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Agneth                                                  5/4/50                     Aries Sun/ Scorpio Moon
Metal year/tiger year/dragon month                                  metal/ wood /wood
bjorn                                                     25/4/45                    Taurus Sun/ Libra Moon
wood year/ rooster year/ snake month                              wood / metal/ fire
benny                                                   16/12/46                 Saggitarius Sun/ Libra Moon
fire year/ dog year / rat month                                             fire/ metal/ water
frida                                                      15/11/45                  Scorpio Sun/ Pisces Moon
wood year/ rooster year /pig month                                   wood/ metal / water

If the main purpose of this website is to show how members of bands relate to one another, then Abba must be the perfect band.Not only do we have two married couples involved here but we also have special relationships,musically, between Bjorn and Benny,the songwriters and Agneth and Frida the upfront vocalists.Their birthcharts confirm this.
Benny and Frida
Benny and Frida are very much fire and water people with some measure of air but no planets in the solid, practical element of earth ( they may or may not have earth as a rising sign)
One might expect a steamy,emotional relationship between them at times, with sensitivity ruling over sensibility.However,they both benefit from the air sign of Libra which understands and fosters good relating skills.In Benny's case, Libra is his moonsign which has no interest in stormy situations.Its ruler, Venus is about charm and diplomacy. Moreover Benny's fire sign is Saggitarius, ruled by the benevolent Jupiter, Adaptability, optimism and joviality are the Saggitarian expressions of Fire.He has Sun,Mercury and Mars all in this sign, as well as Juno and Lillith.In any heated situations with Frida, one would expect  tolerance and the allowance of freedom of expression in others as well as in himself. Saggitarians usually have high ideals and convictions such as Benny strong environmental concern.Interests as diverse as ornithology and race-horse owning are in keeping with his widespread Saggitarian energies.His sunsign is the one that Frida's Scorpio will progress to in time.
Frida had more than her fair share of tragedy in her life both before Benny and after.Her mother died when she was two and her daughter died at 30. The feelings-orientated water signs play a major part in her chart.Her Sun, Venus and Saturn are in Scorpio, the sign of intensity and transformation, as well as Pallas and Lillith.She truly knew the pain that Scorpio must sometimes go through before it attains the freedom that is Saggitarius.It is this connection between Scorpio's inner exploration and Saggitarius's outer one that makes the relationship between Frida and Benny so fascinating. In Benny, Frida may have seen a light at the end of the tunnel.She had Saggitarius as her progressed sun (see later) therefore Benny had qualities that she would aspire towards.Not least the inherant goodness and optimism that contact with Jupiter can bring.
Her Mercury,Ceres and Vesta form a stellium in Saggitarius.Her Ceres there is interesting in the light of her moving away from her children and husband in order to further her career.Naturally she was heavily criticised but genuinely believed that it was in everyone's best interests. Ceres in Saggitarius sees the bigger picture in terms of caring and nurturing.Its ruling signs of Taurus and Cancer would find it hard to understand physically leaving your children but Saggitarius is concerned with ideals and freedom. With Mercury there, her thinking was independent and versatile. Much as she loved her children she couldn't be restricted to just being a mother.Her Vesta too would see the broader spectrum of life as sacred. Frida had to be free to explore and had she denied herself this, life would have become intolerable.
This side of Frida found the perfect partner in Benny, with his own strong Saggitarius influence.


Her Scorpio side too, found a kindred spirit in him.They both had Venus there, giving them a similar romantic outlook, intense and passionate.With Frida having her Sun in Scorpio too,as well as Pallas and Lillith, emotional energy would be high and Benny could expect direct responses from her where matters of the heart were involved. His own Venus there meant that he too took such matters very seriously and he could empathise with Frida's needs and desires.
