith and John
We have access to all times of birth except for Keith.Only with Tony Fletcher's excellent recent biography, does even his true year of birth come to light.On the information we do know of him from his chart,one thing stands out like a beacon....the signs of libra and leo.Only his cancer moon and gemini uranus are situated outside these two signs. Taking libra first,the member of the Who he felt most drawn to was John Entwhistle who himself had a libra sun.John also had mercury,mars and neptune in this doyen of all relationship signs.Keith's dog year also has natural affinity with libra people[see also eastern section] and with John also having a libra descendent,it was no co-incidence that Keith would feel so drawn to such a person as John.When it comes to relationship issues,John ought to be Mr Relationships himself.With aries on his ascendent,he would also give out a certain forcefulness and initiative that would draw people towards him or he to them.Keith's leo-side-a very strong part of him- would find anyone with an aries ascendent together with a strong libra contigent a most attractive proposition.Of course aries/libra within one has its own dynamics and can make one somewhat of an enigma. John would have felt this force and with his cancer moon sensitivities together with his venus in scorpio excesses,he would have been quite a light to the younger Keith.
Keith himself had cancer moon,so here is yet another strong tie between the drummer and the bassist.There is the empathy of being such feeling-orientated people-- two males but in the most female of all signs. Relationship issues particularly with certain women in one's life are often life-issues with this moon position for men.With John's north node in cancer,his ultimate path in life would suggest this course or at least home and family matters before career ones.This is further emphasised by cancer cusping his 4th and 5th houses. John would feel very sentimental about his roots and heritage and all aspects of family life.There would also be the need for instant recognition and response to his creative talents.He was considered the most skilled musician in the band but had to take a background position in the least in terms of public personna.He would have taken to Keith from the cancer feelings perspective not to mention the many other connections they had.
Keith's own gemini node-- the desire to communicate and diversify one's energies --would have found John open and friendly, having gemini cusping his 3rd house of day to day interacting.Here was someone he could really relate to.In Keith,John found someone high in the element he most
Looking at Keith's planets in John's houses,the focus is abundantly clear.Keiths sun is in John's 6th which whilst suggesting a working relationship,as befits the bass and drummer of a band, also indicates that health might be a part of it.Healing in some form or other can arise from such a position and undoubtedly each was a beneficial influence upon the other.With leo cusping his 6th, John would have taken great pride in his work and that enthusiasm would have inspired Keith too.The Who's rhythm section was in good hands in terms of commitment as well as energy.
The main focus of Keith of course is in John's libra powered 7th house,given his own libra based planets. His venus blends closely with John's sun as does his mars closely with mercury.It should be noted that Keith's mars brings a close conjunction with neptune with it.So much of what Keith looks for in life and how he approaces these aims would be found thru his association with John.Its interesting to note both had mars in libra which is not mars at its most energetic best being more disposed towards co-operation rather than confrontation.There would have been moments for them both when indecision would have been pronounced.Given their other libra influences, this would have been even more apparent. However the sense of justice and indeed injustice, is strong and certain causes would have rallied each of them to action.
In Keith's case, his neptune alliance with mars would have given him a certain spiritual attractiveness to others, even a magnetic charm of sorts that John may well have felt drawn to,along with a certain secrecy as to his exact purposes, though he himself might have felt some loss of direction within himself.We know that he enjoyed keeping certain truths from others..not least his actual age.Ultimately becoming entangled in neptune's legendary web of "lies".John would have found him quite an enigma.
Turning to Keith's leo side,we see his mercury and pluto in very close conjunction. Knowing his time of birth would introduce other key aspects but this one in itself remains a powerful influence.It would give Keith a mind capable of great depths of penetration and insight but also extremes.In leo this would manifest in terms of a strong will and stubborness with all leo's charisma and air of authority.In his amazing drumming,this is seen at its most flamboyant.In his grand lifestyle,we see leo at its most incorrigible.Radiating vitality,always ready to perform in any medium.His extra-ordinary radio shows are legendary.Keith was the perennial leo child,  personifying the leo maxim "I will".
With no earth at all in his chart,Keith wouldnt be concerned ,as for instant virgo would be,with the finer details or capricorn's practical considerations. The edge or nothing for Keith.This powerful influence he brings to John's cancer cusped 5th house and it would have given the bassist much food for thought.The presence of Keith's saturn here too would have been felt as saturn is the force which sets limitations....considered alongside the mars/neptune side of keith,John might often have been left in Keith's wake,wondering just where the guy was coming from or really truing to say.His cancer moon was certainly asking questions of Keith's libran jupiter and what exactly it was trying to say.Keith may not have been able to deliver what John hoped for and been a source of disappointment.If so,then perhaps John expected too much,given Keith's contradictions within his complex personality.

