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Slip inside this house as you pass by in the immortal words of Roky Erickson                                           
A year ago,I set out to examine the way in which musicians within rock groups interacted with each other on an astrological basis.Whether certain signs and energies attracted others and what patterns would emerge.Initially I had intended to investigate sunsigns and the chinese year signs in unison[sometimes called "The New Astrology"]as well as what I have come to call the Narcissus Factor,by which each western zodiac sign has a corresponding eastern year sign.
   However,as I began to collect the data,I began to realise that there was alot more to this than I had originally surmised.I found that there were many excellent chart analyses of the major musicians and most had a time of birth recorded too.Clearly my research and project would have to be wider and more thorough than I had anticipated.At the very least planets in signs would have to be considered,and if possible planets in houses too.Aspects too,would have to be involved.
   Along the way I found myself accumulating an amazing database of astrological articles and information,resulting in this project beeing shelved as I concentrated on the intrinsic worth of Astrology and the extraordinary way it relates to our lives.By the end of the year I had done over 100 natal charts for friends and internet acquaintances,as well as various compatability and synastric charts.I had even taken a journey through the mystical land of the ancient chinese divinational astrology,theTzi Wei Dou Shu and made several of these charts for friends.
  As the year 2000 dawned I couldn't believe what I had learned from the internet in just one year and with this database of resources,I have felt it at last time to apply it to my original project,the study of how musicians relate to each other within bands,as well as without.The fact that along the way I may have become an "astrologer " is a bonus and has been a nice distraction.
  Now it's time to get back to the original purpose of my astrological journey.Let the music begin.                     
Before we start our journey,I must express a major regret,one that seriously limits an investigation such as mine.One of Astrology's biggest gremlins......The Time Of Birth
Important because it gives us our ascendent or rising sign which some people consider as important as the sunsign itself or the moonsign.Certainly,its role of bringing into play the 12 houses[areas of our lives]is fundamental in appreciating the role the planets play in our daily lives and where our interests may be found,our vocations,our not be sure of one's ascendent and consequently the house positions of the planets,is to be denied part of one's astrological chart.It is not a fatal omission because so much can still be gleamed from sign positions,aspects and other factors.Indeed much debate and uncertainty exists about the reliability of the numerous house systems...some astrologers are quite vehemous and unwavering in their defence and use of the system they favour,from the placiduceans in the USA to the Koch-ites in europe,not to mention the traditional equal-ites.Each system has its advantages[as well as its flaws] and so to omit the houses,or perhaps just to use the 4 Angles has some merit.
   But an astrologer should use all resources and information available and so the correct time of birth is a necessary part of drawing up a chart.Which is where databases of musicians' dates of birth are so infuriating as well as helpful.Not only do times of birth differ regarding some celebrated musicians but to compound the matter even the day itself differs occasionally.In the case of Ray Manzarek even his year of birth was taken to be 1935 in all sources i found until after my research had been started.I now believe it to be 1939 and have re-written the Doors section accordingly.
You can take it therefore that in the case of all musicians I've included in my research,I have cross-checked various sources for that date and if i have doubts,i have expressed them during that particular study,via an asterisk  *
  On the whole,I've had to therefore omit my intended houses study for each band,particularly as with some of the bands, I was unable to find a time of birth,let alone conflicting ones!
However,you will find plenty of cases where houses HAVE been used,especially where I 've compared solo artists or famous members of one band with another,where I was satisfied with the time of birth recorded.

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Western Astrology- Simon and Garfunkel

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