At the same time, he had tremendous self-belief and control, having Jupiter in Scorpio and this self-assurance made him a very positive influence on Frida's Sun. His Jupiterian contact here brings a sense of well-being to her and is spiritually uplifting. Mutual trust, loyalty and protectiveness.Frida might see Benny as a lucky charm in her life. Coupled with his Venus conjunction to her Sun, romance between them was off to a good start
Frida's moon is in the sensitive and receptive sign of Pisces.Although this gives a compassionate and responsive nature, it can also cause a shyness or a distancing from reality which people might construe as aloofness or coldness.Almost as if the person is only half there.Whatever her time of birth, a trine of some degree will be formed between her feelings-side,her Pisces Moon and her basic self-expression,her Sun in Scorpio. This is an emotionally powerful combination which gives Frida great insight into human affairs. Sensitive, creative and capable of the most dramatic of actions.Scorpio's determination and single-mindedness combining with Pisces' artistic and impressionable tendencies.Career is more important to Scorpio than Pisces but together these energies make Frida a very serious artist and performer.Sophistication and passion.
Benny is a typical Libra Moon with his easy-going, charming personality which made him a popular member of the band and an ideal person to work with.Always the diplomat in his relationship with Frida and others.The Moon in Libra desires harmony and abhores confrontation or dischord.It delights in the Arts.This and his Neptune in Libra go well with his Saggitarius planets,forging a natural harmony and growth potential.When the Libran Moon meets the Saggitarius Sun, a more cheerful, agreeable person could not be met.Benny's tolerance and ability to look at issues in a caring but dispassionate manner would make him the perfect peacemaker in any band disputes.Quite a contast to Frida's approach to life, though she had her own share of Libran planets.
This aspect of Frida is important to understand in the context of her involvement with Abba. With Jupiter in Libra, Frida would be most likely to succeed in her career in partnership situations rather than working solo. Her Juno in Libra, which is its natural sign, would also need companionship  both at work and at home.Frida would feel committed to her colleagues in Abba in Juno's special way.Her Chiron is also in Libra which re-inforces this need to work with others and to see others' points of views.She knew the loneliness of seperation from loved ones in her life.She knew how painful and unjust life could be.In Abba, she found a family that she could believe in.
The question of family and belonging is one that seems particularly relevant to Frida .Her Cancer north node tells us that it was vital to Frida that she came to terms with her emotional self and needs.The kind of human connections she made with Benny and their cosy nest, as well as with the other members of Abba, were steps in the right direction towards self-reconciliation and establishing the kind of family roots that Cancer asks of us.She had the ambition,associated with her Capricorn South Node, which led to her putting career before family initially but she would come to realise the importance of the Home as she grew older.Her basic Scorpio self sees the value both of Capricorn and Cancer ideals
Benny,with his own North Node in Gemini, learned to relax and take life in his stride, adapting to his environment and communicating on all levels.What might have seen casual,even lazy to some, was Benny saying that life doesn't have to be highbrow and serious. He was happy just being himself and enjoying the diversity of everyday life. His path in life was less exacting and stressful than that which had been mapped out for Frida.With his Chiron in Scorpio, Benny knew the importance of controlling one's own life and not pandering to popular opinion.He would do things in his own way and if being laidback about certain things suited him,then so be it.When he needed to be dynamic, he certainly could be.