Pete Townshend had a very different outlook to either Keith or John.With sun/mercury both in taurus and moon and ascendent in virgo,here was a far more stable man at heart than his stage excesses suggested.His venus and mars in aries gave him the forthright,uncompromising characteristics we know him to possess and his lack of water-based planets would mean emotional sensitivities were not high on his agenda.
Here is an earth-fire person who needs to realise goals and see tangible results from his creative,fiery endeavours.His energies would be focused and grounded so unlike the headstrong Keith who lacked that earth realism.John with some earth substance such as his capricorn midheaven[vocational awareness] would have seen the value of Pete's earth-side.What they all had in common was an almost complete lack of major opposition aspects.This might imply that the need to balance and seek compromises was the last thing on the Who's agenda.They were very single-minded and determined as a group.
Pete and Keith
Pete is the only one who doesn't have the narcissus link with Keith and they have several hard aspects between them.Keith has a big presence in Pete's 1st house with venus,mars,neptune and chiron all there, in libran garments.So Pete would have felt Keith's impact more than most,particularly given his virgo cusp and therefore, ascendent there.Whilst a virgo ascendent can give an unassuming personality,it also can produce someone living on their nerves.Mental acumen and a systematic approach to life are very much this position and Pete would want to see things started completed.
With his ascendent square midheaven his career aspirations would have been challenged. Gemini can move a little too fast for virgo's precise approach,though mercury brings its thinking skills to both parties.Keith's venus brings its love of relationships to Pete's 1st house and his mars brings its all or nothing libran approach.
His neptune,close to mars,would bring charm but also cloudiness to affairs here.Pete's virgoan need for order would be rocked by Keith here but he had a genuine affection for him.His cancerian saturn in his 10th wasn't so sure of Keith though, being a stickler for security and not wanting anything to rock the Who's boat.Saturn is challenging Keith's mars/ neptune irregularity of direction.His taurus sun, too, is uneasy about Keith's outlandish leo sun.This square aspect is probably their biggest challenge.Pete's  moon also  has first-hand experience of this sun by way of their conjunction. Close bonds are formed between people when one's sun conjuncts the other's moon in the same sign[as is usually the case]However here Pete's moon is in virgo, not leo where Keith's sun holds court and though he might feel critical towards some of Keith's excesses,he might also have a good understanding of where Keith was at.His own taurus is squaring his virgo moon which is also unusual because by sign alone, taurus and virgo are in harmony.So Pete's case here is unusual.
Keith's moon is in Pete's 10th house which would help him to know what Pete wants out of life.Being in cancer too,he could provide emotional support to the lead guitarist.We can't be sure of the aspects made by Keith's moon here but one would expect each to have the ability to help the other realise goals and vocational aspirations.
More than anywhere else, it's Pete's 11th house where we see Keith most active.Here is the leo sun, together with the mercury / pluto conjunction.This is the house of associations and friendship and the aspects between them here are favourable to that end.With a leo cusp on the 11th, Pete might have a strong need for friendship and value true friends more than most.This part of his life may well be very special to him and Keith is certainly an influence here.His mercury / pluto conjunction would be felt by Pete in their moments together.He would be aware of his younger friend's penetrating vision and his ability to see through appearances with rare intuition, sensing motives and whats really happening.This side of Keith would have set him apart from many of those Pete knew.For all it's opinionated and subjective tendencies, the leo energy has true insight.
Roger and Keith
Roger Daltrey, like Keith and also John, lacks earth in his chart.Where Keith is strong in libra, Roger is predominately gemini and aquarius.But with saggitarius rising and jupiter and pluto in leo, he has a strong fire presence too.Without earth to hold him back, Roger was truly able to fly and sometimes off the handle.Over-aggressiveness,indeed violence,caused more than a few problems in his early Who days.Practicalities and the mundane are unlikely to have been his forte. Much more of the Pinball Wizard.With mercury and venus in aquarius,Roger would make his own rules and the rebel rather than the romantic would be his way.A free spirit with a hyper-active mind and no stranger to controversy and eccentricity.His moon conjuncting uranus accentuates the rebel in him and impulsiveness.This might well show in his work and he wasn't the kind of vocalist to hold back.His gemini moon would support many of these aquarian traits with speed of thought and restless ,changeable feelings notable.Popular amongst his peers but impossible to tie down or get emotionally close to.
These traits might at times be more pronounced than his piscean sun qualities which are more introverted and solitary. Pisces does like to get close to others emotionally,though it also has the need to disappear just when you're getting to know it.Its erratic neptunian behaviour is not challenged by his gemini moon's need to intellectualise feelings because their square aspect is out of orb.But in the case of all these personal planets, a freedom of spirit and a certain nervous energy.Roger's mind forever engaged but scattered rather than focused.His saturn conjuncting his mars, however, suggests some ability to control these energies,though anger too and negativity can ensue because of a conflict between inhibitions and the urge to act! In his 7th house,this aspect might make Roger difficult to get along with at times.His fists sometimes spoke for him as he strove to overcome the fact that he was short of stature.His saggitarius ascendent fires him with the need to experience as much of life as possible.Wherever the Who are called to,however far away,one would expect Roger to be their at the helm.Direct and to the point in true fire fashion,bearing jupiter's flag of wisdom and adventure.