Agnetha and Bjorn
Agneth and Bjorn form the other half of Abba. Whereas Benny and Frida have no Earth signs in their respective charts, Bjorn and Agnetha have their fair measure.Taurus is at the very heart of Bjorn's nature and the discriminating sign of Virgo figures in both Agnetha's and Bjorn's. Agnetha has Mars, Saturn and Juno in Virgo but not in conjunction.She would be precise and detailed in her work and planning but inclined to become tense and allow worries to develop because of the high standards she would set herself and expect from others. Bjorn's Jupiter being in Virgo means that the balance between free reign of expression and the need for method and precision is an ongoing challenge for him.The inner debate here relects the one that his Taurus-side and his Aries-side would have.His Pallas is also in Virgo and closely conjuncting Jupiter.Whereas Jupiter feels restricted there, Pallas is in its favourite sign and would urge Bjorn to pursue Virgo's careful, analytical approach to things where the mind is unswayed by emotive influences. It was he rather than Benny who was the analyst of the band.Virgo is the sign of work and service and Bjorn and Agnetha's brought these ethics to Abba.With these Virgoan influences all being in retrograde in their respective charts, they would have more impact than usual and in a more personal and introspective way. Inhibition sometimes preventing true  expression of the planet concerned with subjectivity rather than objectivity the more likely manifestation. "We both want to be recognised individually"
However the outstanding feature between them is their Sun/Moon polarity which is a dynamic attraction between two people and a major indicator of a special relationship. Not only is Agnetha's Aries Sun opposite Bjorn's Libra Moon but his Taurus Sun is opposite her Scorpio Moon.Two people destined to fall in love.Each instilling confidence in the other.Each feeling emotionally secure and protected.Agnetha's strong Aries traits making Bjorn's Libra-side feel more decisive and independent and Bjorn's Taurus-side helping Agnetha's Scorpio side feel more at ease and grounded. The Sun sign tends to dominate the Moon in these synastrical situations but there will be some input from the Moonsign too. Agnetha's Scorpio will show Bjorn that truth and thinking big are values to strive for, while his Libra will show her Aries that relationships can work and compromise is a virtue not a weakness.Ultimately, Agnetha chose the Aries,more solitary path, true to her north node and Bjorn stuck to his solid Taurean principles. But not before his Venus-ruled Taurus/Libra found her Mars-led Aries/Scorpio passionate and sexually intense.
Agnetha's impact on him must have been groundshaking.
Their Mars signs too are in polarity. Bjorn's in Pisces and Agnetha's in Virgo. One might therefore expect a different approach to how each of them tackles issues and some disputes.However,as we've already seen, there is a strong Virgoan side to Bjorn and he is able to look at the finer details which is contrary to Pisces' usual non-analytical approach.In some matters perhaps he did have an intuitive feel which would have given him both faculties.
Bjorn had fallen in love with Agneth's voice before they met and he wasn't to be disappointed when they did.She had long admired Bjorn during his time with "The Hootenanny Singers". She took my breath away. Just like that, she fell in love with me." Like Frida, Agneth had a temper and like Benny, Bjorn took it in his stride.A solid Taurean temperament with a Libran Moon(like Benny too) which puts diplomacy before all else and responds well to a partner's needs.His Chiron in Virgo championing the rights of others to be free from control…to be allowed to express themselves as they see fit.

Bjorn's Mars in Pisces would give him the ability to understand how others feel and Bjorn faced with any negativity from Agnetha, would be sympathetic and want to help her sort things out.
It helped too that both Agneth and Bjorn had Mercury in Aries, so Bjorn could see things as Agneth did to some extent. If Agnetha was ever outspoken or quick to voice her opinions,and she certainly was where music was concerned, Bjorn would have more than a little empathy. His Venus was also there, as was Agneth's fiery Sun. Falling in love suddenly and passionately is Venus's way in Aries. Our Venus and Mercury placements can very much influence our Sunsign's viewpoint. Bjorn'sTaurus Sun wouldn't usually take kindly to Agneth's hot-headedness or missile-throwing. However, his Arian Mercury and Venus had empathy for his loved-one.She fascinated him because he saw part of himself in her.That Aries part of him which he kept restrained most of the time.Not surprisingly, his Mercury,closely, and his Venus form conjunctions with Agnetha's Sun in Aries.Nor should we forget the Sun/Moon polarity explained earlier.
Unlike,Benny and Frida, they tied the knot relatively early on in their relationship. Bjorn's Taurus Sun, as well as his Cancer North Node being happy to make commitments official.Juno in Cancer also being committed to family ties. Agnetha, however is very different in her make-up.Where Bjorn has the Venus-ruled Libra Moon, Agnetha has her Moon in Scorpio, where Mars and Pluto vie for influence.No half-measures with Agnetha! Intensity, drive and passion rule.This is reflected in many of her songs and in her actions."I write my love songs under the influence of two flickering candles on my piano." Romantic but with the fire,not only of Aries Sun, but of Scorpio Moon which demands recognition. Being one half of Bjorn and Agnetha and one quarter of Abba was not enough" I want to be recognised for my own ability" This is a difficult Sun/Moon combination and can lead to much soul-searching and loneliness. Agnetha might be as demanding and uncompromising with others as she was with herself.She waxed lyrically about her summer wedding to Bjorn when she was just 21,but ultimately it was to be the path of the Aries true node rather than the libra one which she was to follow.
After her marriage to Bjorn ended in 1979,lovers came and went,with no lasting union. For all her magnetism and glamour, her basic romantic nature reflects much of her Venus in Aquarius, where detachment and control of the more sensitive emotions is the case.
Bjorn,by contrast, remarried within a year, true to his Cancer north node's need to put family values first and of course his Taurus Sun's commitment to homelife with Libra Moon's need for a stable,long-term partner.His Saturn in Cancer,to, means that family life is important to him, though that sense of responsibility can be a burdon to career aspirations.
As with Benny and Frida, Bjorn's sunsign is the one that Agneth's Aries must evolve into.

Benny and Bjorn

Benny and Bjorn were the engine-room of Abba and got on as well as any song-writing team and band-members possibly could.They shared the partnership,intellectually-orientated Libra Moon, so any potential differences would be sorted out in the best possible Venusian way.They would have similar attitudes and feelings towards music and other matters and unlike their spouses ,whose moons are in water signs,emotions would be minimised.Stability and harmony rather than passion. Head ruling the heart.Their Sunsigns have different agendas and do not naturally go together. Bjorn's practical earth values contrasting with Benny's adventurous Saggitarius philosophy.However no direct aspects are formed and each can keep this side of their personality separate from their working relationship.
The most notable known aspect is Benny's Sun closely squared by Bjorn's Mars which can cause some friction. However the signs involved here suggest this wouldn't have been the case because neither Pisces Mars nor Saggitarius Sun are known for vitriolic tendencies. More so, they share Jupiter as their ruler, the most benign of planets.It is unlikely that this aspect's potential conflict between them existed in their particular case.More likely it worked as a positive attraction between them.
Another difficult aspect might have been Bjorn's own Taurus Sun squaring Benny's Saturn in Leo.
Theoretically this could materialise as Benny frustrating Bjorn's plans or disappointing him in some way.In Leo, Saturn can negate one's sense of fun and Benny seems to be the very opposite of that.One can only surmise that,being in retrograde, his Saturn wasn't functioning in its usual way in Leo….Benny retained his sense of fun regardless.However, successful as they were and co-operative as they were, song-writing didn't come easy " Nine times out of ten writing a song is something we manage only after a hell of a lot of sweat and work."So their Sun/Saturn square may have had a subtle effect upon them.
Benny's Sun/Mars conjunction in Saggitarius,which gives him much of his enthusiasm and energy, trines Bjorn's Venus in Aries.This is one of their strong bonds establishing a strong friendship and loyalty between them. Mutual admiration and encouragement. "The astonishing thing to me is that during all our time of composing Benny and I have never quarrelled"
Bjorn's Venus is also very closely sextiled by Benny's Uranus. A particularly magnetic attraction between them both socially and musically. Bjorn finding Benny a highly stimulating,compelling influence in his artistic endeavours. Sextile aspects are indicative of mutual growth.