Keith's planets are all focused in the southern hemisphere of Roger's chart.In particular house 8 has Keith's sun, saturn and his mercury/pluto conjunction in it.This is very much the leo side of Keith but the cusp of Roger's 8th is cancer which can bring an introspective feel to such issues as death,the occult,sex and also business affairs.The deeper side to relationships also comes under scrutiny in this house and Roger has his pluto here which,as the co-ruler of scorpio,has an affinity for this house.Objectives in life may become obsessions for Roger with little likely to stand in his way.Jupiter here too,would give him good financial skills and a flair for investment,though its retrograde state might hold him back somewhat.But the presence of his node,as well as lilith and vertex reveals an alternative side to him than just business interests or the acute mental skills looked at earlier with his air planets.A higher consciousness manifests itself and a sense of immortality may compete with his intellectual and business perspectives.
It's possible that in Keith's company,Roger found his 8th house come to life and found certain passions spring to the surface.Certainly Keith knew the force of his fists.With his sun there squaring Roger's moon to a very close degree,he would at times have got under his skin.The opposition to Roger's mercury too might be a cause of friction with  differences of opinion,though again this could also materialise as a mutuallly,stimulating force.But it must also be said that Keith's mercury/pluto conjunction harmonises nicely with Roger's ascendent causing Roger to be deeply and dynamically influenced by the young drummer.His independent-thinking venus however might consider Keith to have too much of a power complex and find him somewhat imposing and demanding.In aquarius, venus is a free spirit.Its 2nd house placement however may see Keith as being too grand and not conserving the things that matter.                  
Similarly the presence of his uranus in Roger's 7th would have impacted their relationship.The inventiveness of uranus would galvanise Roger's mars/saturn conjunction into positive action,though it might have the affect of unleashing the negative side of this conjunction,bringing out the aggressive or angry side of Roger.
The other main focus of Keith's planets centres around Roger's libran midheaven.We find Keith's venus,jupiter and chiron in his 10th itself with his mars/neptune conjunction close to the angle, just in the 9th.We've already seen how that conjunction of his, whilst attracting people to him can also lack direction.In libra,mars can be very fluctuating and un-mars-like and with neptune adding cloudiness,Keith may have seemed an enigma to Roger in terms of how the ambitious vocalist saw the Who evolving.His public personna had the charisma and charm that a libra mid-heaven can give,even if off-stage there was less balance.Quite apart from the drummer's irrepressable physical presence behind him on stage,Roger's otherwise empty 10th house is lit up by Keith's ring of planets here.In fact John and Pete also exert impact in this area of Roger's chart.
John and Roger
John has his libra sun and mars in Roger's 10th.Furthermore they are 7th house in his own chart, therefore carrying an interest in relationship issues with them into Roger's career house.
As bass player in the band, of course John was supportive,not just to Roger but to the Who itself.How much more so to Roger one can only speculate but the sun here might provide inspiration and encouragement in the professional sense.It's harmonious to Roger's gemini ways of doing and organising things and to his vocational aspirations,sending out good vibes to mars,saturn and jupiter.Roger would feel at ease working with John,sharing mutual goals.His own intuitive unassertive way of doing things is very much in tune with Roger's way of thinking.Mars happy with mercury here.
In terms of a closer relationship,Roger might find John a little unpredictable and hard to relate to with John's uranus squaring his pisces sun in the 7th.This suggests that they wouldn't have been particularly close as friends but with John's saturn also here trining his sun,Roger might feel that ultimately John was working for the good of them both.
It is in Roger's virgo-cusped 9th house that John's planets particularly focus--the house of philosophy and aspirations.The virgo influence on the 9th suggests that Roger is definite about his beliefs,possibly to the point of being closed in such matters,having formed his opinions in virgo's meticulously organised way.With air as his main element in his chart,Roger would most likely have formulated his objectives in life in the most intellectual way.John has no fewer than 9  planetery influences here in Roger's 9th,including all 4 asteroids and lilith as well as his vertex.Mercury,neptune and jupiter also make an appearance.Roger's neptune and chiron are waiting to greet them together with his part of fortune in this virgo environment Jupiter's conjunctions are usually beneficial and Roger's fortune and chiron enjoy the contact with house 9's natural benefactor.Certainly a virgoan chiron can be quite a cross to bear where feelings are concerned and we know that Roger,sun apart,lacks the feeling-orientated water signs.Optimism may be a weak point and we know that Roger felt sensitive about certain things.With jupiter's contact here,Roger would have felt more optimistic with John around and any healing process enhanced,particularly where the mind is concerned.John might have been someone he could confide in and accept criticism from to a certain degree.It must be noted too that jupiter is not at its most benevolent in virgo and Roger's impatience and speed of action is challenged by John here.So plenty of debate and disagreement too.