Bjorn's own Uranus conjuncts Benny's North Node in Gemini.This is an exact aspect and the power and implications of this cannot be overstated. Benny's karmic path has Bjorn here to support him in his goals. Bjorn acting as a force of change in Benny , to become more responsible and tuned into his immediate social environment rather than the free spirit he also was.To connect to his peers truly at the grass roots level rather than the intellectual, highbrow type that Bjorn was. To be accessable and gregarious.When Uranus touches another's North Node so exactly we have a truly karmic connection here.
Bjorn's Taurus Sun in polarity to Benny's Chiron in Scorpio is a dynamic aspect between them and a very close orb.Benny's affable,easy-going personality may to some extent be due to Chiron working its magic in Scorpio.He has learned to feel free and relaxed about himself and consequently promotes cordiality and positivity in his relations with others.He feels inner forces more so than Bjorn,whose Taurus Sun is more interested in the tangible, what he can see and touch. His own Chiron in Virgo squares Benny's Saggitarius Sun suggesting that Bjorn's analytical approach to solving problems and feeling sure that he knows best, is very different to Benny's more abstract thinking where he sees the wider perspective rather than the finer details
Whatever the aspects between them,one factor will always remain strong. Bjorn, the planner and practical thinker  with his Taurus Sun and Virgo influence. Benny, the natural musician and spontaneous part of the team, free from the constraints of Earth-based planets. Their Libra Moons helped bring them together but Bjorn, himself, had a good appreciation of all four elements so that he could empathise with Benny's needs and aspirations too. Mutual tolerance and understanding of each other.

Agnetha and Frida
Agnetha and Frida shared the vocal spotlight in Abba and also had strong astrological connections.Frida, as we've seen, had a Fire/Water prominence in her chart, just like her partner Benny and no Earth. Agnetha, like Bjorn had more of a balance in hers overall but with her Sun and Mercury in the fiery Aries and Moon in Scorpio, she had more steam to her than Bjorn.
The synastrical lighthouse between them is Frida's Scorpio Sun and Agnetha's Scorpio Moon. Kindred souls if ever there were and overshadowing everything else. Agnetha should be emotionally in tune with Frida as is the case when one's Moonsign meets its correlating Sunsign. The compatability is based on one person's personality traits complementing the other's rather than being the same. With the sign involved here being Scorpio, the conjunction becomes more significant due to Scorpio so often being misunderstood or difficult to relate to.Agnetha and Frida are capable of tremendous passion and intensity ( as Bjorn and Benny will vouch for ) and this is never the easiest energy to live with or control. For one so intense as Agnetha, having to cope with Aries as her Sunsign too, to find a singing partner with Scorpio as her Sunsign was more than a little fortunate.It was destiny. The spirit of co-operation and mutual appreciation.To listen to Abba, to watch Abba, is to see and feel the full force of Scorpio at its very best. Benny too contributed to this Scorpio cocktail with his Venus,Jupiter and Chiron there.
Frida,with Venus in Scorpio too would be the more likely of the two to exhibit the full Scorpio thrust and to be more pro-active in their relationship.No sign is more determined to succeed in its goals than Scorpio and Frida was certainly true to this.Her early shyness was overcome as she matured as a performer.
Although it is Frida's Sun which is the focal one above, it is Agnetha's fiery Aries one which makes most of the other significant aspects between them.Agnetha's Sun trines Frida's Mercury encouraging and stimulating her mind and ideas.Frida would understand Agnetha,her need for independence and positive action and be receptive to her initiatives.A lot of creativity and spontaneity between them.Aries and Saggitarius expressing their individuality harmoniously. They would be able to reason and intellectualise any differences of opinion.
Agnetha's Sun is also in trine with Frida's Pluto.Their personalities form a dynamic harmony and power which is there for all to see on stage and on record. The potential of this alliance has no limits and set in fire signs, the effect would be dramatic.They have an instinctive feel for each other with Agnetha particularly impressed by Frida's intensity.A spiritual bonding too where Agnetha may sense that Frida can give her life fresh impetus and meaning.