John's libran mercury however would enable him to see both sides of any argument and be sympathetic.Its aspects here are all positive and particularly towards Roger's vocational aspirations.Similarly his libran neptune harmonises nicely with Roger's moon and uranus.John would be sensitive to Roger's feelings,understanding towards his negative moments.A kind of psychic tie even.If Roger flew off the handle, John would cope better than others might.His strong libra traits as well as his emotional qualities coming to the rescue.Having his own chiron in virgo too would add further to his understanding of Roger's frustrations.With his concentration here in the 9th, John would have both the capacity and perhaps inclination to help broaden Roger's virgoan horizons and reach the pisces in him as distinct from the thinker and doer.

A particularly powerful aspect of John's psyche appears in Roger's cancer influenced 8th house This is his very close moon/node conjunction.A cancer north node can lead one towards spiritual growth and emotional well-being rather than worldly accomplishments.With his moon in cancer too, John would in time come to value the beauty of things closer to home.He would have an instinctive awareness of how things are with this blending of moon and node and Roger would find this presence in his 8th strongly.His vertex is closely conjuncted by John's moon and here in the 8th one could expect explosions.A very potent aspect between them.Passion and feeling between them might manifest itself over money and business affairs but more so would be the spiritual effect John might have on Roger.The cancer setting here suggests the latter and drama between them would never be far away with John able to bring out much of what lies deep inside Roger.And of course Roger's own leo node is here too with pluto's transformational power blending with it.John's own leo pluto guarantees the potency of this house between them.

John himself has most of his planets in houses 6 and 7.So he would indeed be interested in relationships and particularly where work and service is concerned.His venus in the 7th is in its natural house but unlike his libran sun and mars,it carries scorpio's passion and desire to get beneath the surface.Interestingly,Roger doesn't have any planetery interests in John's 7th,other than the midheaven we looked at earlier.But his sun sits in John's 12th,so he would be well tuned in to John and life issues would be discussed beyond the normal day to day band affairs.Pisces is particularly at home in the 12th house, so John as a person would interest the more reflective side of Roger.Those spiritual ties seen earlier,re-affirmed by this.Roger's mercury is here too further suggesting this.Mercury in aquarius is a good judge of human nature and unemotional.

In John's 2nd house where we find Roger's moon and uranus.John's 1st 4 houses all have the natural cusps influencing them and with taurus controlling 2nd house matters, John would be expected to have a sound business sense and be true to his values generally.Roger's moon there might indicate a shared enjoyment of pleasures and good working together on behalf of the band with due awareness of finances.As elsewhere, John as a person would have a positive effect upon Roger who would feel more secure having the bassist around.The moon in gemini needs just that being restless by disposition.Roger's 6th house uranus too is here, bringing some disorder to John's set of values.Roger's working methods might be rather unpredictable.
Roger's 7th house mars/saturn conjunction is in John's 3rd houset.It's one of Roger's achilles' heels with anger arising from the confict between mars need to act and saturn's need for caution.Courage and resourcefulness however are its positive traits and Roger would be more than happy to lead the band in many matters such as new material and venues to play at.John might have mixed feelings as to the tenability of Roger's initiatives.His responsive libra side going with it but his astute virgo side not so sure.
Pete Townshend ultimately became the writer and leader of the group.It was his initiatives that marked the Who as a special band with self-penned songs of distinction and the remarkable rock operas.His planets are in the younger, character-forming signs of the zodiac but in terms of houses,his planets are distributed in the southern hemisphere,where relationship and friendship issues come into focus, culminating in the 12th house of retreat.Spirituality and vocation are also in this hemisphere.It is in this area of one's chart that social awareness comes into play,as we move into the interpersonal and the intellectual."Us and them" is the cry.Pete's direct,youthful sign energies are directed into songwriting of the most powerful social criticism.No holds barred.