Their Moons are also in trine by sign and possibly aspect too. Frida's Pisces Moon understands and empathises with Agnetha's passionate Scorpio Moon, relating strongly on a feelings and emotional level.She would find Agnetha's hot-headed Aries Sun harder to relate to, though Pisces as a sign progresses to Aries in its evolvement.More difficult for the Aries-side of Agnetha to relate to Frida's Pisces Moon than vice-versa.

Agnetha's Sun sextiles Frida's Uranus helping to energise their relationship which will be an exciting, eventful one.Here it is Frida the whirlwind with originality and moments of eccentricity stimulating Agnetha into change and new directions. A magnetic attraction with Agnetha's Arian energy responding well to Frida, however unpredictable she might be. Both intellectuality and spirituality are met in this aspect.
An interesting polarity also involve Agnetha's Sun.It opposes Frida's Jupiter/Chiron conjunction in Libra. A Sun/Jupiter polarity may involve religious or philosophical differences.It could also mean that Frida is,in some ways,a little disappointing to Agnetha who may have expected too much of her, more than Frida was able to deliver.Their previous aspects here do suggest that Agnetha was much taken by Frida, who was a breath of fresh air in her life.Perhaps,for all their dynamic interaction, ultimately their paths were different, as shown by their North Nodes.Agnetha was to tread the single-minded Aries path which can be a difficult, lonely one where scars are accumalated. Frida's was the Cancer one of family and human connections with the onus on developing her emotional self.Their Sun/Jupiter polarity is also about the Aries/Libra divide with Agnetha again representing the self issues and Frida the relationship and others issues. Excesses too, on both sides, could negate their otherwise positive aspects. However this aspect still denotes friendship between them and adds to the general dynamics of their collaboration. The Chiron factor mustn't be overlooked either. Frida with Chiron in Libra is fundamentally interested in relationships but true to her Scorpio Sun, she may feel the need to emotionally understand and relate to herself before she can truly relate to and work with others.Jupiter's conjunction with Chiron adds optimism and strengthens her ideals.Partnerships are important ultimately to her and  the opposition to Agneth's Aries Sun shows the different positions they occupy on this crucial self and others axis. Frida can see much of herself in Agneth's fierce independent spirit but it is a part of herself she is prepared to restructure and transform. Agnetha,although her Libra shadow side might have some influence upon her, is essentially Aries by nature.
Agnetha and Benny
Talking of Libra, here is a man, who like Agnetha's partner Bjorn, has the Libra Moon. Her Aries Sun, flanked by its polarity sign.Benny showing the same rationality in feelings and desire for harmony as Bjorn does.Agnetha likely to find Benny as dynamic a person to work with as Bjorn. Her Sun in harmony with Benny's fellow fire sign of Saggitarius, though the trine formed is out of aspect. Benny may well look up to Agnetha and admire her spirit, as Saggitarius does towards Aries.Their way of thinking and reasoning also harmonious.Communication between them should be positive and lively. The almost exact trine formed between his Sun and her Mercury would enable them to exchange thoughts and ideas fluidly.Agnetha finding Benny stimulating and influential in developing her intellectual progress.
Benny's Sun also closely conjuncts Agnetha's Chiron in Saggitarius.. Agnetha we know, was searching for her own particular truths in life.Her North Node in Aries and Scorpio Moon are but two examples of this.With Chiron placed in Saggitarius, the search may be endless for Agnetha, more so than for Benny's Sun here. Hers will be an intense one.She may have been a catalyst for Benny to look further into his own truths,either in a healing sense or otherwise.Abba brought them together musically and certain karmic or philosophical bonds may also have been formed.
Her Mars has a different effect upon his Sun, squaring it. There may have been times when he found Agnetha rather too volatile and argumentative.However it wasn't in Benny's character to be quarrelsome and it is unlikely that any serious discord materialised.
His Pluto trines her Sun suggesting that she looks up to Benny and warms to his presence ( as do most people ) This aspect brings a dynamic quality to their work and together they can achieve much, each having something to offer to the other.