John and Pete
Earlier we saw how Pete related to Keith.Now we see him in relation to fellow guitarist, John Entwistle.Before the Who,they played together in various ensembles and it was John who recommended him to Roger to join the band.
Pete is the only Who member to focus on John's 1st house, the house of self and personality. We tend to notice planets in this house more than in other houses.John's own natal chart is empty of planets in the 1st, being almost completely western hemisphere orientated. Passive rather than taking the lead and very much suited to playing bass rather than lead! Consequently Pete's 3 personal planets here are more likely to have impact.Particularly as venus and mars here are both in opposition to John's libra sun.One could hardly not but take note of Pete's presence.Venus is at its most active in aries and can be very persuasive.John would have been both galvanised and taken aback by such force.With mars,unlike venus,in its strongest sign here,Pete would have been like a whirlwind to John.The birdman in more ways than one to the sturdy ox.Libra types such as John respond well to relationship initiatives and his sun's opposition to Pete's venus and mars would have created many dynamics between them.
Pete's venus is challenged by John's cancer moon too. John's feelings and sensitivities less at ease with Pete's over-indulgent,extravagant style than his sun-side is.But not a major discord.
Pete's taurean mercury is also here,so with such a planetery presence,Pete may well have had an effect on John in terms of self-belief and his development within the band.He did particularly praise John's arrangement skills in "Quadrophenia" and as a bass player,John,at times,produced "a hell of a lot of lead work".
There is however Pete's saturn squaring John's aries ascendent.John may  have felt that in some ways,Pete was restricting the more assertive side of his personality. Pete,however, might consider this to be in John's best interests.After all John's own saturn was of the same opinion.John's aries ascendent was his wilder side,few would have realised from his stage demeanour. But those who knew him well, understood that the ox had a more outspoken side to him.This aries side wanted to be a lead guitarist in the Duane Eddy mould but instead he settled for becoming one of Rock's greatest bass guitarists.Pete's saturn also challenges John's way of thinking which he sees as a little indecisive.But this too can work positively.Pete,with this saturn in cancer,would believe in getting things completed and for all it's accompanying negative traits this works to the band's benefit.Pete is very much vocationally-orientated with this saturn in his own 10th house,though it is in John's 4th house.With his north node also in John's 4th,Pete will be having impact in yet another of the important areas of John's life...his roots and base of operation.One might say even a karmic tie here.
Pete's sun is in John's 2nd which is good for the business side of their relationship and therefore the Who itself..This being taurus sun in a taurus-cusped 2nd house.John on an emotional level will be at ease with this situation too with his cancer moon in harmony with Pete here.Mutual understanding where work and finances are involved and some shared values and principles.

It is John's 6th house which concerns work amongst other matters where Pete has his biggest concentration of energies.With a leo cusp to it, John would take great pride in his work.He said of his bass-playing that when he went on stage he had to believe that he was the best bassist in the world.As well as his moon here,Pete has jupiter,neptune and chiron.His ascendent,pallas and east point are also there.Certainly a work-orientated relationship which as we know goes back a long way with them.It can even indicate mutual healing by way of the interaction.Chiron's presence here certainly indicates that.Pete,with his moon here,may well have an instinctive understanding of John's needs both as a person and as a musician within the band.Pete's jupiter would bring good work ethics into this house,being both critical where necessary but also the reknowned joy-bringer.On the debit side he also brings his own 6th house neptune into John's 6th and both speed and heroin did play their part in Pete's life.As well as booze.
John on the other hand didnt focus on Pete's 6th at all.He returned the 1st and 2nd house focuses and added the 10th.With his sun, mercury and neptune in Pete's 1st, he would have a significant impact on Pete.They are likely to share mutual goals with a degree of competitiveness with a strong exchange of ideas.At times things might get heated because John's libra sun here is opposed to Pete's fiery mars and some confict is inevitable.The opposition with venus is less discordant.However libra is a tactful sign and John's sun here is natally a 7th house one,geared to relationships,so John may have put diplomacy before confrontation.A trine to Pete's uranus would have been a positive,stimulating aspect in their favour.
John's neptune,a 6th house one like Pete's,would make him potentially susceptable to health or drug problems but with a desire to support his colleagues in their endeavours,even if his own focus may not always be as sharp as he would like.In Pete's 1st house, it might cause Pete to see John as a little hard to fathom.He might come across as spiritual or just confusing at times.
His scorpio venus and libran mars are in Pete's 2nd house but making no major aspects.An indication that John sees Pete as someone he can work with on a business level .Pete's taurus/virgo strengths should give him good business acumen,though natally his planets don't feature here.Together,they ought to have a reasonable awareness of what is needed to make the Who viable financially.Natally though,John's venus and mars are more relationship orientated than financially focused.
It's in Pete's vocation house that John shows his other main interest.His cancer moon there suggests that John would support Pete in the realisation of career ambitions.By nature, cancer is protective and nurturing and one would expect John to have a genuine feel and concern for Pete'a well-being.With moon sextiling sun also, Pete would return the compliment.Much affinity between them because Pete's solid taurean values are in keeping with John's protective cancerian moon feelings.One might say that,on this level, each would see The Who as their family to be cherished and maintained.Pete's aries venus would be less to John's liking because it is Pete at his more impulsive and this would go against both John's sun and moon's sensitivities.But unlikely to offset the positives in their relationship.
It must be borne in mind that John's cancer moon is in almost exact conjunction with his north node of the moon.( see John and Roger) He would bring instinctive and perceptive qualities to this area of Pete's life, as well as a feeling that his own destiny and fulfillment is to be found working with Pete and The Who.His saturn is also there,closely conjuncting Pete's own node, and therefore John would be a source of structure and reliability.In the best interests of the band,as well as both he and Pete, saturn here would have its say as ruler of the 10th.But with Pete's own saturn also 10th house,he himself would know the score.In fact,natally,John's saturn is in fact 4th house with a few challenges of its own,so his advice to Pete here might have a domestic edge to it rather than career aspirations.

Pete and Roger
At the very core of the band, we have the lead singer Roger,from sheet-metal worker to Shakespearian actor, and lead guitarist and writer Pete.Their relationship and interaction is fundamental to the band as a whole. Pete with his taurus/virgo values and Roger devoid of earth, other than chiron there.One might expect some discord and differences to say the least.Sun-wise, Roger's pisces has a natural affinity towards Pete's taurus,though in their case no sextile harmony is made by aspect. Of more relevance,synastrically,is the conjunction of Pete's sun and Roger's moon which is the most powerful aspect between them.In principle,the steady taurus and restless gemini are very different in outlook. However, when sun and moon conjunct each other rather than the testing semi-sextile(taurus and gemini's sign relationship) there is a positive bonding of feelings and aims.Potentially,even a soulmate attraction.Personality differences tend to compliment each other rather than exasperate. Roger's moon is a 6th house one and he would identify strongly with the work ethos,success here satisfying emotional needs.It is better if the conjunction takes place in the same sign,however, so we must accept that Pete's fixed taurean values will be uneasy about Roger's animated, changeable gemini traits.Roger would need to adapt to Pete's ways of doing things and whilst gemini is adaptable as a sign, his lack of earth elsewhere, could present difficulties to a harmonious relationship.
Pete's 9th house is very much a focal point because his sun and uranus are here, along with Roger's moon,mars,saturn and uranus.Philosophy and exchange of ideas and viewpoints is likely to be accentuated.Given his 9th's taurus-cusp,Pete,at heart,is likely to hold fixed,definite views which he sticks to firmly.But with uranus there too and not in taurus but gemini,there will also be much originality and adaptability in Pete.His sun in the 9th would suggest tolerance of others points of view but his basic taurean values would temper this.Sun's square to Rogers mercury indicates disagreements,each questioning the other's judgement.Pete's uranus squares Roger's sun making co-operation difficult between them.Roger's own uranus here,in conjunction with his own moon, squares Pete's moon. Pete,as a result, might be irritated by Roger's unpredictability and feel unsettled by his impulsiveness.Facing someone with a moon/uranus conjunction is not easy with so much emotional tension and non-conformity.Even more so in the case of Pete with his basic taurus/virgo nature.
Roger's mars/saturn conjunction squaring jupiter here, would add to these feelings of Pete's. Where  beliefs and attitudes to life are concerned, Pete might find Roger too aggressive in his views with Roger seeing Pete as self-righteous.The saturn input could leave Pete feeling frustrated and sorely tested by Roger, as if the lead singer was in some way restricting him and affecting his confidence.
However Pete's venus is in sextile with this conjunction, so the aries-side of his nature will appreciate some of Roger's ideas and influences and Pete could even have a soothing effect on Roger at times.The more impulsive,extreme side of Pete,his venus in aries, would find Roger provides a welcome stimules here,even bringing stability to this emotional side of him. A strong loyalty between them and this would seem to have been the case.
Each has their sun in the other's 6th house,so work forms a major part of their relationship,with power and authority equally held.Roger's sun makes some important aspects from Pete's 6th or from his own natal 3rd.The polarity with Pete's virgo moon is responsible for some of the dynamics between them.If Pete did find Roger,at times,a little too much,he nevertheless had an affection for him too.Positives rather than negatives are usually the case here.With pisces and virgo involved,a desire to serve[the fans] is present,something the Who were all about.Roger openly cried following the death of eleven fans in 1979.His pisces soul.
The square between Roger's sun and Pete's uranus is a powerful one and would trigger problems with Pete seeing Roger as demanding or attempting to control matters.In fact Roger,for all his aggressive and confrontational tendencies, claimed to be the one who cared most for the Who and criticised his colleagues use of speed etc.To him hard work was the way forward for the band and he saw Pete as becoming increasingly unpredictable,after his initial admiration for his unique talents.
The trine with Pete's saturn,like their sun/moon dynamics, is a positive one and shows that their relationship has a lasting quality with the Who benefiting from this interaction and general organisational ability.Roger can be supportive to Pete in his role of developing and structuring the direction of the band.Pisces as a sunsign, is particularly adept at this and with his saturn in cancer,Pete would need all the positives that Roger could provide.An excellent aspect between them.With Pete's true node conjunct to saturn,the bond would be even stronger,with a karmic edge to it.
In Roger's own chart, we find Pete's planets also focused in the 9th house,so the philosophy of life,as an issue between them is re-inforced.If Pete was the lyricist and innovator of the band,then Roger was the one who helped shape those ideas and put them into action.There was much for them to discuss and formulate and its no accident that the 9th house should be a meeting place for their exchanges.Its also interesting that Pete's uranus and saturn conj node are in Roger's 7th ...the house of relationships and partnerships.At times volatile and uncomfortable but always stimulating.
Roger's aries-cusped 4th house[the very heart and base of his chart] has Pete's venus,mars and mercury all there.Another indication that their relationship was an important one which would leave a lasting impression on both.Pete's ideas and vision would impact Roger,though his mercury makes no significant aspects.His venus,however does, trining jupiter and sextiling saturn.Working as a team,supporting each other in their artistic endeavours, arises from these aspects.General compatability and loyalty are shown.Deep down Roger would feel good about Pete.
Mars here will act as a galvanising force,particularly given its aries placement.Its trine to Roger's saggitarius ascendent adds more spark and energy.Together Pete and Roger are indeed a fiery, competitive unit.Their ups and downs,part and parcel of a being a successful team.
If ever a man found his true nodal path in leo, it was Roger.He even had the leo mane.Truly discovering his own,unique talents and creativity as well as his warmer self.For Pete, the nodal path was to cancer and realising the value of human connections and life away from the public glare.There the spiritual self can be nurtured.