Benny's Neptune opposes her Sun, which for some people can bring about a spiritual connection when they first meet but which can subsequently lead to confusion or misunderstanding. Neptune is never easy to fathom and Agnetha may have found that Benny was too much of an escapist for her liking.Friendly and sympathetic as he was, he was too elusive for her direct Aries way of thinking.Although he admired certain of her qualities,as other aspects show, he may also have felt she was too headstrong and forceful a person for him to feel totally at ease with.
Benny seems to be a man at peace with himself and Agnetha very much someone looking to find hers.This is one of her Scorpio Moon's challenges, to learn how to handle her strong feelings,  whereas Benny's Saggitarius energies have evolved beyond that stage and have other fields to look to. His Gemini North Node requires good dialogue and rapport with his fellow beings and can be a support to Agnetha's difficult Aries path.
Bjorn and Frida
Bjorn the Taurus,with other Earth influences and Frida the Scorpio, without Earth's steady, conservative values.Both reluctant to let go of things they value or have worked hard to achieve but Frida the one prepared to transform her life if necessary and make things happen.Their Suns are in opposite signs but out of orb to make the opposition aspect.However Frida's Venus is in close aspect to Bjorn's Sun establishing a dynamic raport between them and a good working relationship in the band.As with any polarity there will be differences, perhaps with Frida's Scorpio ambitions more intense than Bjorn's more conservative ones but these are unlikely to upset their enjoyment of each others company.
Their Sun/Mars relationship is more complex.Bjorn's Taurus Sun's values are challenged by Frida's strong Leo Mars causing impulsive behaviour rather than rational judgement to take place. To Bjorn, Frida could seem demanding and over-competitive, while she might regard him as a little arrogant. Although he didn't have arguments with the genial Benny, this aspect suggests he and Frida would have had their moments with the wills tested on both sides.However, it has its plus points too with a certain positive chemistry existing too.Bjorn's own Pisces Mars is actually in trine with Frida's Sun and in closer orb.This stimulates positive interaction between them with Bjorn encouraging Frida in her development and ambitions  bringing the supportive,sensitive energy of Pisces into play.Each inspires confidence in the other and any rivalry or competition would be friendly and to their mutual benefit.Their Mercury/Jupiter polarity shows them to have different viewpoints and ideals and in the more philosophical areas of life they are unlikely to agree.But provided they get on in other ways, this wouldn't  be a major stumbling block.Bjorn's Aries way of thinking tends to be decisive and to the point but Frida's Jupiter in Libra is the more understanding and considerate side of her nature.Her own Saggitarius way of thinking is also pretty direct and in harmony with Bjorn's.Whatever the consequences of any of the above interactions, they have one major thing in common.They both share North Node in Cancer and so, despite their career ambitions and commitment to the world at large[ Abba for instance], tuning into their inner needs and homelife in general, represent future goals.In any prolonged discussion between them, they would soon discover they did have this path close to their hearts. Both formed lasting relationships soon after their divorces from Benny and Agnetha.The Cancer North Node's need for emotional well-being is best suited by marriage.In Frida's case her Node was to experience a rare case of progression which we'll come to.

Progressed Abba

Benny's Saggitarius Sun progressed to Capricorn when he was six. He might be more ambitious and patient with this early progression than another Saggitarian might be.When he split from Christina in 1966,after a 4 year relationship and 2 children, both his Saggitarius need for freedom and the capricorn need to put career first are in evidence.It was his 2nd progression to Aquarius in 1982 which was to be more influential and life-changing….in fact momentous.The year of our sun progressions are usually marked by defining events.He and Frida had just divorced in 1981 and then in 1982, Abba effectively called it a day too. Benny also re-married during this definitive year in his life. Aquarius is the sign of objective humanity and the New Age.It certainly was for Benny.His environmental concern was also taking shape,another Aquarius trait. Bjorn and his collaboration with Tim Rice with "Chess" further shows this new phase in Benny's life. 1982 was also the year of the Dog, Benny's year sign. Wow!
Mercury soon followed his Sun into Aquarius and Mars a few years later.

Bjorn, being an early Taurean, didn't progress to Gemini until 1971.It was no ordinary year for him either because he married Agnetha. He also started work with Benny as producers at the Polar Music label owned by future manager Stig Anderson. Gemini energises Taurus, making it more adaptable and active,as well as restless. Bjorn was ready to fly.His Mercury had progressed to Taurus by this time, steadying the impulsive Aries thinking and planning and helping it to see "reason". Marriage too becomes more desirable and the comforts it can bring. His Progressed Mars in Aries adding drive and determination to his natal Piscean Mars.
2002 sees Bjorn's next Sun Progression to Cancer and this will be a very important period in his life because Cancer is also the path of his North Node.A year or two of profound indeed karmic developments in his life with Earth and Water dominating his inner chart. His natal Aries fire getting fainter.

Agnetha's Aries Sun progressed to Taurus in 1965. The bull steadies the ram and teaches it the value of permanency and patience.It might also have strengthened and developed her vocal skills, Taurus rules the throat as opposed to Aries which rules the head.In fact Agneth had difficulty keeping in key with her Abba colleagues. Taurus can also add sweetness to Aries hot-headed nature, though it can be stubborn and intransient too. Her year of Sun Progression saw her first breakthrough, singing vocals with Bengt Enghardt's Orchestra.Bjorn, as we know was also a Taurus.
Her 2nd Sun Progression to Gemini was in 1996. Gemini's flow of energy re-awakens the Aries thrust. Her autobiography "As I am - Abba Before and Beyond "emerges during this new phase in her life. Gemini is the great thinker of the zodiac and has a natural flair for writing. The title of her greatest hits compilation, that year, "My Love,My Life" tells us that she is in reflective mood. Gemini energy can be hard on the nerves and it can get the mind embroiled with concerns and fears. She now lives a fortress-like existence on the island of Ekero due to kidnap threats on her children.An Aries woman won't stand her freedom threatened.In the words of one of her solo albums "I Stand Alone".

Frida's Scorpio Sun progressed to Saggitarius when she was about six. Like Benny, she acquired the inner feelings of the next sunsign early enough to have its influence form part of her character. Saggitarius allows Scorpio space and freedom to explore its emotions further. And of course Benny was himself a Saggitarius.Her next progression was to Capricorn, circa 1983 to. As we've seen, the years when the Sun progresses marked important changes and events in the lives of the members of Abba and indeed all of us. Frida was no exception. She'd just seen Abba end and the year before that, her marriage to Benny.Her rooster year co-inciding with her divorce. Now Capricorn would help her restructure her life and eventually she settled down with Prince Ruzzo Ruess, enjoying a different lifestyle.She also became an environmentalist, like Benny, and campaigner against drugs.She therefore remained in the public eye, as is the way with Capricorn but it's sense of duty and responsibility influenced Frida.
Interestingly, this Capricorn Progression is different in principle to her Cancer nodal path but in fact,rather uniquely,her Cancer North Node had progressed too. Being naturally retrograde in motion, when the node is at the beginning of a sign, it will change signs by progression. Therefore Frida has the unusual situation whereby her karmic path divides into two, so to speak. In Gemini, the Node asks us to communicate freely with people and widen our experiences which Frida did post-Abba.To be herself became important and her environmental stance which she whole-heartedly embraced was part of this.Her natal Cancer Nodal Path of making real human connections is enhanced by this and by wearing no make-up and giving up meat(part of being an environmentalist), she was tuning in to her emotional needs and what felt right to her.
At the time of her Capricorn Progression, her other 4 progressed personal planets were all in fire signs, so the impetus was there to go forward and change her life.The spirit of adventure was with her.
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