Pete Townshend

Pete reached his gemini progression before he was two years old.We can therefore see him as a taurean experiencing the gemini vibrations throughout his formative years and less likely to be as stick in the mud as some Taureans.But his mercury does not progress to gemini during his Who years,so even if gemini's fluidity affects part of him,his thinking and reasoning  powers remain true to taurean steadiness and purpose.
His sun progression to cancer in august 78 is an astrological watershed in his life.The year when one's sun progresses is traumatic enough.In Pete's case,it precedes Keith Moon's tragic death by less than a month.He was as devasted as anyone by this disaster.That summer "Who Are You" was released,in which he took the band in a very different musical direction.His much more fluid guitar style suggests echoes of cancer's sensitivities and imagination.Earth liquified by Water one might say and given movement and flow.
His mercury was already progressed to cancer by 1978 and his virgo moon was in the middle of its scorpio progression.Bearing in mind his saturn in cancer and his nodal path cancerian too, Pete was no stranger to emotion during this period.He had alot to cope with.The next few years showed this in his life,as cancerian feelings got the better of him.His aries in mars fire had lost its glow in its progression to taurus.With Keith gone, it was Pete who seemed to take up the mantle of the band's unsteadiest member.The 3 years following Keith's death saw him plunging towards a similar fate.On sep 8th 1981, he suffered a heroin overdose and the next few months found him trying to dry out.1982 was a turning point in his recovery.Saturn's transit of his natal 12th house began just before Keith's death and then moved into his 1st house during this difficult period in his life.Anxiety and depression would set in if issues were not resolved.
His actual saturn return had taken place on the 30th of june 74 when he would have taken stock of his life so far.That year he'd performed his first solo concert and had already begun to see the Who in a negative light, parodies of themselves.The previous year the release of Quadrophenia also highlighted taking stock of who one is and where one is going. Pete in the mid-to-late 70s was coming to terms with many emotions.Saturn's transit of such personal houses as the 12th and 1st, 4 years later, would have re-opened these issues.Saturn's move to his 2nd house in dec 1981 would been a weight off his shoulders, though it moved back into his 1st in march 1982 for a 6 month period,finally staying in his 2nd in sep 82.
In early 2000,Pete experienced his 2nd progressed moon return which would have put evaluation of feelings once again under the microscope.Work ethos and self-analysis are some of the issues that are likely to take centre stage in his life.

Roger Daltrey

His pisces sun progressed to aries on oct 27 1963.His early years with the Who,therefore,saw steam rising from this piscean rather than the gentle waters.One of the more interesting and dramatic of the progressions.His aquarius mercury too had progressed to aries by this time.
His progressed moon return ,in july 71,co-incides with "Whos Next".A groundbreaking album for Roger, truly establishing him as a great rock singer.Natally his gemini moon is 6th house, so work particularly would jump into focus with this progression.Health too. His gemini mars had just progressed into cancer and if ever high-charged emotion was let loose, it was in Roger's vocals on this album.In gemini,energies may lack focus at times but with the cancer progression, feelings and emotions are added to the mental and reasoning powers.
His saturn return was on the 11th May 1973,the time to reflect on his life so far.That year he released his 1st solo album,"Daltrey" and said "My big ambition in life is to keep The Who together, and under the surface, it needs a lot of attention. I get accused all of the time of being a breadhead, but it's just that the other don't care - and I mean don't care."
In the autumn,Quadrophenia was released, which apart from being a milestone for Pete, was a personal success for Roger.
His second sun progression to taurus was in april 20 1994.Earlier he had celebrated his 50th birthday with a concert called "Daltrey sings Townshend".An ebullient Roger then embarked on a
tour.Taurus is about stability and ejoying the good things in life.One would expect his pisces to settle down after the pioneering,adventurous years in aries.

Keith Moon
If Keith typified leo in many ways, then in terms of sun progression, the sign of virgo must be considered too because this took place within months of birth.Virgo seems a most unlikely influence for one such as Keith but nevertheless it would have made its mark somewhere.Leo becomes more introverted and anxious when its virgo-side is stressed and clouds can hide the sun, as the lion becomes preoccupied with virgoan details and concerns.
His venus progressed to scorpio in february 61, which would take his interest in relationships onto a deeper,more passionate level.Pleasures and desires take on grander proportions and extravagance leads to self-indulgence.
At the end of 1973 he experienced his progressed moon return to cancer.It had been a traumatic year even by Keith's standards with the departure of his wife Kim and the death of his dad at the age of 53.The pressures of playing "Quadrophenia" live had led to an overdose and stage collapse in san francisco.Earlier that year, he'd hosted John Peel's Top Gear radio show to great success.A roller coaster year but one that ended with his emotions in turmoil.In 1974 he and Annette made their base in California,where they would stay for 3 years.
His saturn return arrived in june 1976.Given Keith's multi-faceted personality,addiction to drugs and drink etc..the notion of taking stock of his life so far may not be as others might view such an auspicious review.That year had seen a series of tours by the Who with Keith collapsing on stage
in Boston in march and cutting himself in new york.A successful summer series of concerts at english football stadiums was followed by a breakdown in florida on august 11th.After a week he left the hospital, celebrated his 30th birthday and in october produced some of his finest ever drumming performances as the Who completed their american tour.As John Entwistle said " He was fucking amazing.In fact the whole band was fucking amazing....That to me was the peak of the Who's career".Had his saturn return made a significant mark? It was in fact Keith's last tour.
But on december 15,he announced he would be marrying Annette.He didn't but they did finally move into his dream-house at Trancas Beach.It did seem that Keith was,in true saturn style, building the foundations for his future.His Hollywood hustling for a film career also seemed to be looking up with his appearance in a Mae West film "Sextette".
But as 1977 lingered on,with no activity on the Who front and a lack of activity in california,the promise of the previous year was fast waning.Boredom.Neither rockstar or actor.By the summer, he was hospitalised again.The only solution was to return to london which he did in july to work on the Who film "The Kids are Alright".With Elvis dying in august, his beloved valet Dougal leaving him and his general manic condition,Keith finally left the USA for good in september.
England was in the grips of the punk explosion and Keith was just not up to the Who's work.Pete gave him an ultimatum to get his act together or leave the band.Through 78 he struggled to keep up with things.A summer of recording did see the occasional touches of his old magic and in an interview he said " I feel I've got a sense of purpose ".He told John "I'm fed up with being a fat pig "
Right up to his death on september 7th, there were signs that Keith really did want to stabilise his life as far as was possible.We'll never know.He died of an accidental overdose.
During the last year of his life, his sun had progressed to libra( we cannot be sure of exact time period,not having his hour of birth) This in itself would have been traumatic enough with his leo seeking harmony and balance,as is libra's desire but also facing the other side of the libran coin..
indecision and falling between 2 extremes.His mars was progressed to or about to progress to scorpio which would take his all or nothing natal libra mars into a very definite and purposeful mode of action.Another stressful situation for him.Jupiter too was on the verge of a scorpio progression.

John Entwistle

His sun progression to scorpio took place in 1958.Quite a period of progressions with mercury also progressing to scorpio a year earlier and venus progressing from scorpio to saggitarius that year too.Mars too, had reached scorpio by the time of the sun progression.John's balanced libran perspective now had the intensity of scorpio to experience and reconcile.It would have given him more of a sense of purpose.With his venus progressing to saggitarius,the desire to free himself from some of the scorpio concerns of possessiveness and jealousy, would be present.John wanted to be a lead guitarist and when he was 14 made the change from trumpet to guitar.
"But I always preferred the sound of a bass-it excited me the most".So the bass it was.
It's interesting that during his period with the Who, many of his planets had progressed into his 6th house,such as sun,mercury and mars, joining neptune,jupiter and the 4 asteroids,already there natally.Work! The cusp sign also progressed to virgo, to add to leo's influence.
With Keith's advent to the band in april 64, John started producing, in Pete's words, " a hell of alot of lead work." His taurus moon had progressed to aries the previous month and this 2 year period saw him in pioneering mood.His bass solo on "My Generation" was special and he co-wrote the instrumental "The Ox."
His progressed moon return took place in Feb 1972.The previous spring had seen the release of his 1st solo album "Smash Your Head Against The Wall".His song "My Wife", about marriage problems, was included on "Who's Next"later in 71.He released his 2nd album "Whistle Rhymes" in 1972.Throughout that period, his progressed moon was in its natal sign of cancer.
With his true node also in cancer and his saturn in cancer turning retrograde by progression, John is very much concerned with introspective feelings and issues and the inner being.
The reflective nature of cancer where one's roots and family come into focus is shown in such songs as John's "When I Was A Boy." the B-side of the Who's autumn ' 71 single.We must also remember that his sun.mercury and mars are all progressed into scorpio and in his 6th house.
His saturn return, to its natal cancer position, took place in july 74.The reflection on one's life so far.That year, he compiled a "bootleg" of Who B-sides and album outtakes called "Odds And Sods".His observations on life on the road with the band ,"Postcard", was released as a single and in December he made his first solo tour of England with his own band The Ox.Saturn was working overtime.His 4th solo album "Mad Dog" followed in ' 75 with his first solo American tour.
In July 1988,his sun progressed to saggitarius, the sign of expansion and freedom.That February,the Who had re-united and received the BPI Life Achievement Award.They toured again the following year but it was short-lived.